In the May 2021 newsletter, I asked readers if they had a reading schedule and if so what it was.

Here are the responses:

Ayesha: I used to read every night but lately I’m too tired by the time I finally make it to bed! (Ha) I do still read at night when I can but I also grab time to read when & where I can (as I’ve always done), but now I’m more likely to read than listen to music if I’m on the train or having to wait somewhere (like in the doctors office). I’ve never bothered with audio books but now I think I should follow your lead and give it a go so I can make better use of my time while doing housework etc!

Susan: Hi Graeme …. Hope you are well . I enjoyed the newsletter as always.
I try to read for a hour at the end of the afternoon . I look forward to that and if I miss for whatever reason I feel cheated , also for a couple of hours in the evening

I wonder if you would consider nominating The Samaritans for one of your monthly charities . I am a support volunteer for them , working in a book stall to raise funds , it’s a great place . We obviously had to close in lockdown and it’s surprising the people who have said we are so glad you have re opened we have missed you . I think for some people browsing the books is a calm place to be .

Peggy: I am an avid reader but now keep my great-grand child so I read while she sleeps in my lap. She keeps me so busy it is difficult to find time to read. A Kindle and stand is just the trick.

Pat: I’m totally addicted to audio books started them when I was still in the workforce and drove a hour each way to work everyday. Now retired I drive my grandkids to and from school everyday and listen to books while doing so. I also listen while preparing dinner and during cleanup afterwards. Then of course every evening when I get in the hot tub I listen. I go through 2-3 books a week.

Vicki: Do I have a regular reading schedule? Kinda, sorta…

If I’m doing routine tasks at work, I will listen to an audiobook then, or always when I’m in the car or taking a serious walk.

Sometime after work I try to read my current novel, and usually on the weekends. Unfortunately life interferes more than I’d like.

About an hour before bedtime I pick up my latest light read (usually a romance, but not always) to escape the day or the book I was reading earlier. I want to rely on a happy ending. With the right authors you get the good writing and the happy ending. With the less skilled authors, you still usually get the fun, light fluff that I want.

Joyce: In my 16+ years of retirement and as I am an early riser, I have gotten into the delicious habit of reading from around 5 a.m. until around 9 when my husband usually stirs and our day begins. Then if I am lucky, I can find another hour or so with my mid afternoon coffee. I am a creature of habit and these two sections of the day have become my favorite times of the day.

Thank you for all you do. I look forward to your newsletters.

Janet: I read when I am able. Life, hobbies, commitments, and other stuff getd in the way. Lately I have been doing more sewing and that has reduced the time I spend reading. I always have a book with me during the summer while I am the pool.

Sue: just when i only see old familiar authors you show some new ones thank you i dont have a regular schedule to read, since i am retired i can read whenever i want or can, so i indulge myself, i do fit my reading in around things but since i dont go out much i can read, such pleasure, so i enjoy your new recommendations! keep up the good work and stay safe

Steve: My daily reading time is when I go to bed and read for some period of time depending on interest in what I’m reading and how quickly I get relaxed and put it down. It’s my way of winding down.
Thanks for your newsletter and information. It’s been very helpful.

Star: Yes, I have a reading schedule, actually email at 8 AM, then gardening or quilting, shower, lunch and then read from 1230 to 3 PM, sometimes longer if I can’t put the book down. Then when I go to bed read for another hour.

I read 125 books in 2020, it kept me sane.

Sheila: I am a dedicated audiobook listener and do my best reading during baseball games. I don’t need to hear the commentary so can get a good 3 hours of reading done during a typical game.

Ruth: Hi I always look forward to your monthly newsletter. You read so much and listen to book audios. I don’t know how you have time to all.
I love to read all the time. My best time is at bed time. I can read ntilfor a long time until I get sleepy. I also read in between day breaks. One other best time is at the beach. I can read all day, almost.

