Charles Paris by Simon Brett
Charles Paris is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by British author Simon Brett. Charles Paris is separated from his wife and still unhappy, with a little success in his acting career (but not that much) and has a bit of a drinking problem (but not out of control). He ends up finding himself getting mixed up into various crimes and then becoming an amateur sleuth by accident.

Simon Brett launched his Charles Paris series in 1975 with the novel Cast, in Order of Disappearance. The series would go on in a steady basis until the 17th novel, Dead Room Farce in 1997. There would be a lengthy hiatus until the 18th novel, A Decent Interval in 2013. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Simon Brett’s Charles Paris books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Charles Paris Books

Cast in Order of Disappearance(1975)Description / Buy at
So Much Blood(1976)Description / Buy at
Star Trap(1977)Description / Buy at
An Amateur Corpse(1978)Description / Buy at
A Comedian Dies(1979)Description / Buy at
Dead Side Of The Mike / Mic(1980)Description / Buy at
Situation Tragedy(1981)Description / Buy at
Murder Unprompted(1982)Description / Buy at
Murder in the Title(1983)Description / Buy at
Not Dead, Only Resting(1984)Description / Buy at
DeadGiveaway(1985)Description / Buy at
What Bloody Man is That?(1987)Description / Buy at
A Series of Murders(1989)Description / Buy at
Corporate Bodies(1991)Description / Buy at
A Reconstructed Corpse(1993)Description / Buy at
Sicken and So Die(1996)Description / Buy at
Dead Room Farce(1997)Description / Buy at
A Decent Interval(2013)Description / Buy at
The Cinderella Killer(2014)Description / Buy at
A Deadly Habit(2018)Description / Buy at

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Charles Paris Synopsis: Cast, in Order Disappearance by Simon Brett is the author’s debut and the debut of the Charles Paris character. Charles Paris is an aging actor who loves his alcohol and his women. He ends up interested in the case of Marcus Steen, a theatre tycoon who left his fortune to his mistress, as well as the case of Bill Sweet, a shady blackmailer who ended up murdered. He ends up investigating the cases by pretending to be “Detective Sergeant McWhirter,” but he soon finds out how bad of an idea it is to pretend to be a cop.

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