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Tracy L. Higley is an author of Christian fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction and suspense novels. Tracy started both reading and writing books at a young age and has never stopped. She attended Philadelphia Biblical University, and earned her B.A. in English Literature from Rowan University. Tracy has always been interested in history and mythology and has done extensive research on ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, travelling to Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Italy in order to research her novels. She anticipates more travel for future novels.

Tracy L. Higley made her debut as a novelist in 2002 with the novel Retrovirus (as T.L. Higley). She didn’t start using her first name until 2012 with Garden of Madness. Below is a list of Tracy L. Higley’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Coming of the King Saga Books

The Queen's Handmaid (2014)Description / Buy at
Star of Wonder (2015)Description / Buy at
Star of Night (2015)Description / Buy at
Royal Beauty (2015)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Lost Cities Books

Petra: City in Stone (2010)Description / Buy at
Pompeii, City on Fire (2011)Description / Buy at
Palace of Darkness / Petra: City in Stone (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Seven Wonders Books

(as T.L. Higley)

Isle of Shadows / Shadow of Colossus (2008)Description / Buy at
Pyramid of Secrets / City of the Dead (2009)Description / Buy at
Guardian of the Flame (2009)Description / Buy at
Garden of Madness (2012)Description / Buy at
So Shines the Night (2013)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Time Travel Journals of Sahara Aldridge Books

A Time to Seek (2021)Description / Buy at
A Time to Weep (2021)Description / Buy at
A Time to Love (2021)Description / Buy at
Theft on the Nile (2023)Description / Buy at

Chronological Order of The Time Travel Journals of Sahara Aldridge Books

Theft on the Nile(2023)Description / Buy at
A Time to Seek(2021)Description / Buy at
A Time to Weep(2021)Description / Buy at
A Time to Love(2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Retrovirus (As: T.L. Higley) (2002)Description / Buy at
Marduk's Tablet (As: T.L. Higley) (2003)Description / Buy at
Awakening (2014)Description / Buy at
Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time (2022)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Rescued: An Allegory (2013)Description / Buy at
Broken Pieces (2013)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Books of Babylon Books

(as T.L. Higley)

Fallen from Babel (2021)Description / Buy at
Chasing Babylon (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Impactivity Guides Books

Impactivity: How to Set the World on Fire without Burning Out (2016)Description / Buy at
Dream: How to Discover the Adventure of Your Life (2016)Description / Buy at
Unshackle: Get Free to Follow Your Dream (2016)Description / Buy at
Design: Create a Vision and System for Your Life (2016)Description / Buy at

Notes: The Seven Wonders series, the novels Retrovirus, Marduck’s Tablet, Fallen From Babel, Petra and Pompeii as well as the story in Heartwarming Christmas Stories were written as T.L. Higley. Shadow of Colossus was revised as re-published as Isle of Shadows. City on Fire was originally known as Pompeii. Pyramid of Secrets was originally published as City of the Dead. Guardian of the Flame was re-published as Keeper of the Flame. Palace of Darkness was originally published as Petra: City in Stone. Chasing Babylon was originally published as Marduk’s Tablet. Heartwarming Christmas Stories also contains stories by Sigmund Brouwer, Terry W. Burns, Jack Cavanaugh, Joe Hilley, Angela Hunt, Robin Jones Gunn, Wanda Luttrell and Janice Thompson.

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Tracy L. Higley Synopsis: Retrovirus is a standalone title by T.L. Higley. Nicholas Donovan is a brilliant genetic researcher with little time for God. He’s also damaged goods – and knows it – because one of his patients died in clinical trials for a cancer therapy. So why would SynTech Labs be eager to hire the disgraced doctor? Donovan doesn’t know, but he’s not asking questions. Now, as the new head researcher on SynTech Labs’ latest gene therapy, Nick is surprised to learn how many Christians are scheduled for injections. When he discovers a stockpile of fatal gene therapies, questions flow. Can he investigate without wrecking his career… and perhaps find the soul he didn’t know he had?

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