Phoenix: I always look forward to your posts coming in my email box!
You asked about our reading schedules. I’m not sure I have one. I almost always read at least a little bit before I go to bed. And I always read when I go to a restaurant, which I do a couple of times a week. Depending on how thrilling the story is, I may read during the day as well, but I’m really into crocheting these days, so I’m more likely to be watching the telly and working my little fingers at the same time. I never could quite get into audiobooks. If I’m home, I’m usually doing something else, and if I’m out, I don’t have access. Now, for long drives in the car, yes, I love to put a CD in and let the miles fly by.

Sue: I read more in the winter, what better than on a cold day then curling up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee?
Summer times are a hard time I try to stuff with the kids.

Pam: I read everywhere I go. I carry my Kindle and definitely listen to text-to-speech on my drives, I do not care for Audible – too dramatic and takes too long to listen. Text-to-speech is just the right speed and doesn’t waste my time. I read while riding my exercise bike, any time I have a few minutes, and between rounds of duplicate bridge online. I also read while I am dummy and my partner is playing the hand. I’d do that in person, but people frown on that kind of behavior when they see what you are doing. Plus in a tournament you can’t have your device around. Guess they wouldn’t appreciate me having a book out either.

I read several books at once. Sometimes I plan it out – hardbacks from the library or off the shelf? If I have to have them back to the library in a certain time, I divide the book into sections and try to get each section done so I can get it back to the library on time. Otherwise, I read a chapter or so until l get hooked and then I read it to the end.

I used to be able to multi-task and read and watch TV at the same time, but TV has changed too much. You actually have to watch the screen more than you used to. Of course, DVR lets me go back and catch up, but still, not as much fun as it used to be. It has nothing to do with the fact that time is catching up with me, or does it?

Nancy: I am busy most mornings with exercise and shopping trips; evening I am
watching TV with my husband who is suffering with Alzheimer’s; so my
reading time is in the afternoon, after lunch, anywhere from 1:00 to
5:00 pm. I’m sitting on my sofa by the window or on my deck under an
umbrella! I treasure this me-time!
Mishawn: I try to read every night for an hour before I go to bed. Some books are so good that I find myself stopping and realizing that I have to be to work in only a couple of hours, so much for 8 hours of rest! I also tend to get all my housework done during the week so on Sundays I can read all I want. Can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny hot Sunday afternoon than in a lawn chair outside on the deck reading!

Pam: Great as always.

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles is definitely a keeper. I love Bill Slider. Never got into the historical fiction series, too many books, don’t you know.

Really enjoy Jane Harper as well.

I did get the first Arthur Upfield that you recommended last time. Ordered it from the library. Pretty good, but again, too many books and not enough time to do another for a while.

I read everywhere I go. I carry my Kindle and definitely listen to text-to-speech on my drives, I do not care for Audible – too dramatic and takes too long to listen. Text-to-speech is just the right speed and doesn’t waste my time. I read while riding my exercise bike, any time I have a few minutes, and between rounds of duplicate bridge online. I also read while I am dummy and my partner is playing the hand. I’d do that in person, but people frown on that kind of behavior when they see what you are doing. Plus in a tournament you can’t have your device around. Guess they wouldn’t appreciate me having a book out either.

I read several books at once. Sometimes I plan it out – hardbacks from the library or off the shelf? If I have to have them back to the library in a certain time, I divide the book into sections and try to get each section done so I can get it back to the library on time. Otherwise, I read a chapter or so until l get hooked and then I read it to the end.

I used to be able to multi-task and read and watch TV at the same time, but TV has changed too much. You actually have to watch the screen more than you used to. Of course, DVR lets me go back and catch up, but still, not as much fun as it used to be. It has nothing to do with the fact that time is catching up with me, or does it?

Melinda: When I was a little kid I thought sleep should be unnecessary and that time could be used for reading. Alas, it was not to be. Now as a retired person I read every night on my Kindle before sleep overtakes me and in the morning when I wake up. During the day, if possible, I will read a book for an hour or more. If I’m driving and alone, that is the time to listen to a book. Yes, always have at least 3 books going at a time.

