lyndia-aicherLyndia Aicher, resides in the Pacific Northwest where the weather provides a good reason to stay indoors and write which she does full time, around her other duties as Mom and Wife along with many other duties. Since discovering the world of Judy Blume at the age of ten she was on a lifelong course of the love of reading. After twenty-five years she is still an avid reader of romance but is still a sucker for the happily-ever-after because the world doesn’t have enough of those.

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Lyndia Aicher Synopsis:Shattered Bonds, When chaos erupts in the lives and friendships of The Den owners, it’s up to Noah Bakker and Live Delcour to try and deal with the fall out. Liv didn’t know her friends had been up to naughty things behind closed doors and Noah hadn’t had a sub or been in the Secen since a tragedy four years ago. Working together to keep the media hounds at bay Liv and Noah find they are soon exploring their mutual desires in the most wicked ways. But can Liv completely submit to Noah in the way she things he wants and can Noah withstand the ache of falling in love.

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