The January 2017 newsletter asked readers what book related Christmas gifts they gave or received this year.

Here are the responses:

Tina: I gave my sister a 6-month gift subscription to Kindle Unlimited for Christmas.

Rhea: Every year I give my husband the latest Michael Connelly which works out perfectly since his new release is always in November. This is my husband’s favorite author.

Connie: I received a really great book related gift this year: a Wild Hog Peeramid Reading Pillow. I have arthritis in both hands and sometimes it really hurts to hold my Kindle long enough to satisfy my desire to read!! This pillow is a godsend! I wish I had gotten this gift a few years ago! I can’t wait to read about other people’s gifts.

lklatimer: I received the latest Tom Clancy book for Christmas and read it in 4 days. It was excellent. I loved the plotting, the characters and the ease of which I could follow the plot. I have not read all of the Jack Ryan series, but that did not matter. It was a timely plot and highly believable. You cannot miss if you read this book. 5 stars out of 5.

Sue: I was disappointed I did not receive any new books for Christmas but in December I started Patricia Cornwall series’s of the Scarlett’s series I finally got the whole series I only been trying to find them all for the last five years. I am so enjoying it! I love the book lists it suggestions gives me other authors to try. I hate change and stick with what I know and like. So I enjoy trying these suggestions from other readers. Keep up the good work!

Joyce: I responded to your survey to the best of my ability i.e. no book gift per se. Too bad there wasn’t another option: gift card of $100 from Amazon that son knows mummy will spend on books.

Sandra: Anne, my neighbor and vet, was brought a severely damaged dog who needed surgery to save his life. The surgery included amputation of one rear leg. While the dog was recovering, Tom, her young son, was told, “He (the dog) is a rescue and we don’t know anything about him so don’t bother him.”

When next Anne saw dog and boy, Tom was opening the dogs mouth, putting in bits of kibble then massaging the dog’s throat to help him chew and swallow. Anne said, “Tom, be careful, don’t get attached. We’re not keeping him.” Henry, husband and father, echoed what Anne said, to which Tom replied, “Yes, we have to keep him. When you see us together, you’ll understand and, by the way, his name is BoxTroll.”

TMI but in response to your query as to what book was given/received…it’s The BoxTrolls The Movie Storybook” and it’s being given to young Tom. And yes, when anyone sees Tom and BoxTroll together…they understand.

Veronica: Hi
My favourite Christmas gift was received from my husband.
He gave me a Kobo Aura H20. I love it because I needed a replacement for my old
Kobo. I usually read in bed and I find the size and weight of it is ideal for me as I have some shoulder issues and it is so lightweight. And it’s backlit which means if I am having a restless night I can read without disturbing him.

Debbie: The gift that I most want to receive is a subscription to I listen to audio book exclusively as I am a very busy single mom – I can listen at home or while I am playing taxi driver with the kids. As you mentioned audio books are very expensive and I have found this a ‘cheaper’ although not an inexpensive method of getting new audio books.
(I also use the public library very extensively for audio books as those are free)

Karen: Happy New Year Graeme!

I received a few things for Christmas that will make my reading experience even more enjoyable. I received:
-an Amazon gift card to download books on my kindle
-a soft, warm throw to snuggle under while reading
-warm socks
-coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods to brew and drink while reading.

I am looking forward to the improvements that are coming on the site.

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