In the June 2022 newsletter, I asked readers where their favourite places to read were.

Here are the responses:

Vince: I do most of my reading while eating breakfast & dinner.

Ayesha: I rarely read in bed as I usually go so late (ha) so I read when I can, on the couch, in the kitchen or sitting on the back steps if it’s sunny (& sometimes on the train to the city (ie downtown or CBD/Central Business District), but as I don’t go as often as I did pre Covid that’s not very often 😂 Stay safe

Jill: In answer to the question about where I read the most. Where don’t I read. I read of the sofa in my living room, on the patio if weather is nice, in bed at night and yes, I read in the bathroom. I listen to audiobooks when I am cleaning house or working in the garden. My favorite place to listen is while I am driving. I got a puppy during 2020 and he always got carsick. Since we have a cabin that is a 2 hour drive away we had to find a cure. So I started taking him on short drives around the neighborhood. Now he loves it and I love to listen while we drive. He understands the words “car ride”.

Ruth: I love reading. That being said, I read whenever I get a chance. If I am cooking, I make sure the timer on Alexa is set or i will forget I’m cooking. My really favorite place to read is on my bed before I go to sleep. I get through a good deal of the book then, especially if it’s exciting. My second best spot is on the couch facing my picture window overlooking the lake.

Phoenix: I usually read in bed before I turn out the light. But I also read in restaurants while I’m eating. I’m usually dining alone, so I appreciate having a book for company. Short and sweet, eh?

Mark: Hi Graeme – thanks for the updates and continuing book suggestions. For reading, I have a comfy chair in our bedroom with an excellent standup tri-light beside it. In the summer, I also like our front porch where we have outdoor chairs ideal for relaxing and reading. Not sure about 2-3 hours in the hot tub, be careful!

Lisa: The place I read most is in my beach chair on the beach. I get my chores done and then I
can stay under an umbrella and read for hours.
I also walk a brisk 4 miles each day and listen to audiobooks which I love to do. I couldn’t do it without a book.

Laurie: I have a very nice, new habit/reading spot. My MIL moved in with us in October. She is also a big reader. So now that the weather has warmed up, we sit outside on the front porch with our cups of tea (BTW, she is Canadian!) and our books and read for a couple of hours several times a week.

Greg: Thanks for your newsy newsletter. It’s such a help when selecting new authors.
I am 80 yrs and live with my wife on the Sunshine Coast, which is one hour North of Brisbane, Australia. It’s a sub-tropical climate with only two seasons. Wet season from Dec to March and dry (winter ) season with ave temps around 22-25 degrees centigrade.
We always read for 1 hour in bed before sleeping, and since our climate is warm all year round we read around our pool as well.

Sheryl: I do most of my reading in bed as that is the only place, anymore, that I have the time. I read and most of the time just fall asleep reading and forget to turn off the light but then it is on when I wake and I can continue reading until I fall asleep again this usually continues thru the night. I always have a book with me so I read in the car, making dinner and sitting in the back yard.
Love the Order of Book newsletter, don’t always get to read it but really enjoy it when I do.

Dawn: Where do I read mostly? In bed. BUT my favorite place is in my van while waiting for my girls to get out of an appointment or an event. There is something about the solitude and no guilt of “I should be doing housework” that makes it THE greatest place to read.

Claire: We recently repurposed our dining room into and office/reading nook. So, that is where I primarily read now. Sleeping issues has prompted me to use that area more than usual. Other than that, I converted a second bedroom into a craft room and I can read there as well. I do listen to audio books and take advantage of them on my morning walks (I can’t run while listening to audio books since I really need music during that time.) But since I primarily read ARCs, you can find me in the reading nook in the wee early hours of the morning waiting for the sunrise.

Steve: If it’s during the day and nice out I sit in front of my house and read for a couple of hours. At night, I lie on my stomach in bed and read. People think I am crazy for reading this way, but I’m comfortable, so what the heck!

Penny: Good morning: I usually read in my recliner. But lately I have been reading out on our deck as our dog loves to be outside! I also read before going to sleep at night for about 15-20 minutes (or longer depending on the book)! I have to be careful reading in bed as those hardbacks hurt when they hit the forehead!! LOL!

