In the January 2024 newsletter, I asked our readers what authors they have read every single book that they have written.

Here are the responses:

Christine: There are lots of authors I read a lot of their books, but not always all of them. But if I want to start at the very beginning of my reading adventure I would have to say I was thrilled to read every one of Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew books in order and they did not disappoint.

Kenicia I have had trouble trying to ascertain the authors whose bibliographies I have completed. I know I have read all of Ronald Balson’s so far. I have read all of Elizabeth Peters’ books, but that is a pseudonym. I have not read any of Barbara Mertz’s nonfiction titles, and I don’t think I read all of her titles under her Barbara Michaels pseudonym.

I often finish series, but I don’t, apparently, feel obligated to read everything by any author! It was a bit of a revelation.

Ginny: Authors I have read all of:

John Grisham, Michael Connelly, and Louise Penny. And of course Robert Parker. I was interested to see you listed Joseph Finder; I too have read all his books and I don’t understand why he isn’t more popular/well-known. My favorite book of his is Company Man.

Other authors I have read all of include Laurie Frankel (fiction), Janis Owens (fiction), Jeanine Cummins (fiction), and Virginia Lanier (mystery) – but I think that may have happened accidentally because those authors haven’t written many books.

The two authors I will always read anything by are Michael Lewis and Jon Krakauer (both non-fiction). Michael Lewis of course is known for Moneyball, The Blind Side, and The Big Short, but his other books are also always informative. Of his later books, The Premonition is really good. Jon Krakauer just seems to get better and better; both Missoula and Under the Banner of Heaven are outstanding.

Cynthia: The authors I have read ALL of:
– [ ] Laurie King
– [ ] Jacqueline Winspear
– [ ] Stacey Abrams (2)
– [ ] Jefferson Bass
– [ ] Patricia Cornwell
– [ ] Elly Griffiths
– [ ] Robert Kurson
– [ ] JKRowling/Robert Galbraith
– [ ] Ellie Waterston
– [ ] Brianna Labuskes
– [ ] Daniel Silva -Gabriel Allon series
– [ ] Julia Spencer-Fleming
– [ ] Sherry Thomas – Lady Sherlock series
– [ ] Emma Viskic- Caleb Zelic series
– [ ] Debra Webb
– [ ] Genevieve Cogman
– [ ] Brendan Slocumb (2)
– [ ] James Forrester
– [ ] Martha Hall Kelly
– [ ] Richard M Cohen
– [ ]

>> I absolutely intend to!
– [ ] Joseph Flynn
– [ ] Steve Berry
– [ ] Jennifer Chiaverini
– [ ] Robert Dugoni
– [ ] Leonard Goldberg
– [ ] Pam Jenoff
– [ ] Julie Andrews
– [ ]

Authors to Watch!
– [ ] Millie Bobby Brown
– [ ] Brendan Slocumb
– [ ] Stacey Abrams

I’m sure I’ve left some out.

vhreads: Does Harper Lee count? She only published two – the fantastic To Kill a Mockingbird and its ho hum predecessor that was published 50 or so years later.

Otherwise, I’ve read everything that’s been in print over the last 20 years or so of Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I’ve read a high percentage of John Scalzi, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs’ dual novels, Lincoln Childs’ novels, and Sue Grafton’s novels. Most of what I’ve missed of these authors are short stories. There are many authors that I’ve read at least 75% of their books.

There are so many prolific good authors that it’s hard to keep up with them and discover new ones as well.

