In the December 2018 newsletter I asked the readers what the favourite book they read in 2018 was, or what was the best series or author they got introduced to.

Here were the responses:

Pam: The best book that I read in 2018 was The Woman in the Window. I also enjoyed The Wife Between Us and Before We Were Yours.

I read 30 books this past year but many of them were very forgettable. I’m going to have to improve on my choices for 2019.

Loretta: Hi Graeme:

I only read one book in December, an all-time low for me. I was shocked! The holidays took their toll. The last week in December, I did read Past Tense which I totally enjoyed! One of his best!! Although fiction, it was comforting to me, because I know Jack Reacher will get the bad guys and make them pay. In view of the chaotic everyday happenings, I am wishing for a real Jack Reacher.

I have changed my mind about John Grisham. Netflix has produced a series, The Innocent Man, based on Grisham’s non-fiction book. I read this when it first published. That got my attention, so I reread. I am glad that I did. Without a doubt, the book is disturbing but a necessary read. So I started to think about The Reckoning and Rooster Bar which I was so disappointed in when I read. However, the more I thought about it – the more I think, although it is fiction, is probably closer to the truth in today’s world. So I have changed my mind, it is not the author or the story that I am disappointed in but the way people are today. I stopped listening to the news because it never gets better – just more bullying, lying, distortion of truths, etc. I will stop now. I limit myself to once a day – catching the news – that’s all I can take. Whatever happened to common sense, decency and civility? Sorry, I was on my soapbox. Enough of that.

So far, after the reread, I have read The Couple Next door by Shari Lapena for my book review club and Enigma by Catherine Coulter. Both of these stories kept my attention and were well-worth the read.

My best reads for 2018 included Caleb Carr, (Surrender, New York, and Killing Time), Lisa Scottoline (After Anna), Eleanor Herman, (non-fiction Mistress of the Vatican), Joanne Harris (Peaches for Father Francis), Dan Abram (nonfiction, Lincoln’s Last Trial), and, of course, Lee Child (Past Tense) and Nichols Petrie (The Drifter and Burning Bright).

Honorable mention – FEAR by Bob Woodward, The Forgotten Road by Richard Paul Evans, Now and In the Hour of Our Death by Patrick Taylor, and Beloved Enemy by Eric Van Lustbader.

Cheers to more reading in 2019.

Vicki: There were two series that impressed me this year, but I still have more books in both to read.

The first is a time travel series by Jodi Taylor. The first one is called Just One Damned Thing After Another. They are funny and have a mystery as well as the time travel aspect. There is a quiet university department that time travels to study history. Unfortunately, they sometimes accidentally change it, or another group doing the same thing tries to hijack history. I’ve read the first two. With the four (according to your site) she added this year, there are now 22 in the series. I’ll always be behind if she writes them that fast. I have to thank a fellow reader at the library for putting me on to these.

The second is a suspense series you probably know, the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box. They’ve been on my “to read someday” list, then I read a short story in the anthology, Face Off. Now I’ve read the first two novels in the series as well, and will get more.

I read plenty of romance novels, and have finally gotten to Jill Shalvis’ Mischief Bay series and Susan Mallory’s Happily, Inc. series.

I’ve started other series, continued more, and read my share of stand alones. I was able to do quite a bit of reading in 2018.

Ayesha: Hi Graeme
I recently read an amazing book: All the Tears in China by Sulari Gentill. It’s actually part of a series (The Rowland Sinclair Mysteries); so now I can’t wait to track down the other books in the series… Happy New Year

Karen: I must say that this is the year i found Outlander ! I’m currently in book 8 of the series and I must say I haven’t enjoyed reading this much since I read Jane Eyre as a child and became an avid reader.

Thank you for your monthly newsletter, I enjoy finding out about new authors an stories.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lisa: Only two books out of 66+ books that I’ve read this year stand out (the low number reflecting an all-around terrible year for reading; here’s to hoping next year is better!).
One, which is nonfiction, is Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling by John Muir Laws.
For fiction, it has to be Random Harvest: A Novel by James Hilton. I love the classic movie that is based on it, which stars Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson, and although the film is a bit different from the book (the POV is different, for one), I still enjoyed reading it and it made me appreciate Coleman’s performance as an amnesiac war veteran even more.

Happy Holidays and safe travels!

