In the August 2023 newsletter, I asked readers what the last book series they started was.

Here are the responses:

Vicki: My sister-in-law put me onto C.J. Archer’s The Watchmaker’s Daughter, the first book in the Glass and Steele series. It’s historical urban fantasy set in late 1800’s London. She recommended the audiobook version as even more effective. I was completely enthralled and finished the first one in two days. The second one is in my audiobook reader waiting for me to finish two other audiobooks first.

My daughter also loves this type of fantasy and started the same time I did. She’s finished the first four books already.

Other series I’ve started but not finished yet this year include Jade City (The Green Bone Saga) by Fonda Lee and Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse Series). I’d recommend those series to anyone who likes either saga fantasy or space opera science fiction.

Jon: The last series that I have started is the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffith. Ruth is an archeologist and is an authority on archeological forensics. Not the best series that I have read, but it is entertaining. I like them enough to finish the series. I am on book #10 The Dark Angel now.

Ginny: The most recent series I started is the Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells. It’s a SF series and each book is very short; the first book is All Systems Red (which won the Hugo, Nebula and other awards for best novella in 2018). The main character is a “SecUnit” android whose job is to protect its owner, but who also loves to watch tv series, and who sometimes has “feelings” (to its great discomfort). It’s pretty entertaining to read about the android’s humanization, and its (his) struggles to avoid humanization at all costs.

Joy: The last series I started was the Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones. I have finished all of the Grave Series from First Grave through Thirteenth Grave along with 2 more of the total 18 in the Chronological Order list in Order of Books.
That leaves me 3 to finish this order.

I do not have much time to read, but I love books, reading and listening. I commute 150 miles per day, five days a week, so most of what I do is audio books. I have enjoyed the plots and characters in this series for the most part. The whole series is read by Lorelei King and she does an exceptional job. You can feel the characters come alive as she speaks.

My favorite authors are Michael Connelly, John Sandford, John Grisham and James Patterson.
My favorite characters are Harry Bosch, Alex Cross and Michael Bennett but I love all mysteries and suspense.

The last book series I started was the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box. It’s almost embarrassing that it took me so long. I tried the first book of the series ‘Open Season’ many times and always gave it to the call of another book. Finally I listened to it on a CD and I was hooked. I am currently reading the seventh book of the series.

Lupo: I have entrenched myself with coffee, cat, and a new series by Paige Shelton-A Scottish Bookshop Mystery-.
If you enjoy light mysteries with a bit of Scottish history, this is the series for you. A mysterious bookshop and an American, from Kansas, who hears books that speak to her as she sleuths her way through Edinburgh.

Gert: the last series I started to read was The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward. I read the first 4 in 5 days. Can’t wait to read the rest

Dan: This Series I have started and finished!
Miami Jones Private Investigator by A.J. Stewart. This series has a total of 17 books (hoping for 18).
Miami Jones is a retired baseball pitcher turned private eye. All the books are related to one sport or another and take place in Florida. The author has done a great job with the developing of characters and they are enhanced in each proceeding book. Some nice twists and turns in all of the books. They have all been fun reads.

Chris: I started Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series a short while ago and am now about halfway through. I’d heard about her for a few years and finally jumped in and started reading. I wasn’t put off by the Amazon show, “Three Pines,” as it’s a different medium and is structured for the small screen. I know a lot of people felt it didn’t do the books justice, but, again, I treated the books and the television show as two different entities and so wasn’t disappointed. To me, reading a good series is like visiting a wonderful, old friend. You know you’re in for a treat when you pick up the next book in the series.

Sam: I believe the last series I started was the Second Formic War series by Orson Scott Card. This is the second prequel series to Ender’s Game. I’ve read 2 of the 3 so far and will get to #3 shortly.

Ruth: The last series of books I read were Louise Penny’s book with the main character Chief Inspector Gamache. I read them all and hopefully there will be a new one next year. The books are incredible. The characters keep developing and you always learn something new on certain subjects in the series.

Christine: The other month my brother and sister-in-law had just come from visiting Newport, RI and they mentioned a book series that was showcased there – The Gilded Newport Mystery Books by Alyssa Maxwell.
This is a series that takes place at the various famous mansions in RI. I have read 4 of the books so far in the series and have been enjoying them. They bring back memories of visiting these mansions and walking the Cliff Walk while visiting Newport in the past. I will definitely read the whole series.

