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80 Responses to “Characters”

  1. ColoKathy: 1 week ago

    It would be great if you added author Jen Blood to your site.

  2. Lynne Maag Stover: 10 months ago

    I loved Sue Grafton’s Alphabet series. Can anyone suggests other authors similar to her writings. Thanks so much.

  3. Evelyn: 2 years ago

    Does anybody know the other male partner that goes with the female SHERLOCK? I can’t remember Sherlock’s partner or the author. I am not talking about Sherlock Holmes..

  4. Betty W: 3 years ago

    I’d like to suggest adding the Emily Kimelman, Sydney Rye series. I haven’t read any yet but they have 4-5 stars on Goodreads. Thanks! I love your site and use it all the time.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Thanks for the suggestion. We do big batches of about 100-150 new authors on the 1st of the month and I just checked our list and Emily is actually #1 on our list for May so she has been getting a lot of requests lately. She should be up in May/June

      • Betty W: 3 years ago

        Thanks Graeme!

  5. Carol Thomson: 3 years ago

    We travel a lot and have almost worked our way through the Hamish Macbeth books and also the Agatha Raisin audible series, are there any other authors that have similar books that have the plot and the humour of these books?

    • Mongoose218: 3 years ago

      Look for the mystery genre “cosy” mysteries.

  6. arby17: 4 years ago

    Would like to suggest an add on to your list of authors (Medical Thrillers).
    Author: Peter Clement
    Dr. Earl Garnet Series:
    1. Lethal Rounds
    2. Death Rounds
    3. The Procedure
    4. Mortal Remains
    5. The Inquisitor
    6. Hot Sorrowful Sweetness of the Dust
    Dr. Richard Steele Series:
    1. Mutant
    2. Critical Condition


  7. Charlye Parker: 4 years ago

    Wonderful site. Thank you a hundred times for your hard work and the great mind that came up with the idea. Truly thoughtful and kind on your part. Here’s a series I just read that you might like and want to add. Not even sure where I found it. Order Of Books is the only place I even look for reading material anymore. Author: Stan Jones. Character: Nathan Active, an Alaska State Trooper and Native Inupiat (Eskimo) adopted by white parents. Twisting mysyeries. Interesting characters. Fun read and even a little educational.

    • Graeme: 4 years ago

      Hi Charlye,

      He’s on our list to add. Your post has helped bump him up the list 🙂 Cheers

  8. Cruzin77: 5 years ago

    Wonderful site, just added to my favorites list. Makes searching for books/chronological order so EASY. Thank you.

  9. Bice Musfeld-Brugnoli: 5 years ago

    I really like this website, it’s really very good.
    A suggestion: it would be great if there would be a filter for the type of books like thriller, police and detective stories, romance and so on. I love serial stories and that would help to detect authors I did not know before without having to browse too long.
    Thank you

  10. Jeffrey J Parker: 5 years ago

    Discovered a great series that I don’t find in your database. Author is Scott Matthews and the main character is Adam Drake. Gets 4+ or 5 star reviews and I’ve enjoyed the first two of four books so far.

    Best wishes!

  11. Brenda: 5 years ago

    Love this website!! I use it all the time, just never “subscribed” before…not sure why not:-( Regardless, I am now. How about Order of Ellie Quicke Mysteries by Veronica Heley, a British author? She has quite a few books in this series…worthy of a list…?

  12. Laurie: 6 years ago

    Excellent site, thank you!!! The time and effort is amazing. I read a series back in the 80s and cannot recall the author or book names. Wondering if anyone may know of it. Summary: heroine is Elizabeth, married to a politician, lives in Georgetown ,2 kids eldest is daughter Ann. Elizabeth and spouse separate, she moves with kids to cottage-like place and starts over. Daughter Ann resents leaving her father and is bitter. Elizabeth later runs a boarding house and has affair with boarder. Ann grows up, disowns her family and marries. Elizabeth later meets artistic man Anthony (Tony), and marries, they have a daughter named Toni who later meets and falls in love with her (unknown to her) cousin, Ann’s son.

    • Deborah Price: 3 years ago

      The Heart Listens

  13. Cheryl Daems: 6 years ago

    What about the Wedding Planner series? by Deborah Donnelly? I am not finding it. Very popular series right now.

  14. TheZookeeper: 6 years ago

    What happened to the search engine? I used it a lot. Now I can’t find it.

  15. Michele: 6 years ago

    I would like to recommend the author Harry Bingham !!! His Fiona Griffiths books are fabulous.