Kat: im taking care of my 90 yr old mom 24/7 so i have to fit in reading when i can. i used to read so much more before she moved in

Joan: Thanks for the latest newsletter.
I’m lucky to be retired, so my reading time is mostly lying in
bed in the mornings, and late at night.
I wanted to mention a book I have just finished, called Proof of Life,
by R.J.Ellory. My type of book, set in 1976 about the Cold War and
spies etc. Check it out.
Hope you are well. Are you still in Lockdown over there. Things
are easing here but most of us are still very cautious. Don’t think
we are out of the woods yet.

Howard: Greetings from Cape Town South Africa

I look forward to your regular emails, looking for new series or authors we might have missed,

We are lucky that my wife and I were brought up being encouraged to read from an early age. That habit has not decreased at all, and we use reading as a means of relaxing and unwinding.

I try and read every day for at least 30 minutes before turning off the bedside light in the evening.

Shirley: Mostly I read after supper when my work is
done until bedtime. If I expect to be waiting somewhere I always have my book.

Ginny: When do I read? Ha-ha! 1) When I wake up in the morning, before the rest of my house is awake. 2) Before I go to sleep, after everyone has gone to bed, or at least gone to the bedroom. 3) When I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. 4) At random times all day long, usually when I am waiting for something (dinner to cook, my daughter to get ready to go, the drive-through line to inch forward, etc.). Also, at all doctor appts. or anytime when I am waiting in my car or in a waiting room. If I am in a particularly good book, or if a book is due back at the library, I read all day long until my eyes hurt too bad to read any more. (When I go to the eye doctor he always says, your eyes are very tired, like this might be news to me!) It’s clearly my job in life to read everything I can (I have known this since I was 6 or 7), and most everything else that doesn’t involve books is just something is to get out of the way so I can read some more. Except people; I will stop for people.

Dwayne: My regular reading time is about 20 minutes in bed before going to sleep. It helps me slow down physically and mentally. Its been a lifelong habit since I learned to read I guess.
I also love to read in the car, when I’m not driving. 😆 Flying is another favorite time of mine to read. I would rather read than watch a movie.
I havent really gotten started on audio books but I think I will try it on the treadmill based on your feedback.

Diane: I read BOOKS almost exclusively at bed time. I use a Kindle – so much easier to hold up than an physical book. I then have a fairly large library to choose from when I read. I always have a fiction book – usually sci-fi, mystery or romance (or all three smushed together in one book.) Then, I have at least one or two non-fiction books going to fill in any gaps. Right now I am reading H.Y. Hanna for easy fiction, and I have Bill Bryson’s House book, plus Your Inner Fish and The Habsburgs which I read a few pages to a chapter when I need to fall asleep soon!

Days I mostly read the newspaper and a blog or two. I save real books for an evening treat when I don’t need to multi-task and I have an hour to concentrate without distractions.

Deborah: OK-in answer to your question about a reading schedule: I have no schedule. I read whenever I can get a minute or 2 in, even if it’s only a couple of sentences. I would read 24 hours a day if it were possible. My schedule is crazy. I just retired in January, but I’m busier now than when I worked full-time! One good thing is that I was fortunate enough to get a part-time job at a Library. The libraries in PA have been closed to the public for quite a while. People can order books online or by calling and we then have curbside pickup. That will end in June, but since I’ve started I’ve had a lot of quiet time to read at work. What a dream job–getting paid for reading!!! I also always have a book beside me and I read during tv commercials, bathroom breaks, and any spare minute that I can sit down briefly. I always take a book with me for any appointments I have, doesn’t matter what the appointment is-I always have my book. I sometimes have a whole evening that I can just sit quietly and read, but doesn’t happen all that often. I somehow manage to get a lot of reading in every day though.

