Meghan Quinn is an American author best known for writing romantic comedy and contemporary romance books. She is the author of the Bromance Club series and the Getting Lucky series.

As a teenager, Kendall wasn’t much of a reader until she got a Kindle for Christmas and it changed her entire world. She started reading contemporary romance books and never looked back. She still reads quite a bit, but she also has delved into the world of writing her own. Quinn lives in Colorado Springs with the love of her life where they enjoy the trails and nice weathr.

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That Second Chance is the first book in the Getting Lucky series. The story starts with what was meant to be an innocent night celebrating a birthday that ends with a family curse against successful relationships. At first they laugh off the idea of a love curse, but as word starts to spread they become the town’s most untouchable bachelors. Griffin has given up on the chances of love, but he gets a sliver of hope when Ren Winters arrives in town. She’s smart and beautiful, and sh just might be Griffin’s second chance at love.

In The Setup, Lincoln is a twenty-year-old man with a meddling mom problem. She’s been trying to set him up all summer as she’s obsessed with the idea of him falling in love. That is fine, but his mother has taken it to another level and made it her mission in life. Lincoln is getting ready to go back to college when his mother makes another match and this time Lincoln has to admit that she saved the best for life. Indie is a great choice, but she has baggage of her own. She’s gorgeous, but she’s also one hundred percent against relationships of any kind. Great match, mom.

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  1. Diane: 4 months ago

    I LOVE the Vancouver Agitators stories. I started a in the middle without realizing there were other stories in the series, and started with Silas and Ollie’s story. I then read Pacey and Winnie, Eli and Penny, and just finished Halsey and Blakely’s story. When is Levy Posy’s story going to be available? I love his character and can’t wait to read his story.


  2. Marie: 3 years ago

    Which book that was coming out in April,2021 is about Argo and Greers wedding?


  3. Laura Wood: 3 years ago

    Which book has the story of Gunner and Lindsey?


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