Order of Callie Rose Books

Callie Rose is an author of contemporary and paranormal romance novels. She writes the Ruthless Games, Kings of Linwood Academy, Boys of Oak Park Prep, Claimed By Wolves, Feral Shifters, and other series. She loves to include twists, make her boys bad, feature strong female leads, and of course, it all must lead to redemption in the end. (more…)


Order of Rob Jones Books

Rob Jones is an English author best known for writing the Joe Hawke series. The first published book in the Joe Hawke series is The Vault of Poseidon. He writes in the action-adventure, thriller, and crime genres. His books have been hits in each of the genres and even reached number one on the sales charts. (more…)


Order of G.K. DeRosa Books

G.K. DeRosa is an American author of paranormal romance novels. She writes the Dark Blood Academy, Hitched, Guardian, Supernatural Prison Squad, Vampire and Angel Wars, Vampish, Wolfish, and other series. She is a USA Today bestselling author. DeRosa always loved reading YA novels, and still considers herself a 15-year-old at heart. She lives in South Florida with her family. (more…)


Order of Laura Frantz Books

Laura Frantz is an award-winning author best known for writing historical novels. She is the author of the The Ballantyne Legacy series of books as well as numerous standalone novels. (more…)


Order of Robert Fabbri Books

Robert Fabbri is a Swiss author of historical fiction novels. He writes the Vespasian series, the Crossroads Brotherhood series, and the Alexander’s Legacy series. He chose to write about Vespasian because of his career that took him around the Roman Empire. Prior to becoming a novelist, he worked for a quarter century as an assistant director in both film and TV. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting hand-painted 25mm lead soldiers. (more…)


Order of Victoria Aveline Books

Victoria Aveline is an author of science fiction/romance novels. She writes the Clecanian series. Victoria has always had a weakness for alpha males, but she was always looking for something more. Therefore, she created a world where these strong, sexy men could be aggressive and domineering, but still bow down before women. When she’s not writing or thinking up her next character, Victoria enjoys traveling, reading and drinking cocktails. (more…)


Order of Wendy Webb Books

Wendy Webb is an American author of gothic suspense novels. A Minnesota native, she graduated from the University of Minnesota, majoring in political science. Following graduation, she spent time in France. Upon returning Stateside, she got an internship with a congressman in D.C. and then got a job working for a Minnesota senator. When Wendy got back to Minnesota, she got a writing job with an entertainment magazine, and her journalism career was underway. While she loved being a journalist, her dream was to become a novelist. When her home life and work gave her the chance, she began writing fiction and has never looked back. (more…)


Order of Fenella J. Miller Books

Fenella J. Miller is a British author of historical romance novels. She writes the Barbara’s War series, Duke’s Alliance series, The Earl’s Disputed Inheritance series, and several others. Her novels include Regency, Victorian, Jane Austen variations, and World War II family sagas. Fenella has worked as a nanny, cleaner, field worker, hotelier, chef, and teacher. She now writes full-time. Fenella has a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren. (more…)


Order of Andrew E. Stoner Books

Andrew E. Stoner (1964-2022) was an American author of non-fiction books. Dr. Andrew Stoner was a journalist, PR officer/director, professor as well as an author. He was an associate professor (Communications Studies) at California State University, Sacramento at the time of his passing. Topics he covered in his books included media, politics, history, true crime, and pop culture. His book Betty White: A Century of Love and Laughs won the Silver Medal Benjamin Franklin Digital Award from the IBPA. (more…)


Order of Sam Mariano Books

Sam Mariano is an American author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. She writes the Morelli Family series. An indie author who enjoys the ability to play by her own rules, Sam writes her novels edgy romance novels full of twists. (more…)