The Venus series is a series of science fiction novels by American novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs. The series is also known as the Carson Napier of Venus series, after the main character. On his way to Mars, Carson ends up on Venus instead. Carson is a bold and daring hero who quickly falls in love with a princess named Duare. Also, he becomes a pirate (twice).

The Venus series began in 1933 with Lost on Venus. The series would not conclude until 20 years after Burroughs’ death, with 1970’s The Wizard of Venus. Below is a list of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Venus novels in order of when they were originally published (as well as in chronological order):

Publication Order of Venus Books

Pirates of Venus(1932)Description / Buy at
Lost on Venus(1935)Description / Buy at
Carson of Venus(1939)Description / Buy at
Escape on Venus(1942)Description / Buy at
The Wizard of Venus(1964)Description / Buy at

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