Abbot Agency by Veronica Heley
The Abbot Agency series is a series of mystery novels by British author Veronica Heley. Bea Abbot and her husband have been running a highly successful agency for many years – a detective agency for clients who feel unable to get the police involved. But when he falls ill and dies, she is pressured by her son – a Member of Parliament – to retire. Bea is so exhausted from the long years of nursing her husband that retirement is just what she needs. What she gets is a couple of troubled young lodgers, and an old friend knocking on her door, asking for help on yet another murder case.

Veronica Heley began her Abbot Agency series in 2007 with the novel False Charity. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Veronica Heley’s Abbot Agency books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order)

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Publication Order of Abbot Agency Books

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Abbot Agency Synopsis: In False Charity by Veronica Heley, 60-something Bea Abbot is back in London from New Zealand and now must decide what to do with her husband’s business. The Abbot Agency is an exclusive organization which handles domestic crises such as house clearances, staff problems and entertaining. Their byword is discretion, no matter what. Though Bea is tempted to retire – a move urged upon her by her MP son Max and his socially ambitious wife Nicole, who has her eye on the Kensington house – she soon finds that it won’t be so easy. Within days of her return she has been persuaded by an old friend and long-time client, Coral Payne, to investigate an accounting irregularity within her catering firm. What Coral doesn’t know – and Bea will discover – is that someone is way out of control, and finding it all too easy to kill…

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