The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues is a multi-author series of children’s adventure novels. Among the authors of the series are Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Roland Smith, David Baldacci, Jeff Hirsch and Natalie Standiford. The series follows the brother-sister team of Amy and Dan Cahill, who find out that they are part of the most powerful family ever. The series has been optioned for film by Steven Spielberg.

The 39 Clues series began in 2008 with the novel Maze of Bones. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of the 39 Clues books in order of when they were originally published (as well as in chronological order):

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Publication Order of The 39 Clues Books

The Maze of Bones(2008)Description / Buy at
One False Note(2008)Description / Buy at
The Sword Thief(2009)Description / Buy at
Beyond the Grave(2009)Description / Buy at
The Black Circle(2009)Description / Buy at
In Too Deep(2009)Description / Buy at
The Viper's Nest(2010)Description / Buy at
The 39 Clues: Agent Handbook(2010)Description / Buy at
The Emperor's Code(2010)Description / Buy at
Storm Warning(2010)Description / Buy at
Into the Gauntlet(2010)Description / Buy at
Vespers Rising(2011)Description / Buy at
The Black Book of Buried Secrets (Companion Book)(2012)Description / Buy at
Midnight Ride(2013)Description / Buy at
Midnight Ride is a prequel.

Publication Order of The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Books

Publication Order of The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Books

Publication Order of The 39 Clues: Doublecross Books

Mission Titanic(2015)Description / Buy at
Mission Hindenburg(2015)Description / Buy at
Mission Hurricane(2016)Description / Buy at
Mission Atomic(2016)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire Books

Publication Order of The 39 Clues: The Cahill Files Books

Operation Trinity(2012)Description / Buy at
The Submarine Job(2012)Description / Buy at
The Redcoat Chase(2012)Description / Buy at
The Houdini Escape(2012)Description / Buy at
Silent Night(2012)Description / Buy at
Spymasters(2013)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The 39 Clues: Super Special Books

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The 39 Clues Synopsis: The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan is the first book in the 39 Clues series. Immediately before death, Grace Cahill put in her will to choose either $1,000,000 or a clue. She is part of the most powerful family in the world with connections to everyone from Napoleon to Houdini and more. 39 Clues are hidden that can reveal this secret, but someone must find them. Daughter and son (of Grace) Amy and Dan Cahill must now decide to either look for the clues or find out what actually happened to their parents.

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  1. JackCat: 9 years ago

    I’m confused by the order in which the Cahill Files books should be read.

    Start with Spymasters and read the list in reverse order or Begin wiwth spymasters and then Operation Trinity downward?
    Terrific site. Glad to find a list somewhere to clarify a fun but baffling series of books.


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