In the May 2024 OOB Newsletter, I asked how and where people read?

By that I mean – do you listen to audiobooks or read books on your commute? Relax in a rocking chair with a cuppa? In bed at night? Out back on the front porch? Do you have a reading nook or corner in your house?

Where do you do the majority of your reading, and when?

Here are the answers:

Ayesha: I prefer physical books but I’ll read (almost) anywhere… 😂

Sue: I like the feel and smell of the book, I read physical real books. I collect James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Iris Johansen, John Grisham, I need the whole series of books in a series before I start.
I have always read books, I have hard time changing. I would like to try maybe audio so I can do more and yet read at the same time.
I promised I wouldn’t buy any more books to my family, well no new authors. I generally don’t buy new I buy from thrift stores, garage sales, etc.
I love the local library and borrow a lot of books.
I don’t read in summer as much it more of a winter hobby.

Debbie: I listen to audio books, often having two or three going at a time. I listen to one during commute and a different one while doing household chores. Then I occasionally have one going while in bed.
love my audiobooks

Bud: As far a books (as in novels) are concerned, I primarily listen to audiobooks these days. I “read” (if that’s the right word) them any time while doing something that would otherwise be boring — at the Gym, in the shower, making the bed, doing dishes. You name it. If it’s boring, I’m listening to an audiobook.

Where real “reading” is concerned, I do 90% of that at my desktop computer — emails, technical papers/research, news/opinion articles, etc.

Incidentally, the audiobooks are the most enjoyable and relaxing.

Christine: I have a few locations in the house to nestled down into comfy reading chairs, but I just opened up the back porch now that spring has sprung in Vermont and I LOVE reading a book or listening to an audiobook while being on the porch surrounded by nature — that’s my favorite place!

Janis: I read in bed at night! The TV goes off at 6 pm and I read (with my 2 cats) until 10…or…11…or longer. I go through books quickly!

Kenicia: I read traditional books mainly on my breaks at work. At home, Mom and I usually listen to audio books together. Some are audio books on CD, but more and more, they are e-audiobooks. Sometimes, though, I read to her aloud if we can’t obtain a book in audio form. When it’s an audio book, I might be ironing, assembling a puzzle, or just relaxing in the La-Z-Boy.

I avoid e-books. I only read them when it’s the only format in which I can obtain the book.

When I’m commuting, I nearly always listen to audio books as well. One vehicle has a CD player, so I listen to CD audio books in it. In our other vehicle, I have to use e-audiobooks. I enjoy reading a book and turning the pages, but I would get through far fewer books if that was all I utilized.

Donna: In answer to this month’s question in the newsletter, my favorite spot to read is in my recliner, which I just purchased in February. I had been wanting one for a long time and now that I’m 71, it is a great place to put my feet up and dive into a book.

Velda: When at home I sit in my favorite spot on the sofa and read in the kindle app on my tablet. Sometimes I read in bed but that doesn’t always work so well for me. If I am waiting someplace away from home (doctor’s waiting room, hair salon, in line when shopping) I read in the kindle app on my phone. I love that the app updates my spot across all devices so I don’t have to search for where I left off. When my dog was living, he’d only stay outdoors if I was with him so I’d sit in the glider on the porch and read so he could get some fresh air. I found I enjoyed that and still do this so I can enjoy the fresh air…LOL!

I almost always only listen to audiobooks via Bluetooth when commuting or walking outdoors using the Libby app. On the rare occasion when a book is so good that I have to continue listening indoors, I turn on my Bluetooth speaker, crank up the volume and listen while cooking or doing general cleaning.

Donna: > I enjoy having a physical book in my hand. I mainly do my reading in bed. At any given time I have at least three books, in various genres, up to five going. It just depends on my mood which book to enjoy. During nicer weather I’m on my back deck by the koi pond “reading” to the fish.

Sylvia: I read books from my local library in the evenings. I love browsing in the library. Being among the stacks of books is a very comforting thing for me. Holding an actual book in my hands is just a necessary part of my life. And I read ebooks on my Kindle in bed at night before I fall asleep or when I travel.

Lynda: Where do like to read? Well, when I was a little girl out on the farm I would climb the big oak tree in our backyard and read up there.
Now I would say my favorite place is on our deck with a view of the pine trees, the blue sky, and clouds in the distance.
Of course, I also have about a dozen chairs throughout the house that are comfy reading spots. I’m always appalled when I go to a friend or family’s house with no comfortable cozy chair. Where do they read??
And waiting for someone or something is never boring because I always have a good book along.
So I guess you could say I like to read anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Thanks!

Chris: I usually read the most at the end of the day, when the house is quiet and I can get in bed with several choices of books to read. Like you, Graeme, I might try to settle in early, thinking I won’t make too long a night of it and, wouldn’t you know, sometimes I’m also compelled to stay up way too late with a book I can’t put away. Other than at bedtime, I like taking my Kindle to read while I wait for different appointments. It’s nice that I don’t mind the doctor or dentist or mechanic taking too long to see me, since I’m happy to be in the middle of a story.