Nancy: My absolute favorite place to read is in bed! I have a small LED desk
lamp that focuses the light just on the book so as not to disturb my
cats (3, all of whom sleep in bed with me). Yes, I have pulled some
all-nighters – thank you James Patterson & Jodi Picoult.
A close second reading location is the recliner in the sun room. This
is weather dependent of course.
Finally, I’ll read anywhere or any time I have to wait for a period of
time such as doctor’s offices or car repairs. I guess this means I do
not spend significant time cleaning house or doing chores! However,
since I’ve retired in 2018 I found that I can read without guilt and
I’m loving every minute of it. Thank you for putting together this
newsletter – yes, it feeds my reading addiction.

Bonnie: 1. I read in the pool. I live in the Coachella Valley in Southern California. A typical summer day is between 100-110°F. I have a nifty pool chair that floats and I sit there all day sometimes. And sometimes just for several hours. The pool chair is full of tiny plastic balls with fabric arms and back and a mess sling seat. It’s super comfortable. And in 11 years I can say that I never have dropped my kindle!

2. I also read whenever I’m standing in a line (like at the airport) or waiting at a doctor’s office. It entertains me and also keeps my blood pressure down as I don’t get all caught up in the environment, the complainers, the slow folks, the chatty ones, and others in my nearby vicinity. It’s magic.

Thank you so much for your newsletter. It’s fabulous and I always enjoy reading it. Much appreciated!

Lise: I read just a little while in bed before I fall asleep, but my 2 favorite time to list to my IPOD is when I am doing my housework and sitting outside trying to get a suntan going.

I look really look forward and a lot of time I can’t hardly wait to read your columns I love them so

Larry: I love to read in my old recliner, which fits my body contours. With my cat Abbie curled up in my lap snoring.

Vicki: There is a perfect recliner in my living room where I do a lot of reading. The next popular place is in bed. I bought an adjustable bed last time to make it easier to read. My car is a favorite reading place for my audio books – that cut back a lot after early 2020. And I have a rocking chair on the front porch for nice weather.

I can read anywhere. Those are my favorites.

RV: I read when I’m waiting for a customer for their return ride in my Taxi, from Dr, visits, grocery shopping, PT appointments, awaiting
flight arrivals and in my recliner.

Phillip: Hi Graeme – To answer your Q. I read on the couch at home and at work during my lunch hour. I occasionally read in bed, but I’m usually so tired that I’m out cold in a few minutes. I always bring a book along when I go on a trip. Those long airplane rides are a perfect opportunity to turn some serious pages

Paula: Favorite easy chair nestled in bay windows housing lots of green plants.

Pam: Everywhere, pretty much.

Waiting in line,
listening to my Kindle whenever I travel by myself,
riding the exercise bike, awkward sometimes with a physical book, but a cinch with the Kindle
sitting in a comfy spot – bedroom, living room, kitchen, computer room, dining room – sometimes not very comfortable, but okay when the book is intriguing
eating by myself – home or in a restaurant
outside in the shade
waiting in the car to pick up someone or something
taking a bath, but not with the Kindle

It’s kind of where don’t I read. I play bridge online and I grab a few pages or paragraphs when I am dummy and my partner is playing the hand.

I used to always read while I watched TV, but it is very frustrating since so many of the shows have changed and you have to watch what is going on unlike the past when you could half-way listen and catch what you needed from the show.

Enjoyed the column as always.

Michael: 75% in my favorite chair. 25% in the car while my wife is grocery shopping

Jenny: I do most of my reading at the dinner table. Mostly I eat alone now so it is a good time to read. Can’t practice guitar and eat, can’t sleep and eat, but I can read and eat. When the kids were little I read aloud to them while they ate breakfast. When I was dieting I read out loud to the family instead of eating dinner with them.

Madeleine: I read everywhere. I take a book everywhere. I read at night before bed, in the car, during the day in my chair, in the bathroom, in the bath, in the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment, and anywhere else. I love reading. I like real books, but when traveling use my kindle a bunch as it is less carrying of heavy books.

Joy: I am an avid reader and read anywhere I can fit a book in-while stirring the gravy, waiting in line at the DMV, or sitting on my porch. It seems that i am never without a book in my hands.

