Solomon Kane by Robert E Howard
Solomon Kane is a character created by American author Robert E. Howard who appears in a series of adventure stories. Solomon Kane is a Puritan from the 16th and 17th centuries, whose goal it is to rid the universe of all evil. Kane is a somber-looking man – pale with cold eyes and wears a slouch hat. He wears all black and carries a rapier, dirk and a brace of flintlock pistols. The character has been adapted to film with the 2009 Michael J. Bassett movie.

Robert E. Howard debuted his Solomon Kane character in the story Red Shadows, which was originally published in the August 1928 edition of Weird Tales. The final story, Hawk of Basti, was not published until 1968. Below is a list of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane books in order of when they were published:

Publication Order of Solomon Kane Books

The Moon of Skulls(1968)Description / Buy at
The Hand of Kane(1970)Description / Buy at
Skulls in the Stars(1978)Description / Buy at
The Hills of the Dead(1979)Description / Buy at
Solomon Kane(1995)Description / Buy at
The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane(2004)Description / Buy at
The Right Hand of Doom & Other Tales of Solomon Kane(2007)Description / Buy at

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Solomon Kane Synopses: The Hand of Kane includes the stories The Hills of the Dead, Hawk of Basti, Wings in the Night and Children of Asshur.

Skulls in the Stars includes the stories Skulls in the Stars, The Right Hand of Doom, Red Shadows, Rattle of Bones, The Castle of the Devil, The Moon of Skulls, The One Black Stain and The Blades of the Brotherhood.

The Hills of the Dead includes the stories The Hills of the Dead, Hawk of Basti, The Return of Sir Richard Grenville, Wings in the Night, The Footfalls Within, The Children of Asshur and Solomon Kane’s Homecoming.

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