Bruce: The last series that I have become attached to is the Arliss Cutter series by Marc Cameron, while there are only 5 books each one has a great plot that takes you into the back country of Alaska with Cutter tracking down criminals along with the sub plot of investigating the somewhat suspect death of his brother. There are a number of characters that appear in each book which helps to carry you from book to book.

Susan: I am answering your question about a series of books that I have or am currently reading. The author is Robert Dugoni and the series is about a Seattle Police Detective, Tracy Crosswhite, and the murders she solves. I love the area because I used to live in Bellevue, Washington, and am familiar with all the places referenced in the stories! I have read all of his books except for the first one, I didn’t realize it until about 2 books into the series but the stories are very compelling and I didn’t want to go back! His characters proceed from book to book which I really enjoy. Usually there are 2 murders to solve, one most times a cold case and one a current case. The cold cases hit Tracy hard due to the disappearance of her sister years back which she solves in one of the early books. I highly recommend the series, it’s a good read and an interesting one.

Another series is one that has stopped and I wish it would continue! This has 2 main characters: Rev Clare Fergusson and Russ VanAlstyne (sheriff) who solve crimes in a small New England town. The relationship between the 2 main characters develop over the books. Clare, a former helicopter pilot in Iraq, is the head minister of the local church which presents many interesting slants to the different crimes needing to be solved. So far the author, Julia Spencer-Fleming, has written 10 books and I can’t wait for the next one but no news as to when she will write another.

I can also name Daniel Silva’s series about an Israeli spy, Gabriel Allon, that is fantastic. I have read all of the series and am anxiously awaiting the next one in a month or so, probably more by the time I get to read it!

Sue: Recently recommended to me was the Jeffery Deaver Lincoln Rhyme series. This came from a chance meeting at the library while I was waiting to watch a movie. I have read one to two a month since I started (I try to get in some of the other books on my want to read list at the same time).

They are sometimes mysteries and always crime stories of the first order. Lincoln Rhyme is the quadriplegic ex-captain of the NYC Crime Scene Investigation team and was one of the best in the world until the accident that left him paralyzed. Now he works with the NYC Police force as a consultant.

I’ll admit I was skeptical, wondering how good /exciting these books could be under the circumstances. Deaver is a master storyteller and keeps you going until the last page (literally). His knowledge of not only crime scene techniques, but the plot lines of the books. The books started in the early 2000’s and it is scary how relevant the plot lines are in today’s world.

Let me say that he has covered smuggling Chinese people into the US, datamining, explosives, magicians and many more. His knowledge is extensive, and his powers of reasoning are superb. It’s hard to go into too much detail as it can give away the plots. All I can say is that I have been up half the night reading on more than occasion, thank goodness I didn’t know these books until I had retired.

Deaver bring just enough personal interactions with the cast of characters, which I love. I like to see characters evolve. Oh, and he also avoids my other pet-peeve where books happen one after another and the hero never ages or changes. Time passes. Another thing I like is that he makes everyone he works with an integral part of the story. They are just not background figures.

I highly recommend these books if you like mysteries, crime or thrillers. He will not disappoint.

Stuart: Raymond Chandler. Philip Marlowe first book. The Big Sleep.

Penny: The last series I just recently started is the Joe Pickett series by C J Box. A friend of mine has been bugging me to read it. I read the first one a while ago – couldn’t get into it but finished it. I told my friend and he said it gets better after the first one! I then watched the TV series on Amazon Prime and I was hooked! It keeps you on the edge of your seat!

MoradJudith: Currently reading The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. I am on book 2 The storm sister Series was recommend by a lady on a cruise and whoever she is I wish I could thank her

Jessica: Right now I’m on the second book of a series called Unbound Realm by Kent Wayne. The first book is called A Door to Evermoor. The second book is called Weapons of Old. I’m almost through reading it. I don’t want it to end. It’s so good. Once I finish it I will start a new book (new to me) series by Amanda Foody. The All of Us duology. I read the shadow game of hers and I love it.

Susan: The last book series I started was the Colter Shaw novels by Jeffrey Deaver. I have read all the Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance novels as well as some of his stand-alone books. This series, like almost all of Deaver’s books, did not disappoint me at all. The character of Colter Shaw as a reward seeker means the author can take his subject anywhere. Deaver’s plot twists are definitely at play in this series. I believe I’ve read all the books and short stories in this series, and I really would look forward to another one!