  16. Donna Wynn: 6 years ago

    How am I just finding this site? It’s a “book-a-holic” like me dream site!
    But explain to me how Walter Mosely’s “Easy Rawlins” didn’t make the top ten character’s list?
    To everyone who took the time to compile these list, I’d like to give you my thanks! Anyone who loves to read like I do will love this site! I have it book marked and every time I visit a book store or library, I have it in my hand!

  17. Karen Cowgill: 6 years ago

    I can’t find the Jo beth siddon mysteries by virginia lanier. She wrote about a woman who had bloodhounds and she would help rescue people. She usually also tripped over at least 3 dead bodies per book!

  18. Sonya Harper Moore: 6 years ago

    I love this site, as it gives me information I have not been able to get elsewhere. BUT could you please re-organize the “Characters” database and split out the topics from the characters. “Under the Never Sky Books” is not a character. If I am trying to find a main character, I have to wade and trip through too much information that could be classified differently. Thanks.

    • Brandon: 6 years ago

      Yeah, “Series” is a more accurate classification of what that section is. We won’t be splitting the two, although it’s possible we may rename it. There’s a lot of other technical issues to consider in making a change like that. Your input is appreciated.

  19. laura: 6 years ago

    This site is a treasure! So glad I stumbled on it! It’s so frustrating to start reading a book and discover it’s the 4th or 5th or 10th in a series – now I can check here! Love it!

  20. joyce: 6 years ago

    Trying to find the title n author of a 2 book novel about police detective in old part of edinburgh i was reading husband gave books to charity by mistake thanks

  21. Nan: 6 years ago

    Thank you for your very organized site! It makes life so much simpler for those of us who love to read. I was lucky that a librarian recommended your site when I asked her if there was a quicker way to find out the order of books that a particular author had written. I’ll be sure to spread the word on Facebook!

  22. gian: 6 years ago

    Awesome site thank you. While I’m here. I’m a huge fan of Steve berry’s cotton malone series aND Robert Langdon series any other suggestions along the same genre? Love multiple book series

  23. Laurie: 6 years ago

    Kate Shackleton books by Frances Brody? Thank you for a great web site!

  24. ray tate: 6 years ago

    this nothing to do with this discusion. Ineed to know the order of books by Tom Clancy the THE CHAMPUS series…thanks

  25. DyanSwan: 6 years ago

    Love the website, but wish that I could search the lists by alphabet.

  26. Pete Evans: 6 years ago

    I don’t know what your name is but this is a great site and I wanna thank you for it

    • Brandon: 6 years ago

      On behalf of all of us, you’re welcome!

  27. Cacee Reynolds: 7 years ago

    I accidentally found this site and Love it!! I keep returning every few days to be sure I am reading the Tahoe series, Owen McKenna books in the correct order. This site is such a help and it is so much better because it lists Todd Borg’ s books on it.

  28. DLD: 7 years ago

    So sorry I just noticed that you already have the Travis McGee books listed! Thank you, I have loved this series and wanted to share it with others.

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Yeah, it’s been up since the early days of me working on this site! Not a problem, I appreciate the comments.

  29. DLD: 7 years ago

    Thank you for doing all this work. I would like to recommend the John D. MacDonald books. The Travis McGee character travels through a 21 book series. JDM wrote from the 40’s through 1986. He was way ahead of his time in his consideration of the environment, society and they could be as current today as they were in the past except they are deliciously politically incorrect.

    • Karen Cowgill: 6 years ago

      Excellent books!! I do not believe he even had one bad book. My mom LOVED Travis!!

    • Ken Falsetto: 5 years ago

      Excellent recommendation. Jack Reacher is, according to Lee Child, modeled after Travis McGee, and the themes were indeed, ahead of their time.

  30. housarest: 7 years ago

    This site is fantastic, all the covert op CIA NSA etc bad az spy personas in order and recommendations on other heroes! Huge help, thank you for your great work!!!

  31. sjaskelly: 7 years ago

    just found this site – thanks for the great work. Recommend Kate Collins and the Flower shop series with Abby Knight. Cute read

  32. Kilee Mathis: 7 years ago

    I’d vote hands down for the best little mind reading fae waitress ever. Sookie Stackhouse. http://www.orderofbooks.com/characters/sookie-stackhouse/

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Sookie Stackhouse is OK by me!

  33. SB: 7 years ago

    Great website! Really helpful. Thanks.

  34. Maybe: 7 years ago

    One of my favorite series was written by Robert Van Gulik. The main character is an historical Chinese Judge named Judge Dee. This series would be well worth adding, especially since the books aren’t in order chronologically based on when they were written.

  35. jqc1970: 7 years ago

    Wow! I just happened on this website and I’m sure glad I did. You make finding books so much easier. What a fabulous site!!

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Thank you! I love reading nice feedback!