Jackie: I read two books at the same time. In the afternoon I love sitting in my recliner with my dod by my side and reading a thriller/ mystery. To get to sleep at night I read a romance or Western or pirate book. I am known to read just about anywhere at any time. For example, when I am stuck in traffic or waiting in the Doctor’s office. I carry a book in my bag as I never know when I will have extra time on my hands.

Barbara: Where do I read? Easier to answer is where DON’T I read.

But here goes. I lay on my couch and read with the TV on in the background.

When I go to bed I sit up for an hour of reading and eating fruit snacks before sleeping.

I read while eating, sitting on the couch.

I have the Kindle app on My phone so I can read while waiting for appointments, such as the doctor. The books on the app are ones that I want to read “sometime” but not the newest ones so I can take my time and not worry about how long it takes me to finish.

Art: Always look forward to the newsletters and finding authors I haven’t read. I generally read in bed before going to sleep and occasionally in the morning if I’m awake early. I also enjoy finding a shady spot and sitting down with my ereader and a cold beverage on hot afternoons.

Janet: I have two places I read the most. In my office chair at my desk or while laying on a lounge chair at the pool if the weather allows. In Colorado that is seasonal. We do get Indian Summer days and warm streaks during winter, on those days I head to the campground and shovel snow off the deck for the lounge chairs and count the days until Spring. If I am reading one that I can’t put it down I read while I cook meals, while I eat, and even while I feed my cats. If I have to go to an appointment, I take the book with me. During non-winter months I swap my office chair for the dinette in my travel trailer. It is set up at a campground outside of Denver. If the wi-fi goes out and I can’t read the paper or read the news online in the predawn hours, I will read a book. Once the sun comes up I head to the pool to read. When I take breaks to socialize during the day, it gives my eyes a bit of rest so I can read more later.

Jon: To answer the question of where do you primarily read – The place I read the most is on the couch in our family room, usually after the day’s chores are done, but not uncommon to read there at any time (especially in winter). However, that being said I will read any place that I find a few minutes to fire up the ol’ Kindle. (enjoying a cold brew on the back porch, waiting for my wife when she has a doctor or dentist appt., while waiting for the St. L. Cardinals game to start (or sometimes to end if they are on the wrong end of the score). In short, I will read anywhere I find a few minutes. Love to read – always have!

Kenicia: I read most often in the break room at work. I don’t seem to have quiet times to read at home. Only when I’m desperate to know the end of a story or the book is due back at the library do I burn the midnight oil and read in bed.

I listen to audio books regularly when I’m driving. I also listen to audio books with my mom either in the vehicle or at home. I tend to start them while I’m ironing to make the time pass, and then I relax in the la-z-boy until the CD is finished. If it’s a electronic audio book, Mom and I try to listen an hour at a time.

Joyce: Where do I primarily read? I am lucky enough to have a nice sunroom and I furnished it with one of the most comfortable chairs I could find – within my price constraints – and that is where I spend almost all my reading time. As I am an early riser, I have 2 or 3 hours every morning of uninterrupted reading time and that has become my favorite time of day!

Chris: Hi, Graeme. I have two favorite places to read: First, I like to get the current book I’m reading and curl up in bed, at the end of the day, where I won’t be interrupted. For me, It just doesn’t feel right to go to sleep without having read a bit beforehand. The second reading spot is one that I enjoy only during mild weather (here, that’s early spring and late fall)–I sit out on our front porch where I can read to my heart’s content among the tall, beautiful oak trees. Both of these places are private and peaceful. I’ve found that when I’m around people or in a waiting room, etc., it’s just too busy for me to concentrate on reading.

Barbara: Given a choice I would read EVERYWHERE, all day long, but mostly I read in bed at night. My schedule tends to be busy, so after the whole day is done, I am washed and brushed up, I did my stretch exercises one last time and I can finally relax, there is NOTHING so good as a few pages of my latest read to make me relaxed and sleepy for the night. I love a good book.

Jeannie: Books? Everywear. When ever or wherever I eat alone, many favorite chairs throughout the house. The steps by my back door. The table on the patio etc, etc.

I most often listen to books when gardening or cleaning and sometimes when cooking and crafting.

Renni: My Favorite Place To Read:
Anywhere and everywhere – seriously, I am never without a book and no matter where
I am, it’s my favorite place to be reading.
Listening to a book while sitting in an ugly traffic jam, keeps me calm, as does listening
to a book on a long drive, that allows me to maintain a safe speed and stay relaxed.