Carol G: I read both physical and ebooks indiscriminately. Each has its pros and cons, from the ability to flip pages easily (if you just HAVE to find something out) to the ease of carrying multiple books with you to wherever you go. I don’t do audiobooks much, since I am a fast reader and can go through multiple pages while the narrator is doing one! I read basically anywhere and any time I can, but usually do most of it either in my easy chair or in bed. Audiobooks are only for when in the car. Ebooks are also great because so many (especially newer authors) will often provide free copies to entice new readers–have found a lot of good authors that way, and for free! This is also true for many of the ones that are not available in libraries, where I actually get most of my books now–at post-retirement age I am slowly going through my multiple shelves of books acquired throughout my life and donating them, but I still get caught up in reading what is newly published! I keep saying that if only writers would stop writing for a while, I might make more progress in the clean-up process! But I enjoy the new ones too much to stop reading them.

Jessica: Hi. When I was working, I always had a book with me to read during breaks. I didn’t have a kindle then. When I lost my job, I had my mother’s friend’s old Kindle and I would read sitting on the couch. I also would listen to audiobooks sitting on the couch. On one trip with my boyfriend, we listened to a Stephen King audiobook. Now I read my Kindle and listen to audiobook in bed in the early morning hours. My mother used to fuss saying that she never has time to read. Now she listens to audiobooks on youtube while working. I’m still reading Watchers by Dean Koontz. I hope to finish it in the few next weeks so I can finally read The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I plan on watching the movie after reading it.

Kathie: Of course a day doesn’t end without me crawling into bed with a book. Some nights it might be 30 minutes, other nights it might turn into an hour and a half (because what’s more important – reading or being wide awake for work the next day?). But I also always have a book with me while I am at work so I can read during my lunch hour and read if I’m filling in at the reception desk or whenever else I can fit in a chapter or two. While I have an e-reader, I still love the feel of a book in my hands, physically turning the pages and knowing that there’s an adventure in my pocket whenever I need a break.

Laurie: I love reading. Mostly I read on my Kindle on the couch when I have time. I listen to Audio books when I’m working on a sewing project.

It ends up I sew more time and get so caught up in the book, I tend to have to unsew!

Becky: I read anywhere I can get comfortable with my book!

Bfrederick: I do most of my reading in bed. There isn’t much I like on TV so usually by 9 o’clock I say “I’m off to read my book”. Snug as a bug in bed with several pillows, I read for a couple escapism hours before turning off the light.

Judy: I read whenever and wherever I can!. I always read before going to sleep – at least 45 to 60 minutes.
I read on my lunch hour. I get off work at 3:00 and try to squeeze in at least an hour before dinner time.
I am never without a book – because you just never know.
I also listen to books on the Audible app in my car. Makes the time just fly – especially in traffic.
I cannot imagine my life without books and thank heavens for our local library.
I alway have at least 5 books on hold just waiting for others to finish them.
It is always a treat when I get a notification from the Library that I have a book available.

Tom M: Hello. I read in every room of the house (about six) and outside on the patio. I read anytime during the day or even in the middle of the night. In a chair, on the couch, standing up at the counter, in bed or even in the bathroom (but not while in the shower) and I am sometimes drinking coffee or water or munching on a snack. I read mostly and seldom listen to books since I find it difficult to concentrate. With reading a book, I can always go back and see what I missed. Thanks for another great list of books, Graeme. Take care, Tom M.

Vicki: How and where do I read?

How – well, I go to the first page, read the first word, and let my eyes and thoughts get involved in the story.

Where – I always have an audiobook going in the car. I also listen to it while playing easy computer games, while crocheting, or while working around the house. My favorite recliner is my reading spot (little TV – mostly reading) during the day. And yes, I read an hour or two in bed in the evening. In good weather I enjoy going on my patio with a glass of something to drink and my book.

I missed last month’s question, but I read all three formats. The audio for car, etc, the ebook (Kobo or Kindle) because it’s easy to carry, and the paper book for tradition and the feel of it. I borrow the audio books through Libby through my library and have bought a few through Chirp on sale. I purchase hard copy books through my indie bookstore, especially signed ones. I borrow ebooks through the library on Libby, Kindle Unlimited, and more. I buy ebooks through different sources to keep on Kindle and Kobo. I love that I can have the Libby, Kindle, Kobo, and other ebook formats on my Samsung tablet. It makes it easy to jump around.

Rosemary: I usually read in my recliner with my cup of tea, snacks and multiple cats sitting on my lap, wrapped in (and under) a blanket.
(Sometimes, it can get quite crowded as I have 7 rescues.) Good excuse to read for a long time since you don’t want to disturb their naps!
When the weather is nice outside, I put a couple of my cats who like to go outside into their cat stroller and read in the back yard. This time, it’s with iced tea!