Tom: I have been reading since my high school teacher, Sr. Thomas Ellen, a Dominican nun, assigned to me a book she thought would interest me to read for a book report. The Hardback version was very imposing and it looked lengthy. Until that day, I had read, but nothing for enjoyment. As a matter of fact, at that time, age 14 and a Sophomore in High School, I’m not sure I knew what reading for enjoyment really was. I finished reading the famous best seller of its day, “The Caine Mutiny” by Herman Wouk, within about 4 hours. I couldn’t put it down. Since then I have probably averaged about a book and a half a week. I have kept up with many authors including their latest which includes, Michael Connelly, Daniel Silva, Robert Crais, Dale Brown, Stephen Coonts, Richard Herman, Walt Longmire, Richard North Patterson, James Houston, Jeffrey Deaver, Nelson Demille and many more. The book I thought was the best that I have read lately was Dark Sacred Moon by M. Connelly. One of the best ‘feel good” books I have ever read was an innocuous novel by Craig Johnson called “The Spirit of Steamboat”.

I would be remiss without saying that some of first reads were Rex Stout (Nero Wolf), Agatha Christie, Donald Hamilton (Matt Helm), John D. MacDonald (Travis McGee), Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov.

Tom: Hello. Thanks for suggesting the Mike Bowditch series (the Maine game warden) by Paul Doiron. Since I have been to Maine a few times, it is very realistic for me. I will be starting the 3rd book in that series and I am enjoying them immensely. Lately I read “Raylan” by Elmore Leonard and enjoyed it as well. I am still reading a Craig Johnson Longmire every so often. I am getting into “Ruthless People” by JJ McAvoy and I think it will be good. I don’t know if I have a favorite for the year because I really can’t recall all the books I have read, especially On-line. I am looking forward to the next Joe Pickett from C J Box and another Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch book from Robert Parker, both early next year. Anyway, the holidays won’t be much fun this year due to a likely terminal illness in the family and about the only thing that will keep me from breaking down will be escaping through reading. Take care and happy Scott-landing

John Hart: I just discovered author John Hart this year. I read Redemption Road and immediately upon completion went to Amazon and ordered all if his remaining books. Wow. I love this author. Every book was great.

Rick: As always, thanks for the newsletter. I always find it interesting and look forward to your insights. Don’t always agree, but hey, it would pretty dull if we all thought the same.

Thanks for the encouragement on the latest Reacher. I’ve been agonizing where or not to pick it up and I definitely will now. You are so right on the last number of books in the series. I kept hoping he would get his mojo back. One or two that fall down, you can understand, but after the fourth stinker I pretty much gave up.

Also looking forward to the newest Gamache which recently came out. I foolishly put it on my Christmas list so now I have to wait as one of my kids will get it for me. Not to worry, I have lots of reading material to keep me busy until then. Just in the middle of Michael Connelly’s latest, The Late Show. Introducing a new character, Detective Renee Ballard. I’m liking a lot so far. There seems to be a lot of Harry Bosch in the character, but being a woman detective adds another dimension. I like the way he crafts his characters and plots.

Ray: Thanks for the newsletter. I received it at 5:03 a.m.(Spokane time) (Probably was sent about 8:00 your time.
Book related tattoos? Nope. Sorry, no ink on this gorgeous body. Interesting question. If any body has such a thing, I’d be interested in seeing it myself. I would think one would really have to be in love with a book to do that. (But that’s just me)
You have a lot more patience with authors than I do. I read a lot of the Reacher books until the one that spent a whole chapter extolling Reacher’s marvelous attributes. I got tired of it and haven’t read another one since. I know that’s not fair to authors, but that’s just the way I am. I figure there’s too many good books and too little time. Having said that maybe I’ll break down and try the new one. You know, if I don’t like it, I’ll blame you?! (har) Tom Cruise owns the movie rights, so he can cast whoever he wants. I hope he doesn’t own the TV rights, too. I think his gigantic ego gets in the way of good judgement. I’ve been trying to think of who I would cast as Reacher but can’t come up with anyone. Any ideas?
Thanks for the recommendations. I need some new authors. After reading about four books for two or three chapters
and ditching them, I’ve been re-reading my old reliable authors. I check them out at “Order Of Books” and go back and read the earliest ones first. I’ve not gotten through all of any one the second time yet. I’m especially intrigued by the Oz books seeing how they were my very favorite growing up.
You have a wonderful time in Scotland, Graeme. I have wonderful memories of my wife’s and my trip to Scotland. We had a GREAT time. (Mist and all) I remember going to Sterling Castle. There was a faux guard in front dressed in all his Scottish garb
whom I went up to and asked him if the sun ever shines in Scotland (just joshing, of course) and he said, “Yes it does, but we keep it a secret so the Brits don’t start pourin’ in”. We loved the people there.

