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I must admit – I was really surprised to find that I liked The Hunger Games Trilogy. It’s not my usual type of book – I much prefer the likes of Andy McNab, Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher, or more gritty books like the books written by Irvine Welsh.

However, due to running this website, I felt I just had to read The Hunger Games as the series recieved a TON of traffic on OrderOfBooks.com. I read it, and I loved it – especially the first two. Sadly now I am done the trilogy, and thirsty for more.

Now if you do some searching on the internet, you’ll read rather generic “Books like the Hunger Games” or “If you like the Hunger Games you’ll like this” lists which really aren’t that good. There’s just the generic book description from the cover, and very little else. The lists will also vary, with some focusing on books with strong female character leads, others exclusively young adult books, and other books focused on dystpoian style novels.

So I thought I would compile a list of every book that is “like the Hunger Games” and list them here. Then I I will personally read every book on this list, and provide you with my thoughts or recommendations on it.

Don’t expect this list to be done overnight – but I AM a speed reader and plan on reading at least 2-3 a week. If you have any opinions on these books, feel free to leave comments below about them. I’ve also offered a handy link to Amazon to allow you to read the details of the books, and written a sentence about each of them.

Books Like the Hunger Games I’ve Read:

None yet.

Books Like the Hunger Games TO Read:

  • Battle Royale: In Japan, school children are forced to fight to their deaths. More Info.
  • Chaos Walking Trilogy: Starting with “The Knife of Never Letting Go”. About a boy in a town of men, and the boy can hear all of their thoughts and they can also hear his thoughts. More Info.
  • Gone: Everyine and everything disappears from the world, except the kids. More Info.
  • Enders Game: Aliens attack, so child geniuses are forced to become soldiers. More Info.
  • Lord of the Flies: I read this in school, but haven’t read it since. A re-reading is in order. More Info.
  • Poison Study: A girl is saved from death, only to become the official food taster for the commander.More Info.
  • The Long Walk: By someone named Stephen King? It’s about a walking contest do the death. More Info.
  • The Maze Runner:Trilogy. A group of male children trapped in a man made cavern, with a huge maze on the outside. More Info.
  • The Running Man: Also by Stephen King. I sadly haven’t read this yet OR even seen the movie but will be doing both soon. More Info.
  • The Uglies: 4 Book Series. Everyone gets an operation at 16 to make them look “pretty” and also the same as everybody else. More Info.
  • Unwind: It’s about 3 kids whose parents don’t want them, and they need to survive until they are 18. More Info.

Movies Like the Hunger Games:

  • The Tournament: Stars Robert Carlyle and Ving Rhames. Every 7 years, the worlds best assassins converge on a small town where they then have 24 hours to fight to the death – only one remaining. This had good action, but you weren’t really hooked by any of the characters at all. Still decent. More Info.
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