Debbi: My reading schedule is usually an hour at lunch, and an hour before bed. During the day I read either my book club selection or a physical book. I belong to several “free” book sites and have hundreds of books on my kindle, I read from my kindle in the evening. Typically I have 2 or 3 books going and make sure to have different genre’s so I don’t get them confused.
I love this and the order of books site. I have several favorite authors I read and it’s nice to know what order they go in as some of them I didn’t start at the beginning and I’m anal enough to go back and start over!
thanks for all you do!

Constance: When I was a young mother of five children, I still read voraciously. Someone asked me how I ever found the time to read. My answer: “I don’t have time not to read.” Back then, I read around five books a week. [not a typo!] Forty years later, I read around eight books a week. I always had/have a book with me (often literally in my hand) and, like you, take/took advantage of otherwise lost minutes: physician’s waiting room, waiting for the oven to heat up, while my family was watching television [I don’t care for TV], waiting for the computer to reboot, while waiting on the for my turn with the customer representative. There are so many possible short time slots.

Why do I say I don’t have time not to read? Without reading I would have missed out on a world of possibilities that I could take advantage of, not kept up with current events, not have learned a foreign language, not have traveled the globe, not to have had a multitude of vicarious adventures that I shared with my children, who have, themselves, taken advantage of possibilities that I could only imagine.

Not to mention that I would have never developed a passion for fictional girl detectives, who were always more intuitive, smarter, and braver than I ever was. 🙂

Christine: I don’t do audiobooks, only print. I usually read for an hour or so in the morning, before I go to catch my bus, and then again for maybe three or four hours after supper and shower. But I can still get through most books in four days or less!

Carole: I love to sit in bed and read every night. That is my quiet time. A good hour and then I’m ready for sleep. Sometimes if the book is really good I might read an hour and a half.

I am just finishing The Red Book. I loved The Black Book and could hardly wait to read this one. I will say that I am not as thrilled with this one. However it is still excellent. I am going to be finishing it this evening.

Now that I am semi retired I can read some in the afternoons too. Based on your recommendation I have read one Peter Swanson book. I just picked up another two from the library today. I really enjoyed the first that I read. Hope the rest will be as good. Thanks for the recommendation.

Abbi: Many thanks for your very informative email.

Being retired I have plenty of time to read, but my favourite now, is when I watch the sports programmes especially the English football, I refuse to call it soccer, with the sound turned off. I listen to audio books more now.

Some of my favourite authors.

J.A. Jance
Michael Connolly
Charles Todd
Jaqueline Winspear
Anne Perry
Dewy Lamdin
JA Johnstone
John Sandford
Lee Child
M. C. Beaton
Stuart Woods
Wilbur Smith

For all on a static income, I highly recommend the local library Digital service.

Mark: I still favour physical books which I can carry with me most times I go out. If there is any waiting involved anywhere, eg. Dr. office, curbside pickup, etc. , the book comes out. Also the most important feature of a TV Remote is mute! Commercials, boring parts, sports action delays – the mute goes on and the book moves forward. Thanks for the tip on the Peter Swanson books. I started with all the Beautiful Lies and particularly enjoyed the satisfying righting of a wrong at the end.

Chris: I used to read a lot more during the day but now that I’m gardening more, it’s kind of hard to hold onto a book or an ereader when I’m playing in the dirt! Now I tend to wait until the end of the day to pick up a book. Reading later at night also means there are less problems to be solved in the household and I can devote my time to a book. I also take my Kindle along when I’m going to be waiting for awhile in a waiting room, like when I go to the doctor or the dentist.

Jenny: I work full time 5 days a week and am pretty tired after making dinner and cleaning up after that, so I take 30 minutes or so to read a real printed book.
My husband and I got into the habit of listening to audio books when we go to bed, and although I never thought I could go to sleep with a noise going on, we are so habituated into audio books now, we feel bereft when we can’t listen because the power is out, or we’re out of books or whatever. We use a sony CD player and get our books from the local library, all the favourites, Mitch Rapp, Joe Pickett, and the others. We anxiously wait for new publications and we are currently reading the new Lincoln lawyer book by Connelly.

