Written by Julie Vegas on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Yesterday, we alluded that Hachette UK had interesting plans for the Enid Blyton estate. It appears as if some of those plans have become apparent.

Hachette plans to not only update the illustrations in the Enid Blyton backlist, but they intend to update the language used in the books. And as it is 2012, they look to have her books out in eBook format as well. They had already raised some eyebrows by updating The Famous Five under Chorion’s license.

Despite some people getting upset, Hachette does believe the revamped versions of these classics will lead to an increase in sales.

There may even be another Famous Five story yet to be published. Hachette has stumbled upon a manuscript for a book called Happy Christmas, Five that Marlete Johnson of Hachette is unaware of it having being published ever.

Hachette estimates that they have the rights to over 800 Enid Blyton books. They’re looking to put as many of these up for digital download; as of now only about 50 Enid Blyton eBooks are available.

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