Pellucidar is a series of adventure novels by American author Edgar Rice Burroughs. In the series, the Earth is hollow and Pellucidar is the internal surface. Pellucidar is inhabited by primitive people and dinosaurs. The series crosses over with Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most popular series when Tarzan travels into Pellucidar.

Edgar Rice Burroughs began the Pellucidar series began in 1914 with At the Earth’s Core. The series would end 13 years after Burrough’s death in 1963 with Savage Pellucidar. Below is a list of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pellucidar series in order of when the books were originally released (as well as in chronological order):

Publication Order of Pellucidar Books

At the Earth's Core(1914)Description / Buy at
Pellucidar(1915)Description / Buy at
Tanar of Pellucidar(1928)Description / Buy at
Tarzan at the Earth's Core(1929)Description / Buy at
Back to the Stone Age(1937)Description / Buy at
Savage Pellucidar(1941)Description / Buy at
Land of Terror(1944)Description / Buy at

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