Manning Coles was the author of the Tommy Hambledon series of books. The name of Manning Coles is actually a pen name for two British authors, Adelaide Oke Manning and Cyril Coles. The two would write 26 books with Thomas Hambledon as the protagonist.

Coles and Manning met after living close to each other in East Meon. They both worked during World War I as Manning was employed at the war office and Coles worked for British intelligence. This lead to their early books being very grimy and realistic. After the war, their books calmed down a bit and featured a more lighthearted tone. Many of the original adventures of Hambledon were based on experience that Coles had during his time in World War I, including his time spent behind enemy lines.

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Publication Order of Tommy Hambledon Books

Drink to Yesterday (1940)Description / Buy at
Pray Silence / A Toast to Tomorrow (1940)Description / Buy at
They Tell No Tales (1941)Description / Buy at
Without Lawful Authority (1943)Description / Buy at
Green Hazard (1945)Description / Buy at
The Fifth Man (1946)Description / Buy at
Let the Tiger Die (1947)Description / Buy at
With Intent to Deceive / A Brother for Hugh (1947)Description / Buy at
Among Those Absent (1948)Description / Buy at
Diamonds to Amsterdam (1949)Description / Buy at
Not Negotiable (1949)Description / Buy at
Dangerous by Nature (1950)Description / Buy at
Now or Never (1951)Description / Buy at
Alias Uncle Hugo /.Operation Manhunt (1952)Description / Buy at
Night Train to Paris (1952)Description / Buy at
A Knife for the Juggler /The Vengeance Man (1953)Description / Buy at
All that Glitters / Not For Export / The Mystery of the Stolen Plans (1954)Description / Buy at
The Man in the Green Hat (1955)Description / Buy at
The Basle Express (1956)Description / Buy at
Three Beans / Birdwatcher's Quarry (1957)Description / Buy at
Death Of An Ambassador (1957)Description / Buy at
No Entry (1958)Description / Buy at
Crime in Concrete / Concrete Crime (1960)Description / Buy at
Search for a Sultan (1961)Description / Buy at
The House at Pluck's Gutter (1963)Description / Buy at

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The Far Traveller (1956)Description / Buy at

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A Toast to Tomorrow takes place in the mid-1930s as the Nazis are running wild. There is dissension in the Nazi party as the Minister of Propaganda is allowing Jews to slip out of Germany in return for eighty percent of their assets. However, the chief of the German police is not going to let him get away with it. On the British side, they are reeling as they have been getting messages sent from inside Germany in a code that hasn’t been used since World War I.

They Tell No Tales sees the British Admiralty ask British Intelligence for help in nailing down saboteurs and they send Tommy Hambledon. He is sent to the Portsmouth naval base with instructions to meet a dockyard workman who has a story to tell. Before the workman can talk, he is shot dead. Now, Tommy will need to work hard to put a name and face to the killer.

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