Sue: J.D. Robb (Eve Dallas series)
Stuart Woods
John Sandford
David Baldacci
Tana French
Richard Osman
James Patterson (anything that isn’t AlexCross)
Seanan McGuire (October Daye and Incrypted series)

Stuart: Authors whose complete works I’ve read (that I can think of!) :

Robert B Parker
Jeff Shaara
Greg Iles
Geraldine Brooks
Pat Conroy
Lucy Foley
Michael Connelly
Jussi Alder-Olsen
Kristen Hannah
Robert Crais
Ron Rash
Paul Doiron
Lianne Moriarty
Mick Herron
Dennis Lehane
Fredrik Backman
Nelson DeMille
Taylor Jenkins-Reid
Arturo Perez-Reverte

Sharon: Authors I’ve exhausted their reading list:

C.J. Box
Marc Cameron
Lee Child
Harlan Coben
Michael Connelly
Robert Crais
Lisa Gardiner
J.A. Jance
Jan Karon
William Kent Krueger
Emily Loring
Bill Noel
Nick Petrie
J.D. Robb
John Sandford
Julia Spencer-Fleming
Stuart Woods

Richard: I’ve read all their books:

Alex Berenson
Lee Child
Harlan Coben
Michael Connelly

Phoenix: Gosh, you started out with a softball question this month. At least, it was for me. I have read ALL of Margaret Frazer’s novels. All of the Sister Frivesse and all of the Joliffe the Player novels, plus whatever else I could find. Bishop Peacock comes to mind, and some that weren’t related at all. It’s a great pity that she passed away. I’ve read the Sister Frivesse novels many times over. Let me see, what else? I’ve read all of Jan Karon’s Mitford series. At one point, back in my youth, I read all the Tarzan novels. I’ve read all the Karen Baugh Menuhin novels, snapping them up as soon as they become available. Haven’t read all of Irina Shapiro, but a good many of them. I fell behind a little in 2023, only reading 46 books last year. I got addicted to diamond painting, so haven’t been reading quite as much. I hope to do better this year!

Phil: Hi Graeme – To answer your Q of the month, I’ve read all of Bill Pronzini’s “Nameless Detective” books (and there’s a lot of them). And I enjoyed them all. I love Private Eye novels and Pronzini’s were a lot of fun to read. They were all based in Northern California where I used to live and his description of towns and cities up there were spot on. I think he’s retired now. Have a Happy New Year!

Mishawn: There are so many authors that I like and have read almost everything that they have wrote. A few of my favorites are John Sanford, Lee Child, Harlan Coben, Michael Connely, LT Ryan, LA Dobbs and Brian Freeman. Lately I have been enjoying Nordic Noir and have read everything written by Vivica Sten and Morgan Greene. I will start reading any mystery book that is part of a series so I can get to know the characters and places. I don’t like the mystery to end!

Linda: Thank you for the newsletter. Already oredered the time travel book. I love time travel. Then authors that I have exhausted (and would like more): Harlen Coben, Vince Flynn, Robin Cook Kate Wilhelm, David Baldacci, Mary Higgins Clark, Brad Thor, Phyllis Whitney, Lisa Gardner, Melinda Leigh, Karin Slaughter and I imagine there are others. Some of my favorite authors have passed, but I wish they had written more. I am hooked on some of my preteen daughters YA books now. She got 10 for Christmas and I read them, too. They are really quite adult. She loves mysteries and survival type books. She just read The Maze Runner and has now watched the movie. I read this series when they first came out and thouroughly loved them.

Linda: Hello Graeme, authors I have read everyone of their books:

Martin Walker, Bruno Chief of Police Series-food, love, wine, intrigue, did I mention wine, and historical content-he tells a good story.

Louise Penny, read everyone of her books in order, she builds her characters well-you grow with them. Her latest “Curiosities” was a favorite.

Anthony Horowitz, what can I say! Not only his books, but Foyle’s War, TV adaptations are fairly accurate of his latest books-nice to see them come alive.

Right now I am working through Ann Cleeve series Vera and hoping for more Michael Venn series. Building characters in a series keeps me wanting to read the next book.

I belong to a wonderful book club to diversify my reading, but i still come back to series.

Laurie: There are several authors whom I have read all their books. The first is Lisa Scottoline and the second is DV Berkom. They are both incredible writers. I met Lisa a few times and she is so friendly!

