Order of Marnie Riches Books

Marnie Riches (Photo Credit: Phil Tragen)
Marnie Riches is an English author of crime thriller novels. She writes the DS Jackie Cooke series, Bev Saunders series, and the Georgina McKenzie series. Marnie grew up in a rough area of Manchester, and later attended Cambridge University – earning a Master’s degree in German and Dutch. When she isn’t writing, Marnie is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow, teaching at Cambridge University’s postgraduate researcher unit and also tutors the Faber Novel Writing Course. She also writes historical saga novels as Maggie Campbell. (more…)


Order of Adrian Goldsworthy Books

Adrian Goldsworthy is a British author of historical fiction and non-fiction books. He specializes in Ancient Roman history. Adrian studied Ancient and Modern History at St. John’s College, Oxford, and earned a D.Phil. degree. He then spent two years as a Junior Research Fellow at Cardiff University and then taught part-time at King’s College London. For six years, he was an assistant professor in the University of Notre Dame’s London programme. Outside of writing and teaching, he enjoys watching cricket, walking, and playing tennis. Adrian lives in South Wales. (more…)


Order of Carin Gerhardsen Books

Carin Gerhardsen is a Swedish author of crime fiction novels. She writes the Hammerby series. Carin began as a mathematician, and later worked as an IT consultant before becoming a full-time novelist. She uses her knowledge of mathematics in her fiction, along with experiences from her own life. Carin lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and children. (more…)


Order of Elle Marr Books

Elle Marr is an American author best known for writing thrillers. She made her debut in 2020 with The Missing Sister. The book was named as one of the top thrillers of the year by PopSugar and launched her career. (more…)


Order of Brigid Kemmerer Books

Brigid Kemmerer is an American author of Young Adult novels. She writes the Elemental series. She is a New York Times bestselling author. Brigid writes both standard YA as well as paranormal YA fiction. She writes full-time and enjoys lifting weights in her spare time. Brigid lives near Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, sons, dog, and cat. (more…)


Order of Caroline Linden Books

Caroline Linden is an American author of historical and contemporary romance novels. She writes the Desperately Seeking Dukes, Scandalous, The Truth About the Duke, and other series. She fashions herself as a reader who became a writer. She earned her degree in math from Harvard and wrote computer software before she had nothing to read and began writing. She finds Regency England full of intrigue and drama, complete with a major war, political upheaval, scandals and spies. Caroline lives near Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and two children. (more…)


June 2022 Mid-Month Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to halfway through June!

Hope everyone is having a good month so far.  My month has been great although very busy so haven’t had the chance to read as much as I’d like.

The weather has been nice though and I was able to sit down outside and write this on my laptop while sipping on a latte.  Working on my laptop as opposed to my desktop isn’t as productive – but it certainly makes it feel less like work!


Order of Therese Anne Fowler Books

Therese Anne Fowler is an American author of contemporary and historical fiction. She is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Therese puts her intriguing characters in difficult situations, oftentimes dealing with the pressures of their cultures and/or families. Therese earned her BA in sociology and cultural anthropology and her MFA in creative writing from North Carolina State University. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, professor/author John Kessel. (more…)


Order of Douglas Jackson Books

Douglas Jackson is a Scottish author of historical fiction and mystery novels. He also writes thrillers as James Douglas. When he was a teenager, Doug became interested in the Romans after getting a summer job restoring a Roman marching camp. When it came time to find a career, he ended up working for a newspaper, and went on to work for various newspapers (both local and national) for the next three decades. Finally, he sat down and began writing, which became the novels Caligula and Claudius. When he found success in fiction, he decided to switch to writing fiction full-time. Doug lives in Bridge of Allan, Scotland with his wife Allison. They have three children. (more…)


Order of Katharine Schellman Books

Katharine Schellman is an author of historical mystery novels. She has also been an actor and a political consultant. She earned a BA from the College of William & Mary. As a reader, she reads more genres than she knows what to do with. As a writer, her novel The Body in the Garden was named as Suspense Magazine Best Book of 2020. Also in 2020, she was named one of BookPage’s 16 Women to Watch. Katharine lives in the Virginia mountains. (more…)