Written by Julie Vegas on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Crime author Michael Connelly has teamed up with Fuse Entertainment and Eric Overmyer in an attempt to adapt Harry Bosch into a TV series. Overmyer is on to develop the show and act as a showrunner if the series gets a greenlight. No deals are in place yet, however. The rights to the character have been held up in a dispute with Paramount.

Connelly says he has the option of writing an episode per series, but does not plan on being too hands on. “I couldn’t find a better writer than Eric Overmyer on TV,” Connelly said. “I’ve been down the Hollywood path a lot, and the conclusion that I’ve come to is that I should write the best novels I can, take them to Hollywood, and let them take it from there.”

In 1995, Paramount had optioned Black Ice and The Black Echo, but films never came to fruition. In 2010, Connelly sued Paramount so he could buy the rights to his character back. The suit was settled in October of 2010.

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