Written by Dan Malone on Saturday, May 19th, 2012

A secret telegram has been found that revealed that James Bond creator Ian Fleming had a preference for a director for the first Bond film (which at the time was going to be Thunderball).

He sent a telegram through a mutual friend to Alfred Hitchcock, expressing his wishes for Hitchcock to direct the super spy film.

The first Bond film was directed by Terence Young, but rather than Thunderball, it was Dr. No. Thunderball was also directed by Terence Young.

The full telegram that was sent through novelist Eric Ambler was also follows:

Eric Ambler
106420 Taranta Way
Los Angeles


Have written Bond movie treatment featuring Mafia stolen atomic bomber blackmail of England culminating Nassau with extensive underwater dramatics.

This for my friend Ivar Bryce’s Xanadu Films Ltd which recently completed Boy and Bridge England’s choice for Venice Festival but blasted by critics and flop at Curzon though now doing excellently on pre-release Rank circuit.

Producer Kevin McClory. Would Hitchcock be interested in directing this first Bond film in association with Xanadu? Plentiful finance available.

This purely old boy enquiry without involvement but think we might all have a winner particularly if you were conceivably interested in scripting.


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