Order of Ring Of Fire Books

The Ring of Fire series is a series of alternate history science fiction novels by American author Eric Flint and several collaborators. The series focuses on Grantville, a town in West Virginia from the late 20th century that is transported – along with its population – to Germany during the Thirty Years’ War. The series […]


Order of Eric Flint Books

Eric Flint was an American author of science fiction, alternate history and fantasy novels and short stories. Flint also works as an editor and as an e-publisher for the Baen Free Library. He is best known for his 1632 series. Flint got his PhD in History, but left the program due to political issues. From […]


Order of David Weber Books

David Weber is an American author of science fiction and fantasy. Subgenres that Weber has written in include epic fantasy, space opera, alternate history and military sci-fi. His most well known character is Honor Harrington, which is the nucleus of the “Honorverse.” Weber says he focuses on character development so that he can feel comfortable […]