  36. Veronica: 7 years ago

    When you have time, others may enjoy your introducing authors such as John Verdon, Lawrence Sanders, Henning Mankell, Kurt Wallender mysteries and Maj Sidwall Per Waloo. I think these authors exploit the wonders of language in all its magnificence.

  37. Veronica: 7 years ago

    Just recently found this site. It’s amazing, as I find myself visiting for a longer period of time on each subsequent visit. Obviously, you did a tremendous amount of work in your organization of the data. Thank You!

  38. nate123: 7 years ago

    Love this site!! Quick question, are the new series replacing the old series? The character list doesn’t look longer, and for instance the order of the zom-b books disappeared from the list. Thanks! Once again I love this site!

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Thanks! Not on purpose. Once content is posted, the intent is that it will stay up forever. We don’t take things down or rotate the character pages. I believe the reason for that is that we have so much content that it’s bumping the last ones off in alphabetical order, which includes Zom-B (which you can find at http://www.orderofbooks.com/characters/zom-b/ until we get this fixed).

      And thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      …And it appears to be fixed now!

  39. sher: 7 years ago

    eve dallas books?

  40. HollyJo Reynolds: 7 years ago

    What a terrific find of a website! Has helped me complete many collections!

  41. Franny: 7 years ago

    Great site, guys!
    Another author for your to-do list – Kate ELLIS and her Wesley Peterson series. There is also a Joe Plantagenet series.

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Thanks so much!

      She was already on our watch list, but now she’s closer to the top!

      • Brandon: 7 years ago

        It took eight months, but she’s finally up.

  42. Susan: 7 years ago

    I have used this site several times in the weeks since I discovered it. Maggie Stiefvater, 1981-, has several popular series now. I couldn’t find anything on here written by her. Could you list her series please?

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Thanks for the request! We have 3,000 authors on this site and add more every day. It’s just a matter of which ones come up on our “to do” list first (which has 4,000 authors on it!), which is based on popularity.

  43. MEC: 7 years ago

    Still a great site, except… How do I search this list “alphabetically” if the pages are shown here only by number? Upon which page number is a character or author whose name begins with an M? The page number closest to the letter M’s position in the alphabet? (I know I can use the search space, but this would be easier.) Your site is always an awesome resource. Just trying to help! Thanks!

    • Brandon: 7 years ago

      Right now it would be 17. It doesn’t take too long to browse through them. We used to have them all in one giant list, but it became too much (literally, the script became unable to list everything). I’d recommend using the search feature, anyway.

  44. Paul: 7 years ago

    Could you please add books by Randall Peffer? Thank you.

  45. Suzanne: 7 years ago

    Stumbled onto this website. It is a GOLD MINE!!! I will be visiting often.

  46. reuben: 8 years ago

    love the site could you add p.j.parrish to your list ( luis kincaid and joe frye series)

    • Brandon: 8 years ago

      P.J. Parrish is already on the site, although I have to do a few updates (Heart of Ice is part of the Louis Kincaid series), plus there’s a new short story.

  47. Karen Hughes: 8 years ago

    Just found your site–thank you SO MUCH!!! You are now bookmarked and I will be a frequent visitor.

    • Brandon: 8 years ago

      Thank you! The site is updated at least twice daily, so there will always be something new for you to see. 🙂

  48. Diane: 8 years ago

    I love this site, how about adding Karen Rose, Karen White and Stuart Woods

    • Brandon: 8 years ago

      Thanks… They’re already on the site.

  49. Lou: 8 years ago

    Please add Tom Lowe ‘s Sean O’Brien series. I am a book lover and don’t have any idea how many thousands of books I have read and I love the series.

    • Brandon: 8 years ago

      Thanks for the suggestion; we love getting them. It should be up in a few hours.

  50. MEC: 9 years ago

    This website is a super find. Thanks so much for your work on this. I will use it, and pass it on. ONE SUGGESTION: Could you please number the books? Maybe it’s as easy as adding another line to the database? It would be an even bigger help in making lists than the pub year. Thank you!

  51. Sunboid: 9 years ago

    This is the best site for lists of books that I have seen. It gives you exactly what you are looking for. Took me awhile to find it but I am here to stay.

  52. jimmy: 9 years ago

    Elvis Cole series. Great reads

  53. Jogerrit: 9 years ago

    Characters Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. (The Rizzoli & Isles series by Tess Gerritsen.)

  54. Sunboid: 9 years ago

    I absolutely love this site. But I don’t see any of Stuart Woods books listed.
    Could You? Would you? Please add. Thank you

    • Dan_Malone: 9 years ago

      We’ll get on that ASAP!

      • Gretchen Tyree: 1 year ago

        They did add Stone Barrington on their popular character list.

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