Tom Meschery is an American author of mystery novels and poetry. He is a former basketball player. During World War II, Meschery, along with his mother and sister, spent the war in a Japanese internment camp in Tokyo. Post-war, they were reunited with his father in San Francisco. Meschery attended Lowell High School and Saint Mary’s College, where he played basketball and earned All-American honors. Drafted by the Philadelphia (now Golden State) Warriors in 1961, he played in the NBA for the Warriors and the Seattle Sonics from 1961 to 1971. After retiring from basketball, he obtained an MFA in creative writing from the University of Iowa and taught literature and creative writing for 26 years in high school and community college. Meschery, who coached basketball extensively in West Africa, now resides in Sacramento, California, with his wife, the painter Melanie Marchant. In retirement, he remains active in writing poetry and fiction.

Tom Meschery made his debut as an author in 1970 with the poetry collection Over the Rim. Below is a list of Tom Meschery’s books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Brovelli Brothers Mystery Books

The Case of the '61 Chevy Impala (2022)Description / Buy at
The Case of the '66 Ford Mustang (2023)Description / Buy at

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Caught in the Pivot (1973)Description / Buy at

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Tom Meschery Synopses: The Case of the ’61 Chevy Impala by Tom Meschery is the first book in the Brovelli Brothers series. Sweets Monroe, the savior of the Brovelli brothers’ dad’s used car business, now finds himself in a precarious situation. Victor and Vincent, feeling honor-bound, must step in to prevent Sweets from being wrongfully convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, the stunning Winona Davis.

The Case of the ’66 Ford Mustang is the second book in the Brovelli Brothers Mysteries series. When Victor and Vincent discover that their older brother, Mario, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Grace Conner, and subsequently taking his own life, the twins are determined to challenge the conclusions of the Oakland police department. In a quest to vindicate Mario and preserve family honor, Victor takes on the role of the principal detective, while Vincent manages the Brovelli Brothers’ used car business with the understanding that he is ready to assist his twin at any moment. Despite overwhelming evidence pointing to Mario’s guilt, Victor must rely on his instincts. Assisted by his girlfriend, Dila Agbo, a former member of the Black Panthers, they embark on a journey filled with twists and turns. Victor is haunted by the ghosts of Mario and Grace, and their unspoken message of grief both terrifies and propels him forward. As he seeks the truth about Mario’s death, Dila’s life becomes endangered, adding urgency to Victor’s mission. Will he uncover the reality behind Mario’s demise while facing threats to Dila’s safety?

The poetry collection Nothing We Lose Can Be Replaced by Tom Meschery unfolds a captivating history. It begins with revolutionary Russia, chronicling political turmoil, social upheaval, and the Meschery family’s journey through Siberian challenges and two world wars, eventually settling in America. The second part delves into Meschery’s basketball career in the NBA, portraying the son of Russian immigrants as a resilient NBA big man. Meschery’s poems offer insights into the evolving nature of the game, featuring basketball legends like West, Chamberlain, Bird, and Jordan, alongside those forgotten by fame, such as Maurice Stokes, who faced paralysis due to an on-court accident. The final part follows Meschery into the high school classroom, where a new generation grapples with victories and defeats. Throughout these arenas, Meschery’s poems celebrate moments of human excellence, bear witness to common shortcomings, and intricately explore individual lives within broader social and political contexts.

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