Dixie Morris Animal Adventures by Gilbert Morris
Dixie Morris Animal Adventures is a series of Christian-themed children’s novels by American author Gilbert Morris. The series follows Dixie Morris and her animal friends, including an elephant, a gorilla, a camel, a bear, a raccoon, a horse, a cheetah and more.

Gilbert Morris launched his Dixie Morris Animal Adventures series in 1998 with the novel Dixie and Jumbo. The series includes 10 books and ended in 1999 with Dixie and Flash. The books can be read in any order. Below is a list of Gilbert Morris’ Dixie Morris Animal Adventures books in order of when they were first released:

Publication Order of Dixie Morris Animal Adventures Books

Dixie Morris Animal Adventures Synopses: In Dixie & Jumbo by Gilbert Morris, Dixie has made friends with Jumbo, a runaway elephant from the circus. Unfortunately, somebody wants to kill poor Jumbo, so Dixie will do whatever she can to save her best friend.

In Dixie & Dolly by Gilbert Morris, Dixie is living with her aunt, who is a circus vet. When she meets Dolly, a gorilla who knows sign language, she tries to trick the gorilla into becoming her pet.

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