I read while I enjoy my morning coffee sitting at the kitchen counter.
I read while I enjoy my lunch or dinner at the table.

I read when I’m out to dinner (by myself). I read while I’m waiting for an appointment.
And, I couldn’t relax and turn the light off at night unless I’ve read a chapter or two (yes,
there have been a few times that have backfired and I discovered it was morning as I was finishing a
particular book.

As I said, anywhere and everywhere I am is a favorite place for me to read.

Norma: Curled up in bed…..some evenings I wish bedtime would come sooner esp if I’m into a particularly delicious book. One can’t really go to bed at 7 p.m. can they?
And of course I always carry a book when we’re out shopping……in the hopes I don’t want/need to go into a particular shop then I can sit and read whilst husband goes in……I also hope he’ll be awhile!

Linda: Where do I read? My favorite place and time to read is late night after all have gone to sleep and in my reclining couch. And I always take a book or my kindle to any doctor appointment. That is a great place to read. Had a good read this month. I watched “The Lincoln Lawyer”which prompted me to read the book. Now I am reading the book and notice the differences. The book is twice as good. I do not understand how Hollywood can get books so wrong. It is like they want to write their own story in their movie. Makes me mad. I am loving the book and did like the series until I read the book-lol.. Same thing is happening with the series “The Time Travelers Wife”. Loved the book , but the HBO series is seriously lacking. I read “The Lost Apothecary” this month and was a little lost at the beginning but ended up really liking it. It was quite a fascinating book, but not for everyone. It was not thrilling, but was a small mystery. Thanks again for newsletter. I have already put one book on my to read list. Happy summer.

Laurell: Where do I primarily read? In bed. Much to my husbands delight! He has a good laugh when I’m reading (on my back) & I doze off & drop my book on my face! He’s got a warped sense of humor. If I’m reading from my iPad, I make sure it’s while I’m on my side 😉

Karen: Most of my reading is done in bed. I have nights I just don’t sleep well so I turn on the light and read for a while. I also enjoy reading in the sunroom this time of year unless it gets too hot. At that point I will grab a chair and find some shade outdoors with hopefully a cool breeze. I could actually read anywhere there is enough light!

Jessy: Hi. I primarily read sitting on my recliner couch with one of my cats curled up on my lap. I listen to audiobooks on the couch too. But I have the tv on without any sound so I won’t look like I am looking at a wall while listening.

Elizabeth: I almost always read in bed before I go to sleep. It helps me turn off my mind from the day. Sometimes I have to read on the sofa if my husband wants to get to sleep first. Occasionally on vacation, I’ll read during the day if we have a relaxing place in the mountains or on the water. That seems very indulgent to me.
This is a great question.

Susanne: I read wherever. Bed not good cause sleep some nights don’t happen lol. I read in the car when waiting on the family at appointments. In the summer I will grab a lawn chair and enjoy the day. Relaxing in the bath tub another great place. Don’t have a favourite spot necessarily just grab my book and sit. Try to read during day so I don’t get into a book and ignore the family time.

Sue: In the winter, I read in my favorite armchair with a dog cozying up next to me.
In the summer, I read in a lounging chair in my backyard where I can look up occasionally to watch the birds at a feeder or in a birdbath.
I listen to audiobooks, via LIBBY, while doing household chores.

Pat: I do most of my reading/listening while driving the grandkids everywhere. I started doing this way back when my books were downloaded onto an Ipod. I had an hours drive each direction to work and it made the time go faster. I can’t tell you the number of time I either pulled onto my parking space at work it driveway at home and waited until the end of a chapter to get out.

I also listen while walking my dog.

Pam: I am an early riser and my husband is not. In order for him to get more sleep I go into the dining room, brew some coffee and quietly sit and read until he arises. Sometimes I can get in 2 hours of wonderful, quiet coffee time with a favorite author. Once he arises it’s go, go go all day long. I love my morning reading/coffee time and he enjoys the silence so he can get some more shut eye

Matthew: Primarily I read everywhere.
Well, not quite everywhere, but I like to drive and my wife doesn’t, so when I take her to any kind of appointment, I sit in the car and read until she is done.
If I am eating any meal by myself, not often, I read while eating.
I like to cook and make many meals. There is always some free time involved in cooking, waiting for the oven to heat, the water to boil or the timer to go off, and I spend that time leaning back against the counter digesting as many words as I can.
I read in the bathroom.
If my wife wants to watch something on TV that doesn’t completely interest me, I will sit, ignore the TV, and read my book.
Then of course, there are those times that I set aside for reading and not doing anything else, just relaxing into my easy chair with a book in hand.