Ann Marie: Anyone who has the imagination and where with all to put it into a novel can be called an author, now getting it published is another thing all together. IF and when they are published is a long process and I assume involves a lot of people who are quite qualified. So whether you write one or numerous novels you are still an author in my book. Sorry for ranting. I love getting your bi monthly news letter. I read at every appointment for Dr’s etc. I never go anywhere without a book so every chance I get I read even if it is only a page or two.

Bud: In response to your inquiry about our reading habits — I guess it depends upon the definition of “read. ” For now I will interpret it to include listening to audiobooks since that is what I do almost exclusively anymore. I read/listen whenever I’m doing mindless and boring things such as making the bed, working out at the gym, showering, doing dishes, anything that doesn’t require any type of concentration or thought. Audiobooks eliminate all boredom and I now enjoy doing mundane stuff because I feel like I’ve accomplished something when done. I even plug in a bluetooth earbud at night and fall asleep reading (listening). My wife would never let me read at night because the light bothered her, but audiobooks are OK by her. Of course it’s important to bookmark my last conscious spot and also to set the sleep-timer. I guess I should mention that I use OverDrive for audio books and now for regular books as well. I used to use a Kindle app but don’t see the need for more than one app on my phone. I still read technical books occasionally and regular novels when the audio version isn’t available. I don’t have a schedule but it seems like I’m listening to something throughout the day (several hours a day) while doing mindless chores.

I guess I should mention that I stumbled onto audiobooks quite by accident when I downloaded an audiobook instead of the regular book I wanted. Although mad at myself for being such a dummy, I decided to take the opportunity to find out what the audio books were all about. I sure am glad because it has changed my whole life. I can enjoy excellent books and not set aside valuable time to do so. And I really get more out of an audiobook because most of the narrators have several different voices, accents, and dialects that can make a book so much more entertaining.

You asked what we thought about “The Terminal List” by Jack Carr. I thought that it was one of the best books that I have read (audiobook) in a very long time. I rate every book and this one got an “outstanding” which is the highest rating I give any book.

Rosaria: In answering your question of the month, my reading habits are interesting. I usually listen to a book tape in my studio at night, finding nothing interesting on TV. During the day, I relax outside and read a book for an hour or so, and in bed at night, I usually read for an hour or so before falling asleep. So at any given time I will be reading 3 novels at a time. Since I have been doing this for years the characters are very abiding and stay in their places books!!

John: Thanks for the May newsletter. Very enjoyable. I finished a YA series of four novels by Brittany Cavallaro, starring Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. They, obviously, the area-great-great grandchildren of Sherlock and John, respectively. Darned entertaining. I’m totally bummed that Ms. Cavallaro has only created a four-book series. Anyway, I think the four novels would be perfect as a mini-series on my beloved PBS Masterpiece show.

As for a reading schedule: I’m blessed to be leading a fairly comfortable lifestyle in my retirement, so I set aside two or three hours most weekday afternoons (like right this minute) to sit in my favorite chair in the living room, read a few chapters, and await my OrderofBooks newsletter!

Barbara: My reading habits are quite set in stone. I live in South Florida so my weather is perfect almost every day. I also live in a high rise condo with a huge balcony and exquisite views of ocean & city.

I read on my outdoor balcony daily. Since I get the blazing sun after 2pm daily, except for rain, and I’ll get to that later. I play tennis 4 mornings a week and finish by 10am and then shower and run out to read. On non-tennis days I’m out there at 8am with my fruit and yogurt breakfast and a cup or two of coffee. I’ll read during my lunch also. But once that sun and heat start to hit I do other things such as laundry and shopping.
Now to get back to the rain. If it’s not blowing towards my chaise lounge, I’ll take out a blanket as it gets cool and read the day away. I love to read in the rain outside which is something I did as a kid since we lived at the beach with a big porch.

So that’s a pretty set reading schedule in my book. My husband is in many committees and boards so he keeps busy during my library time.

