Order of Alana Khan Books

Alana Khan is an author of sci-fi and reverse harem romance novels. She writes the Galaxy Gladiators and several other series. She is a USA Today bestselling author. She aims to create multi-dimensional characters (meaning depth) and intends to include lots of action, adventure, steam, and HEAs in her work. Male heroes may sometimes be grumpy, but their partners will look to make them into the best catches around. (more…)


Order of Loni Nichole Books

Loni Nichole is a collaborative pen name used by authors Loni Ree and Nichole Rose. Under this pseudonym, they write romance novels. Books written under this pen name are part of multi-author series, and series that also include solo novels by Loni and Nicole, respectively. (more…)


January 2024 Newsletter

Hi everyone and welcome to January and 2024!


Reader Mailbag: Books That Stuck With You In 2023

In the December 2023 newsletter, I asked readers what books stuck with them that they read in 2023. (more…)


Order of Lynn Messina Books

Lynn Messina is an American author of women’s fiction, historical and contemporary mystery, and historical and contemporary romance novels. She writes the Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries series and the Love Takes Root series. Her writing has appeared in such publications as Self, American Baby, and The New York Times. Lynn grew up in Long Island, New York and resides in New York City. (more…)


Order of Sydney Jane Baily Books

Sydney Jane Baily is an American author of historical romance novels. She writes the Beastly Lords, Defiant Hearts, Diamonds of the First Water, Rakes on the Run, and other series. She is a USA Today bestselling author. Sydney aims to write historical romance with intriguing characters, attention to the time period, and sensuality. She has worked in the publishing industry her entire career, between book production and editing. She now writes full-time. (more…)


Order of Emma V. Leech Books

Emma V. Leech is an English author of historical romance and paranormal fantasy novels. She writes the Daring Daughters, Girls Who Dare, Rogues & Gentlemen, and other series. Having wanted to write since youth, Emma struggled to finish anything in her teens. However, since the move to Dordogne, France, inspiration flowed effortlessly. She became a full-time writer in 2017. Emma has lived in rural France since 1998, which has brought both challenges and inspiration. From French plumbing to marauding cows, falling through floorboards to home births, she now shares her life with three daughters, four cats, and a patient husband. Music, chocolate, and English teabags are her essentials. (more…)


Order of Alec Hutson Books

Alec Hutson is an author of fantasy novels. Alec spent his formative years in a geodesic dome and a bookstore. Currently residing in Shanghai, China, Alec continues to pursue his passion for crafting imaginative worlds through his writing. (more…)


Order of Giulia Lagomarsino Books

Giulia Lagomarsino is an author of romance novels. She writes the Cortell Brothers, For the Love of a Good Woman, Good Run of Bad Luck, Owens Protective Services, and Reed Security series. Giulia is a dedicated stay-at-home mom and avid reader who finds solace in literary worlds such as Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. The journey into writing unfolded when Giulia, searching for ways to contribute financially, considered donating plasma for an extra $500/month. However, her husband suggested more creative outlets, urging her to explore blogging or writing a book. Initially unsure about the uniqueness of her perspective for a blog, Giulia took the challenge seriously and began her writing venture with the creation of her first book, Jack. Surprising herself with the joy she found in the process, the stories have continued to flow, and she hasn’t looked back since. Amidst the delightful chaos of caring for three young children, Giulia’s days are brimming with the pleasures of reading and writing. She hopes her readers derive as much enjoyment from her books as she does from crafting them. (more…)


Order of Tom Meschery Books

Tom Meschery is an American author of mystery novels and poetry. He is a former basketball player. During World War II, Meschery, along with his mother and sister, spent the war in a Japanese internment camp in Tokyo. Post-war, they were reunited with his father in San Francisco. Meschery attended Lowell High School and Saint Mary’s College, where he played basketball and earned All-American honors. Drafted by the Philadelphia (now Golden State) Warriors in 1961, he played in the NBA for the Warriors and the Seattle Sonics from 1961 to 1971. After retiring from basketball, he obtained an MFA in creative writing from the University of Iowa and taught literature and creative writing for 26 years in high school and community college. Meschery, who coached basketball extensively in West Africa, now resides in Sacramento, California, with his wife, the painter Melanie Marchant. In retirement, he remains active in writing poetry and fiction. (more…)