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Below is the OOB Staff:

About Dan Malone: Dan Malone is the owner of An internet marketer as a living, he was frustrated at the lack of good resources when it came to listing the series of books in publication or chronological order. He decided to create as a resource for that.

Dan lives in Kingston, Ontario Canada. He focus more on posting articles on the website and writing blog posts, although will write news posts on occasion. Dan grew up in Scotland, where he read Enid Blyton books pretty much exclusively.

Favourite Books: The entire Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp series of books.

Latest News Posts by Dan Malone:

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About Brandon Williams: Brandon is a rarity on Order of Books, because he isn’t much of a reader. Brandon is employed by Dan for their company, and is the real workhorse at the site, posting the majority of articles and keeping the site running.

Brandon enjoys the work, even if he doesn’t enjoy books, and has a real passion for taking the site to the next level.

Favourite Books: “Anything that’s been made into a movie. Then I’ll just watch the movie.”

Latest News Posts by Brandon Williams:

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About Ella Thomson: Ella lives in Toronto, Canada where she attends University. Ella laughs, because her book likes are so much different from her classmates. While many of Ellas female classmates are reading the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games, Ella is much more of an action fan. “Give me Nick Stone over Edward any day”.

Ella also has a fascination with books based on the authors intelligence level. “I really like Nick Stone because of Andy McNab, and what he has been through in life. I’m also a fan of the Scot Harvath series because Brad Thor is an incredibly intelligent author, who really knows what he is talking about.”

Favourite Books: The Nick Stone and Scot Harvath series of novels.

Latest News Posts by Ella Thomson:

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About Jenny Brady: Jenny is a Harvard grad, who is currently working on a law office in New York City. Jenny has a huge passion for books, particularly the classic books and became a fan of Order Of Books. She submitted some articles herself, before coming on as an official news writer.

Jenny is currently single, although warns that she has no time for men, as it would “interrupt with my book reading”.

Favourite Books: Jenny can’t get enough of Agatha Christie.

Latest News Posts by Jenny Brady:

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About Julie Vegas: Julie is a current resident of Las Vegas, and plays poker for a living. She writes for Order of Books in her downtime. Julie has read practically every poker book ever released, but much prefers the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games to Brunson and Sklansky. “The poker books make me think so much, that it’s nice to read ‘brain mush’ where I don’t have to think at all.” Julie also really likes books that have been turned into movies.

Favourite Books: The Hunger Games, Twilight.

Latest News Posts by Julie Vegas:

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