I just put the Swanson book you recommended on my kindle and when I get done with my “must read latest novels” and looking for a good story, I’ll try this new author. BTW, even if a person writes one book they are an author unlike what that nasty gentleman wrote to you. I hope he never gets picked for a gift card

Barbara: I read most days for several hours – I am retired so have lots of time to devote to reading. Since the virus chaos, we have not been going out a lot, so to pass the time, a good book is always welcome. I was up last night till 04:00 finishing ‘Open Carry’ bu Marc Cameron. I, too, do audio books, but really prefer to hold a hardcover in my hands. I don’t do much with paperbacks as the print/contrast is not very good compared to hard cover.
Thank you for your site – I use it and your web sites constantly.

Linda: I have one regular reading time. It is every night at 9-11. I find it helps me sleep, unless of course it is a very thrilling book, which tends to keep me awake-lol. Then i read at various other times during the day if I am not into a tv series or when I am in the doctor’s waiting room ( Always a good time to read). One excellent book this month was “The Power Couple” by Berenson. Then I finished the Eric Rickstad books. Can’t wait for him to write more. “Coast to Coast Murders ” by Patterson was another great book, but the ending left me perplexed. I am reading “The Last Flight” now and it is going to be another good one. Thank you again for the news letter and I already have another author to try due to your recommendation. Have a lovely spring May.

Ginny: Haha! Well, I am retired, so now I read all the time! I read especially when I wake up in the morning, because my house has to stay quiet while other people are still sleeping. But, before that, when I was working: I read every night before I went to sleep. The docs say no screens before bed so I read a physical book – it helped to unwind, and to stop me from obsessing about what I did that day at work and what I was going to do the next day at work. Also, I have a disabled daughter, so I spend a lot of time in Dr.’s offices, reading; it’s why I was still able to read a lot of books even though I was working full-time/more than full-time. I am one of the kind of people who always bring a book along, just in case, and in fact I feel a little panicky if I go out without a book.

Elizabeth: I get almost all of my reading done in the evening before bed. I find it an excellent way to relax before sleep and if I awake in the night, I remind myself what happened in the story and think about what might happen next. This keeps me from running through my to do list.

Steve: I read whenever I need some down time and some time to just escape the hectic world. I can relax and lose myself in the book and story and forget about anything else at that time.

Tom: Good morning Graeme. Since I am retired and try to ignore the calendar and the clock, another 30-31 days must have passed by since I have received another email from your site this morning. I bet there are thousands of us that wish they had published “only” two books…lol. I try to read whenever I can. I usually have one or two physical books going as well as a library loan on line and a Amazon book I may have bought online…all at the same time. Or, once in a while I run across something I want to start reading and try to fit it in. I try to find books from the library that I can read online before purchasing them. Anyway, have a great month and maybe, just maybe come June 1st, spring will finally be here.

Steve: I read every night when I go to bed. Really relaxes me and helps me sleep. Most of the time its between a half hour to a hour but at times I have this affliction that its to good to put down. Needless to say that interferes with sleep.
Thanks for the newsletter. Look forward to it every time.

Ron: I lost vision in my left eye several years ago so as ab avid
reader I switched over to audiobooks. I love them just like you
I found your recommendation excellent about the
library apps. that was news to me and I will check this
out. thank you

and to answer one of your questions, I listen to audiobooks
while oh dialysis. I just sit back in my chair and the hours just
fly by. Over the past three years I had listened to dozens of
book via audiobooks. I have listened to all of the C J Box Joe Pickett
novels..they are excellent. The first book in that series is a great first
read for anyone who wants to get into audiobooks.

thanks again for all that you do fo us out hear in book land.

Renni: I’m taking a minute or two from my scheduled reading time to tell you about my reading schedule ~
I get up in the morning, feed the cats and start my coffee, I read while I’m making the coffee. I
head for the living room with my coffee and my book, I read for at least an hour, sometimes more
this is a daily ritual. I head up to the shower, I read while I’m waiting for the water to get hot,
I read while I’m eating. I am never without a book close by, I am one of the most patient people
you may meet because waiting gives me a few minutes to read. I read before I go to bed, this too is “always”.