Katherine: the authors that i have read every single one of their books are james herriot, nancy atherton, laura ingalls wilder, sue grafton, marguerite henry and lillian jackson braun. and still enjoy reading them to this day

Kat: i read all of sue grafton
i wish she had lived long enough to finish the series

Judy: Authors I’ve read all and wish they would write more and faster:
Jan Karon
Jodi Piccoult
Pam Jenoff
Charles Martin
Ellen Marie Wiseman
……..And a few more

Joyce: I love this month’s question ‘What authors are there where you have read ALL their books?’ as I will be anxiously awaiting everyone’s list! My list is extensive, but I just couldn’t leave anyone out!
Fredrik Backman, Robert Bailey, Ronald Balson, Linwood Barclay, John Boyne, Steve Cavanagh, Diane Chamberlain, Harlan Coben, Allen Eskens, Brian Freeman, Lisa Genova, Mark Gimenez, Andrew Gross, Kristin Hannah, John Hart, Greg Iles, Charles Martin and Michael Robotham. I love each and every one of them and as soon as any one of them has a new release, that book goes to the top of my ‘to read’ list!

John W: Hi Graeme and Happy New Year.

I’ve read all of the books written by the following authors:
Michael Connelly
John Grisham
Lee Child (and Andrew Child)
Vince Flynn (including those written by Kyle Mills), and
Bryce Courtenay (an Australian author, now deceased).

Of these writers, John Grisham would have to be my favourite.

i was very disappointed with the latest Jack Reacher novel, The Secret. The storyline appeared to more a series of ‘dot points’ and didn’t flow at all well.

John: I have a few “Read Everything” authors, but just to keep it short: Louise Penny, Donna Leon, and Harlan Coben. These are the books I only take off my bookcase when I know I’ll have a couple hours to read and savor, like on a four-night stay at the shore. They all write too well to cram in a couple pages, then get up and do something else. They are also favorite companions on plane rides of at least three hours. The phone won’t ring, or the wife can’t suddenly need anything from the market that we absolutely need to complete dinner when we’re five thousand feet up! Stay safe, and may this be your Best Year Ever!

Janis: As far as I can remember, there is only one author I have read all her books! That’s Louise Penny! Her next book, no name yet, is underway and I can hardly wait!

Irene: There are quite a few authors that I read and reread. They include:

Jeffrey Archer’s William Warwick series
Harlan Cohen’s Myron Bolitar/William Lockwood series
Michael Connelly
Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series
Lisa Gardner
Deborah Harkness
Faye Kellerman’s Decker/Lazarus series (now ended)
Jonathan Kellerman
Jo Nesbo
Robert Parker etal Jesse Stone series
Louise Penny
Ian Rankin
J D Robb
John Sandford
Karen Slaughter’s Will Trent series
P J Tracy
J R Ward

Faye: What author have I read everything in their repertoire?

Louise Penny

I was introduced to her books by a friend who lives in Chaffey’s Lock, right down the road from you, actually. My friend buys each new book in hardback as soon as it is released. Me, I prefer Audible.

I’ve listened to every Louise Penny book including the one she wrote with Hillary Clinton. Love them!

Last year Louise got a new Golden Retriever puppy and that dog put a big drag on her writing time. There should have been a new Gamache book out last year but she spent her writing time training Muggins. Oh well…I get it. I love dogs too. Gamache will reappear sometime this year. Soon, I hope.

Elizabeth: I think I have read all the books by Mary Higgins Clark and Dick/Felix Francis. I have several authors that I have discovered after they started writing and have not gone back and read all of the earlier books in a series. Though I usually do read the first book.

Chris: To have read all the books of so many different authors is quite impressive, Graeme. I wish I could come close to that, but I have only read all the books written by one writer: Diana Gabaldon, of Outlander fame. It helps that she takes a while to finish her big books, giving me the chance to finish the shorter ones. It isn’t that I don’t have the time to read all of another author’s books-it’s more that I have trouble sticking with one writer. Usually when I read a lot of one author, I start to see the formula and the patterns and that bothers me. I get bored and then go on to a completely different type of book. I haven’t had that trouble with Ms. Gabaldon’s books because she has a very interesting and unique writing style. It always keeps my interest. I’ll see if that continues to hold true.