Phil: Hi Graeme. The best book I’ve read this year is The Reckoning by John Grisham. I’ve read all of his books and I think this is his best effort yet. And that’s saying a lot considering all the great work he’s done in his heralded career.

Peg: Hello,

I just recently started subscribing to your newsletter after it being recommended to me by a friend. I recently retired and have found much more time to read books! I really like your newsletter. So you ask what was the best book from this year . . .well I must say that at your recommendation a few months ago to read the Brilliance Series by Marcus Sakey, I did just that. And it was the best series, as you said in the newsletter. Thanks for all the recommendations and summaries. This newsletter really helps me narrow down the choices instead of just wandering aimlessly around my local library.

Heppy Holidays to you!

Melba: Love your newsletter! I agree Lee Child Past Tense best book , he has really don’t great w this ! Killing floor hooked me ! Guess he’s my pick for best series! Will Robie was second from D Baldacci

moorepk: Graeme – let’s talk Orphan X. And amazing series, and I have enjoyed the heck out of it. That
said, there was one book that I read that just didn’t hit the mark. Pretty sure it must have been
The Nowhere Man because the other books were halves, i.e., not full books. In The Nowhere Man,
Evan was portrayed as weak and totally incapable of figuring out what to do, and that simply
did not fit with the person I have come to picture is Orphan X. I stuck it out, though, because
I truly do enjoy the series, and then I read the third book, which is the one I *think* you must
be reading right now. It is awesome! You’ll be happy you didn’t give up. Looks like there is
another half book coming out this month, followed in close succession by the fourth book,
Out of the Dark, due in 2019. And according to Amazon, the series is scheduled to stop at 5
books 😩. Great series, I love it.

Thanks for the heads up on the Three Beths. I made a note in my spreadsheet.

As for Jack Reacher, I have walked away from him altogether. It’s one of those …so many books,
too little time…” things. At my age, I am simply not going to force myself to read something I’m
not enjoying just to say I did it. My list of “want to read” books is way too long for that!

Currently enjoying: Jason Matthews Red Sparrow trilogy. Oh my goodness!!!! Simply awesome!!
Based on my recommendation, my local library actually went out and purchased the third book
in the trilogy in audio, and I picked it up yesterday. Can hardly wait to get started. The series is
one of the best I’ve ever read. Also like the DI Nikki Galena series by Joy Ellis; got the last book
of the Inspector Gamache series day before yesterday, and I’ve almost finished it. Another
fabulous series. Started the Nikki French series the other day, I have read 2 now, and they are
good. Not spectacular, just good reading. Have you read Anthony Horowitz’s Magpie Murders?
Truly great reading. Another of my favorite series, Richard Montanari’s Balzano/ Byrne series,
has a new addition coming out in January. Can’t wait! And finally, I’m reading Brian Haig’s series
about Major Sean Drummond. I accidentally read one of them out of order, and it was just over
the top, in my opinion. The Kingmaker. Almost put me off the series for good. Just not believable.
Thankfully, since I did read it out of order, I know that there are better ones out there, so I just
pushed past it. Oh and one more, I am now on book number 12 or 13 of the Butch Karp series.
Another really good series that I am enjoying a lot.

I do love your website, Graeme, it is a life saver for those of us who are so anal we want to read
everything in order. I wish for you a very blessed Christmas, and a happy new year.

Max: Hello Graeme,

I can’t wait to read the latest Lee Child novel, Past Tense! But I still have a half-dozen “catch-up” Reachers to get through first, so it might take a couple months. The best book I read this year? Well, I can offer several, all in the mystery/crime/thriller genre.

1. Nothing But the Truth by John Lescroart. This is one of Lescroart’s “legal/courtroom” mysteries that feature Dismas Hardy. This novel gets a special very high recommendation from me because of the very unusual and unsettling interaction throughout the entire story between Hardy and his dear wife, Franny, which really kept me on edge right to the end. Anyone who reads this novel might get a very good life lesson in marital dynamics. I’ve never read anything else quite like this story, and I still think about it, months later!

2. Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson. Sheriff Walt Longmire has an extremely surrealist adventure in a blizzard!

3. Mind Prey by John Sandford. A classic Lucas Davenport kidnap thriller with an intensely gratifying ending. The bad guy collects his just reward!