Jenny: When I was younger, almost everyday would find me hopping on my bicycle (with a book in the basket) looking for a new interesting place to stop and read – up in a tree in a newly discovered park, behind the viaduct near the railroad tracks, in the center of the monkey bar ring in some other school’s playground, on a bench in front of a store in town. I was exploring with my bike and exploring with my book. Nowadays, sigh, I mostly read in my recliner.

Linda: answer to where I read mostly in my chair at bedtime or in doctor office and especially on vacations now as to why no caps broke my left wrist in a wrap from surgery yesterday will be immobile for awhile so not much message except want to tell eveyone latest Baldacci book calamity of souls is one of his best ever 6 stars ou of 5 lawyer/mystery/thriller best genres combined happy spring ty

Kathy: My space is in the den in a leather chair I bought in the 90’s. Its arms are getting thin but the ottoman serves its purpose very well.
I always read books either from library or a purchase. After an early start to my day, exercise and errands I sit down each after noon for my ‘nap’. Phone is silenced and I open my book and read for a couple of hours. I sometimes examine my eyelids for leaks!!! Ah, retirement is good!!!!

Pam:Linda: When do I read
I live alone, travel alone
I read while eating breakfast, the book goes with me as I run errands- anything that might require a wait ( nails, hair, doctor, dentist) I read . If I go out to eat, casual or upscale, I read
And always an hour or so before I go to sleep.
Travel- waiting in airports, car service, on the plane, whenever I am not touring
Just recovered from major surgery, every waking moment stuck in chair or bed, I read

Craig G: As a child, I started to always have a book with me in the car. When I discovered audiobooks (they were “books on tape” back then), they became my go-to for when I’m driving. They help eliminate road rage because I’m in less of a rush because I want to listen to my book. Driving my son back to college 21 hours away was a lot easier with an audiobook. I also will read books almost anywhere and any time I can: over lunch at work; before and after dinner; weekend mornings after a long run and while I’m watching Premier League soccer. I always have a book with me. Craig Grimes

Vince: The question isn’t where do I read, the question should be where DON’T I read?

I’ll read in bed pretty much every night for 20-30 minutes until my eyelids get heavy… there have been many a night when I’ve almost dropped my Kindle on my face as I drift off. Other times to read are when I’m walking on the treadmill, while waiting in a doctor’s or dentist’s office, while eating lunch or dinner when I’m on the road for work, and finally and completely honestly, when I’m using the… the uh….. the facilities. ;).

As to how, generally I prefer quiet when I’m reading though if soft music is on in the background, that’s ok.

Wherever I go, my Kindle is with me, because you just never know when the opportunity to get in some time to read will present itself, so I’m always ready just in case it does.

Debbi: I have either a paperback or hardback book with me everywhere I go in case of downtime, and tend to read at least during my lunch break daily, but I also have my kindle and read a different genre type book in the evenings before bed. I can read just about anywhere!

Sam: I mostly read at home these days, unless I’m traveling. In that case I’ll read on planes, subways, you name it – as long as I’m familiar with the route. Otherwise, if I’m really into what I’m reading I may miss my stop 😉

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3 Responses to “Reader Mailbag: Where Do You Read?”

  1. Patti moore: 2 weeks ago

    Hey Graeme, haven’t “chatted” with you for a while, but I wanted to respond to this month’s question about where I read. As you know, I am almost exclusively an audible reader, because it allows me to multitask. I know that in several of the responses you got from other people, they feel the same way.
    One huge advantage to audiobooks, at least for me, is that it’s not easy to skip ahead. When I am reading a physical book, and I near the end of the chapter and it’s a particularly suspenseful scene, I literally have to cover up the following page to keep my eyes from sneaking over there to see what’s going to happen. That doesn’t really happen in Audible, because I don’t tend to pay attention to whether I’m close to the end of the chapter or not.

    But what I want to point out now is that a lot of people these days have difficulty falling asleep. There are any number of remedies that I have read about, but one of the most compelling is that you should put all electronic devices away at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This typically means no social media, no Facebook, no TikTok, no reading the news, one last time, etc.

    I actually tend to read a physical book when I go to bed at night, and I’m not sure whether remedy works or not, but as a result of this suggestion, I am making better headway into my pile of physical books. , I’m usually drinking a glass of wine while I’m reading my physical book, so that might have something to do with it, lol



    • Graeme: 2 weeks ago

      Hi Patti – good to her from you 🙂 I know what you mean about audiobooks and basically being “forced” to take it all in at the same pace. I like that aspect of it a lot.

      For going to sleep I prefer the ebook over the physical book. I just find the Kindles easier to hold as you start to drift off 🙂


      • nipun: 16 hours ago

        hi, Gram, I prefer to read ebooks as I am VI and so there are many books which are not accessible to me. I love to here books I am crazy over them


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