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Oops sorry – little bit late with what I read in the month of August! Honestly I’ve been too busy reading to write about what I read haha. I’ve been going through books like crazy this month – but what ones you’ll have to wait until next month!

Here’s what I read in August…

I didn’t do as much reading as I wanted in August. I continued to read the Andy McNab series of books, and I read two of them which were Recoil and Crossfire.

Honestly though – I got burnt out after reading that many McNab books. They are awesome and all, but 10 books in a row featuring one character was quite enough for me!

So I ended up picking up the new book Joseph Finder wrote, which was the 2nd book in the Nick Heller series in Buried Secrets.

All I can say after reading that is holy guacamole – it was intense, and the sort of book where I needed to hold a paper over the right side of it, just so I wouldn’t read ahead!

If you’re looking for a book to read this month, then there’s no question:

September Book of The Month: Buried Secrets

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