Phoenix: Good morning! Let me see…the last book series I started was the Nicole Rayburn series by Irina Shapiro. Now, this isn’t her usual “time travel” stuff, but it does take place in two different time periods. The first book is called The Hanging Tree, with Ms. Rayburn investigating a rumored ghost that haunts the writer’s retreat where she is spending a few days. The ghost is Alys, and I won’t tell you much more than that. It was a good read, and I’m ready for the second book in the series.
Of course, I’m a big series fan, my favorite being the Sister Frivesse mysteries by Margaret Frazer. I’ve read all of them, in order, way more than once. More like once a year. Lord of the Rings. The Mitford series. Narnia. While I enjoy a series, I do NOT like cliffhangers! Tell me the story, and give me a good ending, and I’m happy to read the next in line, but don’t leave me hanging to force me to read the next one.

Corinne: The last series I started was the ‘Barbara Holloway’ series by Kate Wilhelm. I actually started with book 5, as I was simply browsing my library app last week for a new audiobook to listen to at work, and the story sounded interesting. I enjoyed it so much I wondered if it was part of a series. It was, and happily my library has the first 13 books on audio! I then started from the beginning, and am currently reading book three. Occasionally parts can get tedious but then I get right back into the story. I really enjoy the trials. I’m so grateful for audiobooks as they mean I can read while driving, while working, while walking.

Kat: Five Years After by William R. Forstchen. i won this book. i just finished it last night. i read 1, 2 , 3 missed 4 i hate not reading them in order and especially hate my library only has one, if that, of a series, never the whole set. thanks for asking

Donna: The last series I just started is Silo which has the three novels, Wool, Shift, and Dust, by Hugh Howey in one book. I got it on sale as an ebook for my Kindle. I have been reading more ebooks as my eyes are definitely showing their age these days. I also got Foundation on sale the other day so I can re-read the series again. I haven’t read them since I read all the paperbacks back in the 80s and 90s. I still have them on my bookshelf and I have to get my mind to let them go as I know I will not be able to read them soon.

Kelly: I just restarted the Bob & Nikki series by Jerry Boyd. Before that I had started the Accidental Minecraft Family series of books by Pixel Ate. The latter was designed for children to get them reading. I really enjoyed them for about the first 20 books, then decided that I needed something with a little more oomph. So, I returned to the Bob & Nikki series. I plan to go back to AMF after I read all the Bob & Nikki books that have been written so far. (I have hope that Jerry Boyd will finish the next book by the time I finish rereading the 30+ Bob and Nikki books that have been written so far.) After a good dose of Bob & Nikki, I should be ready to get back and finish the enjoyable AMF series.

Lawrence: The last series I started reading was “He Who fights with Monsters” by Shirtaloon/Travis Deverell. There is currently 9 books in the series with the 10th due in November. This is an established series when I started reading and it hooked me in. I’ve just finished the current last book and I’m eagerly awaiting the next.

Louise:,/strong> The last book series I started and have completed is Leslie Meir’s Lucy Stone series. I usually am one of the first ones to get her new books. Am looking forward to her latest, Mother of the Bride.

Hollins: The last book series I started was Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club series. I enjoy the characters and stories very much. The name of the club is also amusing to me and members of my 55+ community mystery club. We are called the Thursday Afternoon Sleuths. (The club was formed before Richard Osman started his series.) So, we are a group of senior citizens reading mysteries about senior citizens solving mysteries. We have also published 4 mysteries together involving senior citizens helping the police solve murders in our community.

William: the Joe DeMarco series by Mike Larson, just started very enjoyable. right before that tried the Anna Penquin series by Nevada Barr . thought it would be like C J Box’s Joe Pickett, but I just didn’t like it.

Barbara: Right now, like you, I’m
reading Everyone Here Is
Lying by Shari Lapena. I’m
65% into the story and it
gets crazier as you go on.
You had suggested one
of her past books and got
me hooked enough to go
and order all her past novels
and now she’s on my
Notification List of
favorite authors.

The Sam Johnstone legal
thriller series by James
Chandler is another one
I went back to read the
series which has book 7
I believe coming out next.

The Nikki Heat series by
Richard Castle is a fun
quick read and I enjoyed
the one book I read to go
back and start from the
beginning of this so far
10 book series

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  1. Joan Giguere: 10 months ago

    I missed this last month.

    I have Stewart Wood’s Stone Barrington series (just the first 60 books, haven’t gotten around to ordering the last 3 or 4) I am now on my 3rd round of reading them. One of the GOOD benefits of getting old, it is like reading them for the first time each time I reread them.


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