Debbi: Preston/Childs and the Pendergrast series is my all time favorite and I read all of those, also have read the Longmire series, Sue Grafton, and Janet Evanovich series. Once I find an author I like that follows a character I tend to try and read the whole series

Connie: Authors whose books I inhale every one I can find would be two at this time.

Those would be C.J. Box and Craig Johnson.

I even re-read the entire series when a new book is about to be released. (Which means I can practically recite them, as these authors amazingly crank out a new book each year.)

So, I’m about to relaunch the Joe Pickett books by CJ Box, as Three-Inch Teeth is getting close. I am not as thrilled with Box’s other books, but have read all of them.

As for Craig Johnson, he’s next, with First Frost the end of May. I’m not a fan of short stories or anthologies, but Johnson’s were entertaining enough I shared them with my husband, who like them as well.

I love reading books set in places I have been. When my parents moved us back to the “Lower 48” from Alaska, they almost bought a business in Gillette, Wyo., and my dad, who suffered from wonderlust, would find every back road in existence to drive down. These books remind me of that time (I was just about in 6th grade) and brings back great memories.

There are other authors I have read a great many of their books, but can’t guarantee all of them. I am so glad to have discovered your sites and use them constantly. What a wonderful collection of very useful information. Thank you for all your efforts.

And thanks for the great question. I look forward to reading about others favorite authors.

Bev: Hi Graeme. Here is the list of authors whose works I’ve exhausted, not in alphabetic order, but as they come in my notebooks where I keep track.

I hope you feel better soon, and have a great new year. Thanks for all the work you do!

Lee Child
Andrew Grant, aka Andrew Child
Diane Capris
Mark Greaney
Tom Clancy
Marc Cameron
Michael Connelly
George Wallace & Don Keith
J. Robert Kennedy (one of my favorite authors)
Donald Bain/ Jessica Fletcher (except for the first 2 books which I can’t find)
Daniel Silva
Veronica Roth
Jean Auel
Sue Grafton
Christopher Paolini
Stephanie Meyer
Patricia Cornwell (post 2000; couldn’t find the earlier ones)
M. C. Beaton/ Marion Chesney (one of my favorites)
David Dickinson
David Baldacci
Laurie R. King
Harlan Coben
Morgan Rice
C. M. Sutter
Toby Neal
Fiona Quinn
Renee Pawlish
AND, one of my favorite series highlighting many authors, “39 Clues” (ok, so it doesn’t fit the bill) 😇

April: Here’s my list of authors with all books read:
David Baldacci, Allison Brennan, Ben Coes, CG Cooper, Ernest Dempsey, John Gilstrap, Anna Harrington, Eloisa James, Libby Kirsch, Chris Kuzneski, Vivienne Lorret, Sally McKenzie, .Sarah MacLean, Leo Maloney, PJ Tracy, Mary Balogh, Steve Berry, CJ Box, Linda Castillo, Lee Child, Stacy Claflin, Christopher Cartwright, Robin Cook, Luanna Ehrlich, Linda Fairstein, Vince Flynn (and the following authors), Allison Golden, Sue Grafton, Greg Hurwitz, CS Harris, JA Jance, Alex Kava, Scott Mariani, Andy McDermott, Julie Moffett, Elizabeth Peters, Deany Ray, Estelle Ryan, Daniel Silva, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Victoria Thompson, and Brad Thor
Whew! Then there’s several more who have a random book I didn’t know about – who knew Nick Petrie helped write a nonfiction book on stress? or one remaining standalone for Karin Slaughter.
This was fun – thanks always for a great newsletter – just downloaded The Handler from the recommendations.

Allison: William Kent Krueger. Even his stand alone books are incredible and oh so worthwhile. Stephen King, because he doesn’t always stick to the same old. Louise Penny, because I love Jean Guy

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  1. Mark Joseph: 4 months ago

    Somehow I missed this last month. Authors of whom I’ve read all or the vast majority of are Octavia Butler, Tim Powers, Frederic Brown (SF only; not the mysteries), Robert Sheckley (ditto), Robert A. Heinlein

    Also, all 41 Discworld books, but Pratchett has some others. A project!


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