4. L.A. Requiem by Robert Crais. A very engaging crime novel starring Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. One of Crais’s best.

There you have my favorites for 2018!

Linda: November has been a great reading month for me. I found Brad Parks this month and last month and wish he would write more SA’s. I finished Eyes of the Innocent in November. It was not as good as his other 2 I read, but still good. Closer than You Know and Say Nothing were super good. Also have fallen in love with BA Paris. The Breakdown was excellent. Then I read the last Tana French book and really liked it, too. Her whole series is good. Two random books I picked up and read in November in were Eeny Meeny by MJ Aldrige and The President’s Assassin by Brian Haig. They were both very good. My passion is browsing in our Book Shoppe in Boone, Iowa for used books. I find the most entertaining books that I have never heard of before. Some are quite old, but books never grow out of date. I am always surprised when I find a book that I have never heard of. I spent 5 years as a librarian in our local library and never came across this many books. I am now reading Teresa Driscol’s “I Am Watching You” and finding it fasicinating. I joined Amazon’s first reads and have been getting some very good picks each month. I have just ordered the last Mitch Rapp book and cannot wait for it to arrive. Will get the Jack Reacher book as soon as it goes 1/2 price. I do not pay full price for many books. That way I can afford so many more. I do want to thank Order of books for some excellent choices. Readers keep those suggestions coming. I mostly read mystery, suspense and thriller books but occasionally read one of another genre that has been recommended. There is no way I can pick a favorite of the year. My only disappointement was finshing up the Outlander series. I found too many of the last books too descriptive and a little boring. But other than that my favorite authors have not disappointed me. There were a couple of Reacher books that I, too, found lacking. The movie with Cruise was good, but Tom ain’t not Jack Reacher-lol. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a blessed holiday time.

Linda: I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 (so far) Whisky Business books by Melinda Mullet. They are: Single Malt Murder, Death Distilled, & Deadly Dram. Mullet’s characters are very real, with the main character, Abbey, leading the way. We follow her arrival at the distillery in Scotland, to meeting the other main characters & getting involved in the life of the job & its workers. Dangers lurk everywhere, as not everyone in the business is thrilled to have a young woman owner, even though she inherited it from her uncle. We get involved in her relations with the other people at her distillery & community as a sideline to the main story in each book. I can’t wait for the next one!

Lisa Marie: Great newsletter as always!
I think my favourite book of last year was “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah… but it might have been “The Book of Negroes” by Lawrence Hill. It’s so hard to choose! I have read a LOT of great books!
I hope you have a fabulous time in Scotland, it sounds wonderful going home to your family and all your old books. Very special. I have a lot of family there and haven’t gone back in a couple of years so I know how special it is to visit. Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas holiday & New Year, safe travels.

Laurie: One of the best books I read recently was “The Sound Of Gravel” by Ruth Wariner.
It’s actually a memoir from the point of view of her at different ages.
The story is about her growing up in Mormon Colony mostly in Mexico. It talks about polygamy and the rule of living for them.

This book is not on my usual list to be read. It’s not compelling in the way a mystery is, but I couldn’t put it down.

One other excellent book I read was “Dark Return” by DV Berkhom. I literally read 4 of her books in 5 days. Her main character, Leine Basso, is a hired killer. She only kills the bad people, mostly those dealing in human trafficking.
A bit violent, but Leine is a very strong female lead.

Laura: My favorite book of all time is Katherine by Anya Seton. I go back every few years and read it again and always take something new.

Kenicia: The best book I’ve read this year is A Little Village Called Lidice by Zdina Trinka. It was very moving, and I think everyone should read it. It should be assigned reading!

Kacey: I love Reacher, hate T.C… John Sandford…Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers, and Orphan X.
I too, really enjoyed the latest Teacher book. I didn’t want to stop either!
Right now I’m reading Nora Roberts In Death series. I really like the storylines but I can do without all the detailed love scenes and the use of God’s name in vain. I just don’t understand their need for that. It doesn’t help the story at all.
I got to video chat with my friend of 50 years today. He’s in the UK. Great Gransden Sandy Beds. I always think of him when I get your newsletter.
Thanks for all you do!

Janice: I read the spy trilogy by Jason Matthews: Red Sparrow, Palace of Treason,
The Kremlin’s Candidate. Excellent story with great characters and insight into how Russians prepare their food–partial recipes are included. The stories are exciting. The characters are believable. The ending of the series was a total shock. Jason Matthews is an excellent writer.

