Hammers Slammers Hammerverse by David Drake
Hammer’s Slammers is a series of military science fiction stories and novels by American author David Drake. Set in the future, the series is about a regiment of merc tanks that the series is named for. The regiment is named after the leader, Colonel Alois Hammer. The books often retell both historical and mythological stories, as well as pulp fiction stories. The series is also known as the Hammerverse, Slammerverse, Slammers universe and Hammer universe.

David Drake began the Hammer’s Slammers series in 1979 with the collection Hammer’s Slammers. The series concluded in 2002 with the collection Paying the Piper. The whole series (plus stories that weren’t in the original collections; excluding the novels) can be read in omnibus format in the three-volume The Complete Hammer’s Slammers set. The author recommends this as the best way to read the series. Below is a list of David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Hammer's Slammers Books

Publication Order of Hammerverse Books

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Hammer’s Slammers Synopsis: The Forlorn Hope is a novel in the Hammer’s Slammers series. After a hard victory in spite of the odds, these Star Mercenaries are being sold out to the enemy by those who hired them. With only their guns, they must go to battle against ships, artillery, treachery and the most powerful tank known to man.

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