I also want to take a minute to thank you for The Gray Man, I think!! Earlier this week I picked up the
first book in the series and didn’t put it down until I finished reading it, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I guess
my reading pace would be moderate, I started the book when I went up to bed and finished
with my morning coffee – – yup, I read through the night! I’m looking forward to book #2, though I need to
catch up on a little sleep first!!

Phoenix: For me, it’s both yes and no, I guess. I always read at least a little bit in bed before I turn out the light at night. And if I’m going to eat out, which I do fairly regularly, I always bring my Kindle Fire or a “real” book with me. I purchased a little easel that I carry in my book bag so I can place my Fire up so I can read it more easily than trying to read it flat on the table. If I happen to be out-and-about without a book to read, I feel quite bereft, so I carry magazines in the trunk of my car, just in case. When I was a kid, I always read the cereal box, and my family would never let me pack the dishes on any of our moves because I’d get lost reading the newspapers that were supposed to be used for packing! Other than that, I read whenever the mood strikes. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cuppa on a rainy day.

Pamela: I’m like you – I read every spare second I have but don’t have a set schedule. I have a Kindle and always have a book going on it and I use it to read in bed (much more convenient than using a book light), while brushing my teeth, and drying my hair. I put it in my purse whenever I go out just in case. At the same time I have a paper book to read during the day at home. That’s what I read a couple hours a day and when the TV is paused for bathroom breaks or it’s my husband’s turn to cook or do dishes. To further complicate my reading I’m working my way through biographies of every US president (I’m on 31). I read at least one chapter a day – those are easy to put down though they’ve been interesting.

When we travel I load my Kindle with several books (SO convenient) but always have a backup paper book. I learned my lesson one time in the airport about 15 minutes before getting on a plane my Kindle died. I ran over to the newsstand and bought a book – something I normally wouldn’t read but it was an emergency.
Pam: I am retired but because of my past working life, I am awake every morning at 6:30 AM. I’d love to sleep later but the body has been programmed into this schedule. My husband doesn’t arise until 9:00 as his body has acclimated to retirement. I have 2 and 1/2 hours of quiet time and a full coffee pot. That’s my reading schedule and I love the slow mornings of retirement in Pennsylvania.

Maureen: Hubby and I are both retired. We read while having breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and also before we go to bed. Also odd times during the day. Love reading

Mary: I find I do my most reading when I am on a long vacation far away from my to do list and go through many books. At that time I can pay more attention to a series as I love to be able to go to the next adventure w/o waiting for a new publication! I have joined some book clubs to get myself to read new areas I may not have thought interesting and then it forces me to finish the book on time for the next discussion! I also enjoy audio books because it allows me to multitask and makes the task seem easier and it enfolds like a video in my mind and puts you into the book even more.

Kenicia: I rarely get to read at home, but I read regularly on my breaks at work, in 15-minute segments. I also listen to audio books to and from work. It helps me get through more books. At home, I do listen on occasion to books with my mom. We can share the time and the story, which is great!

Kat: i take care of my 90 yr old mom 24/7 so my reading, which is almost none now , is depending on her mood and schedule. if im not too tired after she goes to bed…until i cant keep my own eyes open any more

Karen: I have a beautiful German Shepherd,Tess. Every day at 4 pm. when I am feeling pretty tired after a long day of activities, I grab my book, get a cold soda and recline on the bed. Tess KNOWS when it is 4 o’clock!! So, for the next 1-2 hours I read with Tess curled up at my side.

Janet: I read at night, every night, in bed before I go to sleep. Probably about 90 minutes. I’m a needle worker during the day. My other hobby. Somehow I can only pick up my book at bedtime. I like that time, when I can really concentrate. Too much distraction during the day.

