Written by Dan Malone on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh has said that he’s interested in taking the helm for a film, but not one of his own.

“I wouldn’t direct my own books. I would direct a movie from somebody else’s book that I liked, or I would direct an original screenplay I wrote myself, but when you’ve written something as a book, I think you always see it as a book,” he said.

Several of his books have already been adapted to film, including Trainspotting, Ecstacy and Filth.

“I say to people when they get the rights, ‘Don’t be scared about tearing the book apart’. The book will still be there at the end of the day but you’ve got to be inspired by this material,” he said.

“Writers who are precious are just selfish. The film may be different from the book but it’s a totally different medium. You have to see it as a story and characters and how they work on screen. Sometimes, in the interests of the audience, you have to leave parts out of it.”

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