Jan: My “best book” of the year is an old one, The Fur Person, by May Sarton. It’s for cat lovers, and when I read it, a library book, I immediately bought a copy for myself and my sister. It’s one I’ll read over and over. Very heartwarming, and the cat doesn’t die!!

Jane: Best books and new beloved authors are the same: Robert Galbraith (first in the Cormoran Strike series) and Nick Petrie (first in the Peter Ash series). I work in a small library and these have both been popular with our mystery readers.

Dave: Loved the Peter Ash series, thanks for turning people on to that.

Also, Holy Ghost, by John Sanford was a good read.

I agree that the latest Jack Reacher book was a huge step up from previous novels.

I also really enjoy Walt Longmire series.

Keep up the great work.

ianu: I spent most of 2018 reading Graham Hurley starting with DS Faraday and Winters 2000-2012 and then DS Jimmy Suttle 2012-15 Being born a Brit now living in Canada the settings remind me of my childhood days and the seaside.

Glenda: Scott Pratt – love his An Innocent Client. Also In Good Faith and Injustice For All.

David Rosenfelt- love the way he uses dogs in his stories. I especially love his humor.

Mark Sullivan- loved Rogue, Beneath A Scarlet Sky, Outlaw, The Escape Artist and The Second Woman.

I love Sandra Brown books. But, I do not understand why the sex scenes need to be so explicit. They are like a “How to…..”

I agree with you on the Greg Hurwitz books. Orphan X, The Kill Clause and Nowhere Man were excellent. I did not enjoy the others.

I am still working my way thru WEB Griffin books. I love all of them.

Daniel Silva and Brad Thor remain my most favorite ever. Vince Flynn was also one. I love espionage books.

Have wonderful holidays and look forward to hearing from you next year.

Kathy: Hello again. I’m in complete dis-agreement with your thoughts on the last L. CHILD, Reacher BOOK. It wasn’t worth the price of the hardback I had gifted to me. I’ve loved all of the others before this one and yes, some were better than others. Past Tense was a great disappointment. Instead of a day or two reading, it took over a week and my 3 fellow reading friends all thought the same thing. We’re females in our senior years.
I’ve now read 3 of the P. ASH books you recommended and waiting for the library to get in the 4th one. First 2 WERE great and the 3rd just so-so. Thank you for the recommendation. I’m looking forward to checking out your new suggestions while reading thru all D. Baldacci’s series. I prefer to read from the earliest books to the latest ones written. At this time in my life (3/4 of a century) I’ve put aside my knitting and taken up gaming-not gambling but gaming, reading and paying the gas bill to heat the pool these winter months in California and gas up the car to attend gaming meet ups. Enjoy your vacation. If the weather is the least bit sunny on December 25– I HOPE to spend some of it in the “OOL—-NOTE THERE IS NO “P” IN IT.

Eliece: As of December 1, I have read 125 books in 2018. I’m a retired librarian, so have lots of time for my favorite pastime. This is not to brag; just to put my favorite book this year in perspective. It is “White Chrysanthemum” by Mary Lynn Bracht. I loved, loved, loved this book. So sad, but so redemptive. Wonderful characters, wonderful writing. The set and the plot couldn’t be more different, but in an odd way this book reminded me of “The Kite Runner”.

Elizabeth: I really liked The Library Book by Susan Orlean. I loved hearing about various aspects of the fire as well as historical facts about libraries and book censorship.
For a series new to me, I started the Chief Bruno series set in France because my husband and I traveled there this summer. I love that the chief is a foodie and this reminds me of our wonderful trip.

Neil: Probably the two best books I’ve lately are:

1. The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry By Gabriell Zevin
2. A Civil Action by Jonathon Harr.

I think you will find them well written and fascinating, each in its own way.

Carol: This year I have found Sheila Connolly. She is a cozy author. Her series that I like is County Cork. This last two years have been so wild that I am really enjoying the cozies.

Diana: For me it was discovering a new “favorite” author: Michael Grumley
The only way I discovered him was from your website.
I went out to my local library and they had “BREAKTHROUGH” the first novel.
Half way through, I went back out to the library and reserved the second – LEAP
and then the third – CATALYST
(p.s. I am a Friends of the Library member to two of our local libraries and boy do I support their book sales!)

I agree about Jack Reacher…..I love the books and will not ever see a movie with Tom Cruise. I think at 5″8″ I’m taller than he is. I have never understood how he got casted “physically” for the part.

