Written by Ella Thomson on Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Tim Green, an NFL football player-turned-author, spoke to students in Illinois about the importance of reading.

“I loved sports, but I also loved books,” said Green, who played for the Atlanta Falcons for eight years. “They were magical to me. They took me to another time and place. Books are exercise for your brain. You should read 20 minutes a day. You don’t have to own the books. You can go to the library.”

Green had written over a dozen suspense novels for adults before his publisher, HarperCollins, asked him if could write for a younger audience. Green explains his decision.

“I saw an opportunity to create readers, especially boys who might be reluctant to read,” he said. “Boys might think that reading isn’t something a real guy does. But with their interest in sports, I can take them into that world through my books.”

In addition to being an author and ex-football player, Green also has his law degree from Syracuse University. To this day, he is a practicing lawyer, who has also worked as a legal analyst and as a sports commentator.

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