Fallen by Thomas E Sniegoski
The Fallen is a series of YA fantasy novels by American author Thomas E. Sniegoski. Following a bad headache on his eighteenth birthday, Aaron Corbet can not only understand other languages but now also speak them. He can even speak with his dog. Aaron is a Nephilim – half-angel, half-human.

Thomas E. Sniegoski began his Fallen series in 2003 with the novel The Fallen. The series concluded with Armageddon in 2003 after 7 novels. Below is a list of Thomas E. Sniegoski’s Fallen books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of The Fallen Books

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The Fallen Synopsis: In Leviathan by Thomas E. Sniegoski (book 2 of his Fallen series), 18-year-old Aaron is on the run from the Powers that killed his foster parents and took his younger brother, Steven. With his dog, Gabriel, and Camael, a former Power, he is drawn north to a small town in Maine. Here Aaron, who still hasn’t accepted his newfound heritage, finds comfort in the isolated, tight-knit community. But when Camael and Gabriel go missing, and their landlady suddenly attacks Aaron, he is forced to learn more about the War in Heaven and the many Powers that are fighting for dominance… of humankind.

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