John Carter of Mars is the central character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, featured in a series of sci-fi/fantasy novels. The series is also known as the Barsoom series. Carter is an American who visits Mars. He fought for the South in the Civil War. After the war, he was prospecting when his partner was killed by Native Americans. Carter hid in a cave, but was overcome by smoke courtesy of a Native woman and woke up on Mars.

The John Carter of Mars/Barsoom series first appeared as a magazine serial in 1912. It would not be published as a novel until 1917. The series lasted 11 books, ending with 1948’s Llana of Gathol. Below is a list of Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter books in order of when they were originally released in novel format (as well as in their chronological order):

Publication Order of John Carter Of Mars Books

(By: Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Flint Roy)

A Princess of Mars(1912)Description / Buy at
The Gods of Mars(1913)Description / Buy at
The Warlord of Mars(1914)Description / Buy at
Thuvia, Maid of Mars(1916)Description / Buy at
The Chessmen of Mars(1922)Description / Buy at
The Mastermind of Mars(1927)Description / Buy at
A Fighting Man of Mars(1930)Description / Buy at
Swords of Mars(1935)Description / Buy at
Synthetic Men of Mars(1939)Description / Buy at
John Carter and the Giant of Mars(1940)Description / Buy at
Llana of Gathol(1941)Description / Buy at
John Carter of Mars(1941)Description / Buy at
Skeleton Men of Jupiter(1943)Description / Buy at
A Guide to Barsoom(1976)Description / Buy at
John Carter: The Movie Novelization(2012)Description / Buy at

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