Saskia Sarginson is an English author of psychological thrillers and women’s fiction novels. She has a B.A. with honours in English Literature from Cambridge and an M.A in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway. She has worked as a Health & Beauty Editor, freelance journalist, ghost-writer and script reader. Saskia grew up in Suffolk, England and now lives in London. She is the mother of four children, including identical twin girls. As well as writing and reading, she loves tango dancing and dog walking.

Saskia Sarginson made her debut as a published author in 1993 with the non-fiction book Get Slim for Life. Her first novel was The Twins in 2013. Below is a list of Saskia Sarginson’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Saskia Sarginson Synopsis: In Without You by Saskia Sarginson, 17-year-old Eva has gone missing at sea and everyone presumes that she drowned. Her parents’ relationship is falling apart, undermined by guilt and grief. But her younger sister, Faith, refuses to consider a life without Eva; she’s determined to find her sister and bring her home alive. Close to the shore looms the shape of an island – out of bounds, mysterious, and dotted with windowless concrete huts. What nobody knows is that Eva is inside one of the concrete huts, being held captive. It is there that she is fighting to survive, and return home…

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