Mary Kay: I like to read in my favorite chair in my bedroom. Nothing better than reclining in a chair, cup of coffee and a good book.

Louise: I do a great deal of my reading while I exercise in the gym (eliptical and bicycle). It makes the time go by quickly. Also, read in bed.

Kathie: I have just realized I am your stereotypical reader. My favorite place to read is in bed with a cat or two curled up next to me and my sound machine playing either a gurgling brook or rain falling on the roof beside me. No one else can be in the room. Once my husband appears for bed, the book gets closed, the cats jump down and the nature sounds are turned off. Some nights I get time to disappear in the book, other nights it’s a quick chapter or two, but almost always in bed with my cats.

Kat: on the couch, at the kitchen table when im eating and outside (in the sun only paperbacks, the kindle doesnt work well out there, i wish it did) and of course, in bed!

before i retired i would read in the back of my hatchback (with it open of course) in the parking lot on my lunch hour and breaks!

Joy: I read while I am stirring a pot of stew, while I soak in the tub, and when I sit on my patio with the birds singing and my dog at my feet. I read anywhere I can get away with it. However, not while stuck in traffic. I do have my limits!

Christine J: Primarily in my platform rocker in my apartment. Although if I happen to be reading on the Internet, it will usually be in the public library, because that’s the only place I can get on line.

Christine: I actually have a three different reading chairs in the house where I like to read that has good lighting by them. One in the sitting room off of the bedroom, one in the downstairs guest bedroom, and one on the enclosed back porch which can only be used during the summer since it is not heated.

AJ: My favorite place to read is a restaurant. As someone who lives alone, cooking for myself is a chore I don’t like, so I usually eat out for dinner. I love to sit and enjoy a meal while I read, then often sit in the parking lot for hours because I don’t want to put the book down long enough to drive home. Like you, I cannot read in bed because I just won’t stop and go to sleep.

Barbara: My favorite spot is on my balcony. I live in a high rise condo in Florida which makes it conducive to be able to read out there 12 months of the year. I read for half hour before my tennis games in the morning. I dash home & shower and race back to my swivel chair and ottoman with my kindle and read until lunchtime. Salad is my usual lunch and I bring it outside to my chair and read until 3pm when the sun hits my chair. Florida can get cool at times so I have a special blanket I use while reading. I’ll even read out there in the rain as long as I don’t get wet. I do have a big comfy club chair in my bedroom that is a second option. When I go out to do errands or doctor appointments my kindle is always with me. Before the kindle came about I always carried a book.
My husband bought me my first kindle (I’m on my fourth Kindle as I upgrade and now have the water resistant model). I never thought I would love it because at first I missed feeling the pages and smell of a book.
My husband has learned to put up with my excessive passion. He’s a newspaper fanatic who reads the WSJ cover to cover and the Sunday NY Times. But I can say I read much more than he does.

Chris: Hello! I’ve been reading your posts for months and this is my first response!

I enjoy reading mostly right at my kitchen island while I drink my morning coffee or eat my meals. I am widowed so I always eat alone now and my book is my companion. I recently moved to Denver (from Florida Keys-huge change). In the Keys I read on my patio daily, in the hammock or my hanging chair (I have yet to put them up here).

I joined a Crime and Beyond book club and had my first meeting with them last week. We read The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley. A good read if you like twists and turns and a mystery.

We are currently reading The Match by Harlan Corbin. I’m into it. I haven’t read any of his other books, or it’s been awhile since I have. Another great mystery!!

I do enjoy reading on my back patio as well, if the weather is warm and I can watch the sun set. I will hopefully do a lot of that this summer.

If I had a hot tub, I’d be reading in there for sure. I used to be an avid reader while taking a long luxurious bath.

I like the idea of going to a coffee shop, grabbing a coffee and reading for an hour or two.

I used to love to read in bed, but stopped that as well cause I would stay up too late to finish a book.

Thanks for the great question and I look forward to your next email.

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