Abilene by Justin Ladd
Abilene is a series of western novels written under the house name of Justin Ladd. The series follows Marshal Luke Travis, Deputy Cody Fisher and the homesteaders who call Abilene, Kansas their home.

Justin Ladd began the Abilene series in 1988 with the novel Peacemaker. The series lasted 16 novels, concluding in 1990 with The Deputy. All of the novels, except for The Peacemaker, were ghostwritten by author James Reasoner. Below is a list of Justin Ladd’s Abilene books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Abilene Books

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Abilene Synopses: In The Peacemaker by Justin Ladd (book 1 of the Abilene series), Luke Travis is a retired U.S. Marshal who is looking to settle down in Abilene. Marshal Travis is put his past behind him. Also in town are Aileen Bloom, who is there to trying to establish a medical practice and two brothers who are looking to avenge their father’s death.

In The Pistoleer by Justin Ladd (James Reasoner), Drew Buckley could kill a man with the ease of a rattlesnake. The gunman was once jailed by Marshal Luke Travis. It’s now Independence Day in Abilene, and Drew is back in town, and he’s not there to see the fireworks. He’s back for his revenge! The novel is the 13th book of the Abilene series.

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