Written by Dan Malone on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Rod Reed, an ex-councillor in Beckenham, England, is looking to celebrate the life and accomplishments of one of the town’s most famous residents in the form of a statue.

“I carried out research and was amazed to find that there was no statue of Enid Blyton in Great Britain and it has always struck me as a lost opportunity that there is no celebration of her life in Beckenham where she spent her childhood and adolescence.

“Amid all the the economic gloom and the high street challenges, tourism and increasing visitor numbers through initiatives such as this can only serve to benefit local trade and help Beckenham rediscover its rich past.”

Cliff Watkins from the Beckenham Civic Society said, “I think it’s an excellent idea. Awareness of heritage will help the community and make it more attractive for people to visit.

“People like to be reminded of these things. When we have had heritage concerts remembering famous people from Beckenham, people seem to relish where they live and want to celebrate it.”

Portfolio holder for renewal and recreation Councillor Peter Morgan said, “The Beckenham town centre working party has been reconvened to discuss and develop plans for the future of Beckenham town centre.

“We will pass along all suggestions for consideration.”

Enid Blyton passed away in 1968.

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