In the September 2021 newsletter, I asked readers what book universes they would like to see crossover.

Here are the responses:

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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Graeme McGaw


Jenny: One fictional detective that has a lot of crossover – Sherlock Holmes. I suppose he is Public Domain although I remember some controversy over that.

I was thinking it would be interesting to have some of these detectives that like jazz and blues (and there seem to be quite a few of them) including Harry Bosch, solve a mystery in New Orleans, but I can’t really think of any detective stories I have read set in New Orleans – there must be though, right?

mailman: Book universes that crossover? Oh my gosh, James Lee Burke’s ex alcoholic lawman Dave Robicheaux and his sidekick strong-arm Clete Purcell taking on Gollum, all the trolls and hobits and wizards of Lord of the Rings! What a dust-up.

Kenicia: The two book universes I would like to see cross over are very similar ones. I have listened to the Bernie Gunther series by Philip Kerr and read the Clara Vine series by Jane Thynne. Since the authors were married, I had hoped at some point, Clara and Bernie would cross paths in one or both series. Philip has passed away, but Jane could still make this happen.

Katy: Crossover combo: A Chet and Bernie Mystery, by Spencer Quinn (Chet is the dog, Bernie is the down-on-his-luck detective) and The Cat Who…, by Lilian Jackson Braun (2 cats and an ex-newspaper reporter).

Edith: Crossover I’d like to see would be Nick Petrie’s Peter Ash and Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent/Sara Linton.

Chris: Hi Graeme. Another thought provoking question–which two book universes would I like to see combined/mashed together? It may not be the most unique idea, but I’d get a kick out of seeing two investigators known for their independent streak paired up to work together on a case: Kinsey Millhone of Sue Grafton’s wonderful series and Harry Bosch by creator Michael Connelly. They might learn to tolerate each other’s foibles or, perhaps, sparks may fly! Regardless, it would be interesting.

Paul: Characters all written by Ace Atkins, but I’d like to see Spenser and Hawk head south to help Quinn Colson take on a Boston runaway who ended dancing in Tibbehah County.

Vicki: It would be fascinating to see Eve Dallas from J.D. Robb’s In Death series work with Chris Shane, from John Scalzi’s Lock In.

How would Eve work with an FBI agent who is and isn’t a person? The physical body isn’t human, but Chris’ whole soul, intelligence, emotions, and essence are in that body while Chris’ human body is shut away, physically but not mentally paralyzed? I can see Eve muttering and moaning even as she discovers Chris is an excellent resource for whatever the current murder/investigation is happening. Chris gets a chance to work with one of the best detectives, which influence’s Chris’ skills in future cases.

Thanks for making me thing about this. I had a lot of obvious connections, but I wanted to go a different way. This newsletter is always a great source of inspiration and additions to my falling over to be read pile (ok, TBR bookshelf).

John: One crossover I would’ve really liked to have seen would’ve been a crossover between Inspector Lynley and Inspector Morse. The Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George really got me into reading more of the British mysteries and I really loved the psychological aspect to them. Plus, Inspector Lynley is a great character. Having him be an Earl and working for Scotland Yard really sets up great conflict for him.

Because of who he is, it’s hard for him to get respect. And Havers? Her reputation is as a rule breaker but Lynley believes he can change her. There’s quite a few things she’s done over the years that would’ve got her dismissed from the force if not for Inspector Lynley.

Careless In Red from Elizabeth George is one of my all-time favorite books. Lynley struggles with his grief from his wife’s death while trying to clear his name. It’s an awesome story and shows why Lynley is not just a great detective, he’s also a great hero because he perseveres even though his grief is so overwhelming. I just started reading the Inspector Morse series and the first book that I just read was The Riddle Of The Third Mile and it had some great twists in it, just like Elizabeth George’s books.

I think it would’ve been cool to see Lynley in Oxford having a drink with Inspector Morse. Maybe they could’ve been dealing with some type of corruption in the Oxford police force so they had to call in Scotland Yard for help? And Lynley is the one who gets the call to go to Oxford. I also think that it would’ve been funny to see Havers and Lewis comparing notes as to who has the toughest “guv’nor” to work for 😄.

So I think that could’ve been a great crossover. But with Colin Dexter passing away a couple of years ago, God bless his soul 🙏, a story like this will never happen now. And I’d like to give you one more crossover suggestion, if I could. It’s really off the wall but I think a crossover between Indiana Jones and Robert Langdon would make for a really great story.

There’s a way to make it work because Indy is in the past and Langdon is in the present. They could both be searching for the Ten Commandments.You know, the tablets.You tell Indy’s story and how he failed to find the tablets and then you tell Langdon’s story and have him find the tablets, thanks to a journal that Indiana left behind.

It could work because neither one has ever really went after the tablets before. I know Indy went after the Ark of the Covenant but they never mention whether the Ten Commandments are inside of it or not. I think it could’ve worked and it might’ve made for a great summer blockbuster even. So there’s my two suggestions for what two universes would I like to see crossover.

william: Virgil Flowers of the Minnesota BSA working with Cork O’Connor

Trevor: And, as for crossovers, I would love to see what Sherlock Holmes would make of either the Shardlake novels of C J Sansom or the Discworld novels of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Martina: What an interesting question! I like your crosses of the universes you listed. This got me to thinking about what to cross with my all time favorite dragon series, Dragonriders of Pern. Dropping Aloysius Pendergast into Pern would be cool! How would he react to not having certain luxuries? Would he be able to solve the dreaded „thread“ ?
I then thought of Sherlock Holmes! Would he believe there are dragons, since his belief is „ When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable , must be the truth?“
Or what about Eve Dallas and Rourke? They live in such a futuristic time, would they be able to adjust ?
I had another idea of having Harry Potter drop into Stephen King’s the Dark Tower series and becoming one of Roland‘s Ka-Tet! Maybe he can help Roland on his quest!
Perhaps Roland can help Harry defeat Voldemort!
So many possibilities! Thank you for posing such an interesting question! I’m so glad I subscribed to your newsletter!

Chris: In regards to your asking for an idea for a crossover book with 2 different book characters, i would like to see Mitch Rapp and Will Robie combine to solve a mystery. For those of you who don’t know who Will Robie is, he is a character in a book series by David Baldacci.

Wendy: I really want Jack Reacher to wander into the life of Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole and Joe Pike to solve a case. Joe and Jack what a duo! I even went so far as to email both authors on their websites. Alas, no response from either.

Elizabeth: Book universe crossover question
I love to read books set in different countries so I would love Kurt Wallander and Mickel Bloomquist to meet each other in Sweden.
Know they would do an excellent job working together.
I also am on a current kick of reading mysteries that dogs help solve, so maybe Andy Carpenter, Mattie Cobb, and Mercy Carr
can get together with their dogs to solve a mystery.
I’m sure I’ll think of others later.

Linda: I would love to see Mitch Rapp work with any one of the other hero men, like The Gray Man, Scot Harvath or Dewey Andreas. It would be exciting to see two heroes solving crimes. I’m definitely into my man hero type book, especially when you throw in the CIA and the FBI

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