Jackie: I do have a schedule for reading . Every day I read for a couple of hours until the local news comes on. I also read myself to sleep every night. I get a lot of reading done.

Erin: Thanks so much for all you do! Even before ‘retirement’, I read daily. Now I average a book a day and we, my two Chihuahua mixes, listen to audios nightly. I even play stuff like ‘Bernie & Chet’ for them when I am gone. Seems to calm them more than music. (Bernie is a PI & Chet is his 100# ‘partner’, who narrates. Hysterical!)

Don: When do I not. Never had a desire for audio books, but I bought a Kobo maybe 8-10 years ago and have not put it down since, ( I am retired by the way). I take it with me more than my phone. Whenever I can I read a chapter or so.

Diana: Hi,

I listen to my audio book, when I run or walk for exercise, when I deep dust the house, when I garden, when I do needlework, in the car…just about any opportunity to listen. I usually have an audiobook going, a different book on my tablet, and a physical book by my bedside.


P.S. I really enjoy your newsletter and have found so many more books to read especially during the pandemic!

Carl: I love your monthly news letter. I read everyday. I’m currently reading The Asset by Mark Dawson. He’s one of my favorite authors. Read all of his Milton series books. So I thought I’d try another one in his series Isabella Rose series. Currently waiting for new releases from my favorite authors Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, Ben Does. Also currently reading Alex Fletcher box set on book 4 definitely holds my interest. Keep up great work I may try that Jack Carr series as that is my favorite genre.

Alison: I so love your emails, it is written in a manner that seems like you are just talking. I am sorry you got such a strong response from the person mentioned-talking about the number of books written, life is way to short and there are so many books to read! I so enjoy your emails and at times your lists have opened up genre’s that I would not normally pick. You have also suggested books that I have been able to share with my father(in his 80’s) and it gives us something to talk about. You never know how what you say can impact people.
I read every night, and like you, if I am sucked into a story I will sit down through out the day. Thanks for always popping into my inbox and of course connecting other readers through your emails.

AJ: I always read while eating (I live alone, so no one is ignored) and love going to the restaurant and reading while I’m waited on. I have to be careful about reading before bed, because I won’t sleep until I finish the story. Have gone to bed at 4-5am too many times to count.

Christine: For Audiobooks I like to listen to them at night just as I get in bed — I feel like a little kid getting to listen to a bed time story before drifting off to sleep. I set it on a timer so it doesn’t play all night. It is AWESOME!! Of course some of the stories my husband puts a kabosh on listening too. It’s funny because he’ll act like he isn’t interested in a certain book, but then will start asking questions about it.

Ed: Mr. Graeme, I am sorry that some nefarious ne’er-do-well harassed you; for suggesting that an author of only two books was, in fact, an author.
It truly takes all kinds. I guess it would be best not to recommend “I am Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes to him as while this is one of my favorite stories, but the author only has one other book in publication.

I am so glad that you have incorporated audiobooks in your newsletter. I commuted one hour to work in Los Angeles for over 35 years and started listening to audiobooks I found in the library. Back then, they were primarily stories by English authors and narrated by proper English narrators. Which to this day, I love to listen to.
A narrator not mentioned in your last newsletter is Wolfram Kandinsky, who did such a fantastic job of Lonesome Dove and a myriad of other great novels. Sadly he passed away, but his work is still available.
I am sure you have had conversations with people who claim audiobook reading is not reading at all. I know I have. I always start with what is the oldest form of entertainment humanity has enjoyed? The oral story told around a fire late at night. After that, if they don’t get it, they never will.

I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to tell you this or not, but I will because it brings me much joy and pleasure. Now that I am retired, I still listen to audiobooks in my car, even if I just run to the store. But I now buy both the Kindle book and the audiobook versions and listen to the narrator read the book as I read the book simultainuously. As crazy as that may sound, the correct pronunciation of French towns or streets, Russian generals, or the name of a Chinese dynasty makes the book and the store much more entertaining.
I enjoy your newsletter and look forward to surveying it for more great stories.

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