Solomon Kane is a character created by American author Robert E. Howard who appears in a series of adventure stories. Solomon Kane is a Puritan from the 16th and 17th centuries, whose goal it is to rid the universe of all evil. Kane is a somber-looking man – pale with cold eyes and wears a […]


Geronimo Stilton is a series of children’s books by Italian author Elisabetta Dami, using the title character as a pen name. Geronimo is a talking mouse who lives in New Mouse City and is a best-selling author, journalist and editor of The Rodent’s Gazette. He is nervous and mild-mannered, but keeps getting into adventures with […]


Elisabetta Dami is an Italian author of children’s books, best known for creating her Geronimo Stilton series. She is the daughter of publisher Piero Dami, who founded Dami Editore. Elisabetta got her start proofreading at the Italian publishing house. Her Geronimo Stilton books have been translated into 35 languages and sold over 65 million copies. […]


Heroes in Training is a series of children’s adventure books by American authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams. The series follows young versions of legendary heroes like Zeus, Hera and Poseidon on adventures they were on before they were full-grown.


British children’s author Enid Blyton (1897-1968) is one of the most prolific authors in the English language, having sold over 600 million books. Infact, her books have been translated into over 90 languages and are still enjoyed across the globe. She was portrayed by British actress Helena Bonham Carter (pictured above) in the BBC biopic […]