Thank you for taking the time to do this survey.

There are 4 options, and a poll at the bottom.

I’d prefer you pick just one but if you can’t decide between two, you can pick multiple options.

This is using the Jack Reacher books as an example. It is choosing how to include the short stories Second Son and Deep Down within the list.

There are notes at the bottom explaining each option a bit more prior to the poll:

Option 1: All full length novels are listed first in their own list, then there is a separate listing just below that for any short stories/novellas.

Option 2: Both lists are combined, and the numbered list factors in the short stories, but short stories are marked with a note or icon.

Option 3: Both lists are combined, but the short stories have a decimal point in between each novel so as not to affect the actual numbered book listings.

Option 4: both lists are combined, but the short stories have a dash (or similar symbol) beside them.

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