Deborah Challinor is a New Zealand author of historical fiction and romance novels, and non-fiction books. She earned her Ph.D in New Zealand History from the University of Waikato. Being historically accurate in her novels is important to her. She bases all of her work on actual historical events, which she researches in-depth in order to present them accurately. Deborah has been writing full-time since 2000.

Deborah Challinor made her debut as an author in 1998, with the non-fiction book Grey Ghosts. In 2002, she became a novelist with the publication of Tamar. Below is a list of Deborah Challinor’s books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of Children Of War Trilogy/Tamar Deane Trilogy Books

Tamar (1998)Amazon UK |
White Feathers (2003)Amazon UK |
Blue Smoke (2005)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Kitty/Smuggler's Wife Books

Kitty (2006)Amazon UK |
Amber (2007)Amazon UK |
Band of Gold (2010)Amazon UK |
The Cloud Leopard's Daughter (2016)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Convict Girls Books

Behind the Sun (2012)Amazon UK |
Girl of Shadows (2013)Amazon UK |
The Silk Thief (2016)Amazon UK |
A Tattooed Heart (2016)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of From the Ashes/The Restless Years Books

From the Ashes (2019)Amazon UK |
The Jacaranda House (2020)Amazon UK |
The Leonard Girls (2022)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Union Belle (2005)Amazon UK |
Fire (2008)Amazon UK |
Isle of Tears (2009)Amazon UK |

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Grey Ghosts (1998)Amazon UK |
Who'll Stop The Rain? (2000)Amazon UK |

Note: Who’ll Stop the Rain? was co-authored with Elizabeth Lancaster.

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Deborah Challinor Synopses: Tamar by Deborah Challinor is the first book in the Children of War Trilogy. When Tamar Deane is orphaned at 17 in a small Cornish village, she seizes her one chance for a new life and emigrates to New Zealand. Alone and frightened on the Plymouth quay she is befriended by an extraordinary woman. Myrna Mactaggart is also travelling to Auckland, with plans to establish the finest brothel in the Southern Hemisphere. Myrna’s friendship is unconventional to say the least, but proves invaluable when tamar makes some disastrous choices in the new colony.

Union Belle is a standalone title by Deborah Challinor. A woman is forced to examine her loyalties and make heart shattering choices, as the country and community around her is pulled apart. A full-blooded romance set in times of conflict.

Who’ll Stop the Rain is a non-fiction book by Deborah Challinor and Elizabeth Lancaster. Since the 1970’s, many Vietnam war veterans have suffered health problems, some believe as a result of their exposure to chemicals during the war. Many of their children also suffer a range of illnesses and disabilities. These issues are investigated and show how the problem is often being ignored.

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