Erin McCarthy is an American romance and YA fiction author. She is best known as the author of the Murder By Design and Tap That series of books.

McCarthy has been writing from a young age and even won a Young Novelist contest with a paranormal romance story when she was only in the first grade. She has been awarded in her time since becoming a writer as she is a former RITA finalist and the winner of the Reluctant Young Reader award from ALA. As a writer, McCarthy is a member of RWA, Horror Writers of America, and Ohioana.

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Gone With The Ghost is the first book in the Murder By Design series. The book tells the story of Bailey Burke who is having a rough time. She made some romantic overtures towards her best friend and now he’s dead from an apparent suicide. Six months ago, Ryan was a police officer and shot himself with his police gun, but today he’s standing in Bailey’s kitchen – as a ghost. Ryan says that he was murdered and sets Bailey out to find his killer. Bailey will work with Ryan’s former partner Marner to find the killer before they strike again.

McCarthy’s romance series Tap That starts with Stripped Down. Back in high school, Rick was best friends with Sloane’s little brother and she always found him to be annoying. ONe night they shared a forbidden kiss and that was that. Now, years later Sloane rolls back into town and runs into Rick, stripping at a charity event. Not only that, but Rick is also her landlord. Rick is still close with Sloane’s brother and he’ll kill Rick if they sleep together, but there is too much between these two to listen to little brothers.

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