Written by Graeme on Friday, April 1st, 2022

After co-authoring two novels with his brother Lee, Andrew Child has now written his first solo novella in the Jack Reacher series.

Lee Child handed over the reins of the Jack Reacher series to his brother Andrew Child, and Andrew is taking the series in an interesting new direction with this new novella.

Releasing today, April 1st, Jack Reacher realizes that he has an internal narrator inside his head which is causing him headaches and making him feel like a fool.  This internal narrator often makes the usually chatty Jack Reacher say nothing.

That narrator is the author Lee Child, and to stop his headaches, Reacher has to hunt down Lee Child and eliminate him, by hitchhiking on a plane to England. He, of course, has romantic relations with the female flight attendant on the way over.

In related news, Andrew Child’s next novella has been announced. “Jack Reacher kills the owner of OrderOfBooks.com for attempting to pull an April Fool’s prank”.

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