AD Chronicles by Bodie and Brock Thoene
The A.D. Chronicles is a series of Christian historical fiction novels by Bodie and Brock Thoene. The series is a spin-off of the Thoene’s Zion Legacy series.

Bodie and Brock Thoene started the A.D Chronicles series with the novel First Light. The series lasted 12 novels until 2011’s Twelfth Prophecy. Below is a list of the Thoene’s A.D. Chronicles books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of A.D. Chronicles Books

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A.D. Chronicles Synopses: First Light by Bodie Thoene & Brock Thoene takes the reader back to 1st century Jerusalem, during a dark time for the city. Two lovers, Susannah and Manaen, are separated by impossible odds.

Second Touch is book 2 in the A.D. Chronicles series by the Thoenes. Peniel is a once-blind beggar whose wish is to have a home and family. The book introduces the characters Lily, Cantor and Rabbi Ahava.

A.D. Chronicles Book 3 is Third Watch. The book introduces the Jewish woman Zahav, and the Greek man Alexander. Their love is forbidden, but will it be able to overdome the odds?

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