Tim Kizer, resides in Southern California. He is currently working on his new suspense novel. He is an author of several novels and numerous short stories in the suspense and horror and action thriller genres. He loves to travel and lived abroad for several years.

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Tim Kizer Synopsis:The Vanished, David Miller father of five year old Annie who went missing on May 6 fails a lie detector test on May 7. On May 9 while having a hypnosis session David confesses to murdering his daughter and provides police the location of the knife he used to kill her. When the knife is found it has traces of Annie’s blood as well as David’s fingerprints all over it. A phone call from a man named Ben two weeks later, Ben tells David that Annie is alive and is willing to let her go if David does something for him. This something could land David in prison for the rest of his life, questions are can David trust him and is Ben even real? Can David turn into a child killer to save his daughter?

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