The Saxon Chronicles (or Saxon Stories) is a series of historical fiction novels by British author Bernard Cornwell. The series is set around 9th century during the Danish invasion of Britain. The main character Uhtred Ragnarson was captured by the Danes shortly after birth. The series is told in retrospective through his eyes long after […]


The Sharpe series is a series of historical fiction novels by English novelist Bernard Cornwell. It is the series he best known for as an author. The main character in the series is Richard Sharpe, a British rifleman who fought in the Napoleonic Wars. The books follow Sharpe’s progress in the British army. The series […]


Bernard Cornwell is an English author of historical fiction. He is best known for his Sharpe series featuring Richard Sharpe – a rifleman during the Napoleonic Wars, which has been adapted into a series of TV movies. Besides that, he has several other historical series, including The Starbuck Chronicles, The Warlord Chronicles, The Grail Quest, […]