Written by Dan Malone on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

We get a lot of questions and searches from people wanting to know when the latest Andy McNab novel featuring “Nick Stone” is going to be out.

The last Nick Stone novel was released in 2012. Since then McNab has wrote outside the Nick Stone series, with the new novel Red Notice featuring Tom Buckingham.

Of course if that isn’t enough for you – and from the amount of people who check the Order of Andy McNab Books every day it clearly isn’t – we’ve unfortunately not got any real news for you yet.

The last we heard was from Andy McNab himself, who said that there would be a new Nick Stone book in 2013.

Based on previous release dates, we expect the 15th Nick Stone novel to be around September-October 2013 however there is nothing new yet.

Stay tuned to Order Of Books for more updates on the next novel in the awesome Nick Stone series.

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