I have so many books I could be a “local library” but thanks to your reviews I keep adding to the mix…
I not sure if I should be thanking you or deleting you!

Pattie: Loved the Breakthrough series! I lean toward stories set in England/Scotland, but this series was well worth breaking the habit for. Thanks!

Here’s a suggestion for fans of the cozy mysteries. I mostly listen to books now because of problems reading, and this series is a winner for fans of audio books too. The author is H. Y. Hanna, and the series is called The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries. Set in and around Oxford, England, the series is one of my favorites. The narrator is quite good. Don’t know how many are in the series. I’m on Book 7, and she’s still going strong. Kind of predictable set up, as so many of the cozy mysteries are – plucky young woman starting a new life in ______ by opening a _____ a critter pal, a bit of romance and a mystery to figure out. Hanna has begun a second series following another story line familiar in cozies – witchcraft I think- but I always finish a series before beginning another so I don’t get the characters confused in my aging head.

I reference your Order of Books often. Thanks so much for the work you do with it!

Sue: I’d like to recommend Bruno, Chief of Police series by Martin Walker. A great series that is humane and gives the reader insight into life in France, the Perigord in particular. Highly recommended!

Cora: I would recommend the Gamache series by Louise Penny. There are more than a dozen in the series and I recommend starting at the beginning. I wait not very patiently for each new book

Chris: This month’s question is an interesting one as I’ve read several books this year that have had a powerful effect on me. They’re not all brand new books, but they were new to me. I enjoyed reading “Educated” by Tara Westover because it showed me how one person, with few resources, could somehow make a much better life. The idea of making a good life when all the odds are against you is also the theme of “A Chance in the World” by Steve Pemberton, who had a horrendous foster child experience. Also, “Hillbilly Elegy” by J. D. Vance and “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls were also inspiring. These books showed me that a person can rise above oftentimes dreadful circumstances. That resonated with me.

Charlye: Here are two series that captured my attention this year.

Author: Stan Jones

Series: Alaska State Trooper, Nathan Active

Reason I love this series:

Stan Jones does an excellent job of painting the magnificence of Alaska by drawing a picture of modern life in a small Inuit village using a twisty but believable Who-done-it. There is much to learn about the Inuit culture (they aren’t Eskimos) and Stan Jones sketches it brilliantly through likeable, sometimes loveable, sometimes despicable characters. Starting from the beginning of the series and watching Trooper Nathan Active and the supporting cast grow just adds to its addictive appeal. They are listed in Order Of Books. The 6th novel comes out this month (December). They were all available at the usual outlets and at my local Public Library.

Author: Matthew Betley

Series: Logan West / John Quick

Reason I love this series:

Yes, it is similar to all of the other high action, page turning, adventure novels about saving the world from plague, nuclear destruction, and terrorism in the Thriller genre. What makes this well written, plausible series stand out for me is the two leading characters, West and Quick. They’re fun, ferocious, and on occasion their comaradarie makes me laugh out loud. (Much like Elvis Cole and Joe Pike if you are familiar with that Robert Crais series.) They are listed in Order Of Books. The 4th novel comes out in July. They were all available at usual outlets and my local Public Library.

Bev: The best books for me: The series by Louise Penney.

Tipton: Noticed that you haven’t included author Rob Leininger on your author list and his “Gumshoe” series featuring PI Mort Angle. just finished reading the third book in the series “Gumshoe on the Loose” the other two titles are “Gumshoe” and “Gumshoe for Two”. Truly enjoyed all three. I’m somewhat partial towards books with lots of site descriptions and this series, taking place in Nevada did lived up to my expectations. In my opinion a good mystery series with a humorous edge.

Bill: Hello. I read your newsletter each time I get it. I was just wondering if you have read the Joona Linna books by Lars Kepler? I thoroughly enjoyed them and am anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

Doris: Hi Graeme,

Always look forward to and enjoy reading your newsletter.

This year I discovered JAMES OSWALD and Inspector McClean. I am unable to put him down 😊 .
Also started reading the new Cormoran Strike LETHAL WHITE , just love the romantic tension between him and Robyn .

Thanks again for your book news and website, its my go to for info on crime novels.

E.S: In June this year I picked up a copy of “The Serpent Bride” by Sara Douglass from one of those little library boxes and accidentally stole it when I moved overseas. It’s amazingly written and the worldbuilding is stunning, such a lucky impulse find. Now I’m going to devour everything she ever wrote.

S P: Alex Kava is an excellent author. Series about Maggie O’Dell a female FBI agent.

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