Age of Dawn by Everet Martins
The Age of Dawn is a series of fantasy novels by American author Everet Martins. The series is set on the fantastical world of Zoria – a land of volcanoes and carnivorous plants.

Everet Martins began his Age of Dawn series in 2014 with the novel Stormcaller. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Everet Martins’ Age of Dawn books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of The Age of Dawn Books

Age Of Dawn Synopsis: The Lord of Death by Everet Martins is the second book in the Age of Dawn series. Walter survived his first confrontation with the demon god Asebor when his cursed armor was removed, swelling his thirst for vengeance. It was supposed to be impossible to remain human for long when wearing Cerumal armor. The shadow of Asebor darkens over the realm of Zoria. Juzo, his best friend, is still missing and has been forced down a dark path. Walter and Nyset harness their newfound abilities under the tutelage of Baylan of the Silver Tower and the rogue wizard, Malek. The group is thrown into an insidious trap as Asebor’s generals, The Wretched, strike at the heart of Midgaard, derailing them from searching for Juzo. Walter is sure that Juzo is alive and he can’t allow himself to give up on his friend, despite the risks of travelling east where hordes of Death Spawn are rumored to be. The Midgaard Falcon army is deployed to stomp out the Death Spawn, led by a mysterious horror known as the Lord of Death.

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