Albert Campion is the central character in a series of crime fiction novels and short stories by British author Margery Allingham. Campion was apparently created as a parody of Dorothy L. SayersLord Peter Wimsey character but eventually developed his own personality. Like Wimsey, he is also a British gentleman. He is described as thin, blond, wears glasses, affable, inoffensive and bland but is also a man of authority and action.

The Albert Campion series began in 1929 with the novel The Crime at Black Dudley (aka The Black Dudley Murder). The series ran for 21 novels (including two written by Allingham’s husband). The series ended in 1971 with the novel Mr. Campion’s Quarry by Allingham and Youngman Carter. Below is a list of Margery Allingham’s Albert Campion books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of Albert Campion Books

(By: Margery Allingham, Mike Ripley)

The Crime at Black Dudley / The Black Dudley Murder(1929)Description / Buy at
Mystery Mile(1930)Description / Buy at
Look to the Lady / The Gyrth Chalice Mystery(1931)Description / Buy at
Police at the Funeral(1931)Description / Buy at
Sweet Danger / The Fear Sign(1933)Description / Buy at
Death of a Ghost(1934)Description / Buy at
Flowers for the Judge(1936)Description / Buy at
The Case of the Late Pig(1937)Description / Buy at
Dancers in Mourning / Who Killed Chloe?(1937)Description / Buy at
The Fashion in Shrouds(1938)Description / Buy at
Traitor's Purse(1940)Description / Buy at
Coroner's Pidgin / Pearls Before Swine(1945)Description / Buy at
More Work for the Undertaker(1948)Description / Buy at
The Tiger in the Smoke(1952)Description / Buy at
The Beckoning Lady / The Estate of the Beckoning Lady(1955)Description / Buy at
Hide My Eyes / Tether's End(1958)Description / Buy at
The China Governess(1962)Description / Buy at
The Mind Readers(1965)Description / Buy at
Cargo of Eagles(1968)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Farthing(1969)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Quarry / Falcon(1970)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Farewell(2014)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Fox(2015)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Fault(2016)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Abdication(2017)Description / Buy at
Mr Campion's War(2018)Description / Buy at
Mr Campion's Visit(2019)Description / Buy at
Mr Campion's Seance(2020)Description / Buy at
Mr Campion's Coven(2021)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Wings(2022)Description / Buy at
Mr. Campion's Mosaic(2022)Description / Buy at

Notes: The Crime at Black Dudley is also titled The Black Dudley Murder. Look to the Lady was also published as The Gyrth Chalice Mystery. Sweet Danger is also known as The Fear Sign and as Kingdom of Death. Dancers in Mourning is also known as Who Killed Chloe?. Coroner’s Pidgin is also titled Pearls Before Swine. The Beckoning Lady is also known as The Estate of the Beckoning Lady. Traitor’s Purse was also published under the title The Sabotage Murder Mystery. Hide My Eyes is also known as Tether’s End. Mr. Campion and Others was also published as Mr. Campion, Criminologist. Mr. Campion’s Quarry was also known as Mr. Campion’s Falcon. Mr. Campion’s Fathing and Mr. Campion’s Quarry were finished by Youngman Carter. Mr. Campion’s Fox was written by Mike Ripley.

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