“The Last Man” and Several Other Recent Book Releases

Written by Ella Thomson on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Some of the year’s top bestsellers from the best authors around are coming out this season, so readers everywhere are obviously very excited. Here are some of the latest major releases from this week and last… Mitch Rapp returns for the 13th time in The Last Man. An invaluable CIA asset has gone missing, and […]


Order of First Law Books

The First Law is a fantasy series by British novelist Joe Abercrombie. The series consists of a trilogy as well as related standalone novels set in the same universe. The world is similar to medieval Europe, broken up into three nations – the Union, the Gurkish Empire and the Northmen. The trilogy follows a Union […]


Order of Joe Abercrombie Books

Joe Abercrombie is an English author of fantasy novels. His series is called The First Law trilogy. All of his books (thus far) are set in the First Law universe. Besides being a published novelist, Abercrombie started working as a freelance film editor.